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A Trek around Europe

From July 2005

(......and click on the above picture to to BUSABOUT'S Official Web Site)

Friday 24th June 2005 - and it is all starting very soon!!!
For this reason, the layout of this page has been changed
Immediately below is Tanya's complete itinerary
detailing where she will be day-by-day and what she will seeing and doing
Towards the bottom of the page is all the pre-trip information
including Busabout details, the coaches, emails from Tanya, her ticket, etc

Below are listed the tours and travel that Tanya has booked

These links are also from Tanya's site,
and give as much information as possible on where she will be staying

These links are from BUSABOUT'S web site
and the pages give a brief story on each of the cities plus lists the main attractions
and suggested tours along with one or two photos

These are the pages from Tanya's own web site and will include all her "Dear Diary" notes,
emails and of course, the hundreds of photos she will take!!!

......and some "extras"

By far the best way to look at "Tanya's trek through Europe" is to look at the albumns below
But if you want to just check out the pics of Tanya, well
click here
Every photo of Tanya on one page!!! - and there's 360 of them!!!

As well as emailing and sending photos, Tanya has sent lots of texts
Click here to read her daily notes - updated to Friday 30th September 2005


 THE START  London  "Home Sweet Home"  London Ready to go!!
2 photos

 Monday 4th July  London to Spain  ------  ------  ------
 Monday 4th July
-Friday 8th July
 San Fermin Fiesta
-The Running of the Bulls
 Camping El Molino  Official site Tanya's Diary
78 photos
7 videos
The Tour
 Friday 8th July
-Sunday 10th July
 San Sebastian  Enjoy San Sebastion
-Lolo Urban House
 San Sebastian Included on the above page
 Monday 11th July  San Sebastian to Barcelona  ------  Barcelona ------
 Monday 11th July
-Wednesday 13th July
 Barcelona  Centric Point Hostel
-Sea Point Hostel
 as above Tanya's Diary
68 photos
 Thursday 14th July  Barcelona to Valencia  ------  Valencia  ------
 Thursday 14th July
-Friday 15th July
 Valencia  Hostal Moratin  as above Tanya's Diary
33 photos
 Saturday 16th July  Valencia to Madrid  Hostal Metropol  Madrid Tanya's Diary
1 photo
 Sunday 17th July  Madrid to Granada  ------  Granada  ------
   Granada to Seville  ------  Seville  ------
 Sunday 17th July
-Tuesday 19th July
 Seville  Bed & Breakfast Naranjo  as above Tanya's Diary
67 photos
1 video

 Wednesday 20th July  Seville to Lagos  ------  Lagos  ------
 Wednesday 20th July
-Saturday 23rd July
 Lagos  Casa Amarela  as above Tanya's Diary
47 photos
 Sunday 24th July  Lagos to Lisbon  ------  Lisbon  ------
 Sunday 24th July
-Tuesday 26th July
 Lisbon  Residencia Luena  as above Tanya's Diary
78 photos

 Wednesday 27th July  Lisbon to Salamanca  ------  Salamanca Tanya's Diary
10 photos
   Salamanca to Madrid  ------  Madrid  ------
 Wednesday 27th July  Madrid  Hostal Metropol  as above Tanya's Diary
34 photos

 Thursday 28th July  Madrid to Berlin  ------  Berlin  ------
 Thursday 28th July
-Saturday 30th July
 Berlin  Citystay Hostel  as above Tanya's Diary
64 photos
 Sunday 31st July  Berlin to Dresden  ------  Dresden  ------

 Sunday 31st July  Dresden to Prague  ------  Prague  ------
 Sunday 31st July
-Tuesday 2nd August
 Prague  Top Hotel Praha  as above Tanya's Diary
67 photos
 Wednesday 3rd August  Prague to Cesky Krumlov  ------  Cesky Krumlov  ------
 Wednesday 3rd August
-Thursday 4th August
 Cesky Krumlov  Hostel 99  as above Tanya's Diary
39 photos

 Friday 5th August  Cesky Krumlov to Vienna  Wombat City Hostel Vienna  Vienna Included on the above page

 Saturday 6th August  Vienna to Budapest  ------  Budapest  ------
 Saturday 6th August
-Sunday 7th August
 Budapest  MellowMood Central Hostel  as above Tanya's Diary
77 photos

 Monday 8th August  Budapest to Vienna  ------  Vienna  ------
 Monday 8th August
-Wednesday 10th August
 Vienna  Wombat City Hostel Vienna  as above Tanya's Diary
85 photos
 Thursday 11th August  Vienna to Salzburg  ------  Salzburg  ------
 Thursday 11th August
-Friday 12th August
 Salzburg  Yoho International Hostel  as above Tanya's Diary
70 photos
3 videos
1 music file

 Saturday 13th August  Salzburg to Munich  Wombat City Hostel Munich  Munich Tanya's Diary

 Sunday 14th August  Munich to St Johann  ------  St Johann  ------
 Sunday 14th August
-Monday 15th August
 St. Johann in Tirol  Bunnys Pub  as above Tanya's Diary
25 photos

 Tuesday 16th August  St Johann to Venice  ------  Venice  ------
 Tuesday 16th August
-Thursday 18th August
 Venice  Plus Alba D'Oro Camping  as above Tanya's Diary
87 photos

 Friday 19th August  Venice to Athens  ------  ------  ------
 Friday 19th August
-Saturday 20th August
 Athens  Aristoteles Hotel
-Hotel Filoxenia
 ------ Tanya's Diary
31 photos
 Sunday 21st August
-Wednesday 31st August
 Greek Island Explorer
-Mykonos - Paros - Ios
-Santorini - Naxos
The names and some details on Tanya's accommodation are included in the Diary
Photos are also included
 Greek Islands The Tour

Tanya's Diary
245 photos
1 video
 Wednesday 31st August  Athens  Aristoteles Hotel
-Hotel Filoxenia
 ------ Included on the above page

 Thursday 1st September  Athens to Rome  Alessandro Downtown
-Alessandro Legends
 Rome Tanya's Diary
 Friday 2nd September
-Sunday 4th September
 Sorrento  Village Camping Campogaio -Santafortunata  ------ Tanya's Diary
166 photos
3 videos
 Monday 5th September
-Tuesday 6th September
 Rome  Plus Camping Roma  Rome Tanya's Diary
3 photos
 Wednesday 7th September  Rome to Siena  ------  Siena CHANGE
Not going
to Sienna
 Wednesday 7th September
-Thursday 8th September
 Siena  Soggiorno Lo Stellino  as above CHANGE
Not going
to Sienna
 Wednesday 7th September  Rome to Florence  ------  Florence  ------
 Wednesday 7th September
-Friday 9th September
 Florence  Camp Internazionale Firenze  as above Tanya's Diary
53 photos
 Saturday 10th September  Florence to Pisa  ------  Pisa Tanya's Diary
20 photos
   Pisa to La Spezia  ------  La Spezia  ------
 Saturday 10th September
-Thursday 15th September
 La Spezia - Cinque Terre  La Dolce Vita  as above Tanya's Diary
93 photos

 Friday 16th September  La Spezia to Nice  ------  Nice  ------
 Friday 16th September
-Monday 19th September
 Nice  Antares  as above Tanya's Diary
2 photos

 Tuesday 20th September  Nice to Lauterbrunnen  ------  Lauterbrunnen  ------
 Tuesday 20th September
-Thursday 22nd September
 Lauterbrunnen  Camping Jungfrau  as above Tanya's Diary
2 photos
 Friday 23rd September  Lauterbrunnen to Lucerne  ------  Lucerne  ------
 Friday 23rd September
-Saturday 24th September
 Lucerne  Tourist Hotel Lucerne  as above Tanya's Diary
1 photo

 Sunday 25th September  Lucerne to Munich  ------  Munich  ------
 Sunday 25th September
-Friday 29th September
 Munich  Wombat City Hostel Munich  as above Tanya's Diary
2 photos

 Friday 30th September  Munich to London -"Home Sweet Home"  London Returned to stay with her friends at "The Stag" pub!!!

Pre-trip Information

As can be seen from the notes and details below,
Tanya is organising a trip around Europe during the second-half of 2005

She is planning to start travelling on Monday 4th July,
when she leaves London and heads to Spain

Below is the 2005 Season brochure from BUSABOUT
and this explains how their
"flexible transport network" works around Europe

Also below are emails from Tanya which give some details on her plans,
and these will be updated as the weeks go by and her plans become more definite

Busabout Brochure

Page One

"Europe - Your Adventure - Your Way"
Page Two
Page Three
"36 magnificent cities - 12 exciting countries"
Page Four
Where to begin?
Page Five
Travel Options - Excellent Extras - Easy Links
Page Six
"Europes Hottest Locations 1"
Page Seven
"Europes Hottest Locations 2"
Page Eight
Travel planner - Accommodation
Page Nine
Page Ten
Excellent Extra - Morroco
Excellent Extra - Croatia
Page Eleven
Excellent Extra - Greece
Excellent Extra - Italy

Tuesday 3rd May 2005
"Busabout takes the lead with new coaches"

Busabout has invested in a brand new "state of the art" fleet of luxury coaches for the 2005 season
Built exclusively for Busabout, these DAF SB4000 Marco Polo coaches have a number
of exciting features for the enjoyment, safety and comfort of Busabout travellers
These include:-
1 - Six channel in-seat entertainment allowing you to enjoy your choice of music channel
or tune into our on-board DVD
2 - Three point seatbelts on every seat for the ultimate in comfort and safety
3 - Comfortable reclining seats
4 - Central locking to make sure your luggage is safe at all times
5 - Climate control
6 - Extra dark tinted windows allowing you to enjoy the scenery of Europe without the glare!
7 - Eye-catching new livery - you'll never miss our buses!

Tanya's Ticket!!!

Emails from Tanya - Countdown to Departure!!!

On Monday 7th February 2005

"I go to Spain on Monday 4th July for "The Running of the Bulls"
Then on Friday 8th July, I go to San Sebastian and will join up with BUSABOUT
and go around Spain and Portugal
On Thursday 28th July, I fly from Madrid to Berlin
and connect back up with BUSABOUT there
I then come down through
Germany - Czech Republic - Austria - Hungary - Italy - France - Switzerland
and to the Greek Islands
Plus, depending on what happens in Holland with Brett and the Baseball World Cup,
I might have to fit that in as well!!
The dates for the World Cup at the moment are from Saturday 3rd
to Sunday 18th September 2005
Plans could change!! - but this gives a pretty good idea of what is happening
......and on Tuesday 8th February 2005
"Fun is an understatement I think!!
It will be exhausting jumping on a bus every 2-3 days
and living out of my backpack and in hostels for three months
But it will be totally worth it!! - trip of a lifetime!! - another one anyway!!
I will be heading back to London afterwards to work some more"
......and on Tuesday 22nd March 2005
"I will not be going back to "Home Sweet Home"!!

The thing with going away for so long is that I don't get to keep the house!
I could pay the £912.00 rent but that would be a big chunk out of my savings
so I will have to find a new place when I get back
Going to doss for a while with friends and then get organised again
So that can just be a question mark for now"
......and on Thursday 14th April 2005
"Budgeting for her Busabout Tour of Europe
Cutting down my budget from £50 to £30 from this week and I seem to be going okay
Won't be having much of a life tho until I go!!
Have a few things booked but no just going out for dinner or movies and stuff
- need the cash for the trip!!"
......and on Friday 22nd April 2005
"It's just ten weeks until my holiday (Busabout Europe)
- I can't belive how soon it is!"
......and on Wednesday 18th May 2005
"About six weeks until I go - frigg!
Three months of no work!! - just holidays and beaches and foreigners!!"
......and on Thursday 2nd June 2005
"Just thirty-two more sleeps until I go on an eighty-two-day European holiday!
How awesome is that!!
Could you do it? - bearing in mind bus rides and hostel living for that whole time!
But the sun and the sights and the new people - I won't forget it in a hurry I expect"
......and on Tuesday 7th June 2005
"I went for my first tanning session today
- want to get a bit of a base before I head off because it is already thirty degrees in Spain
and I will just fry otherwise!!
I know it's not the best idea but there you go - not much else I could do
I will have sunnies and suncreen and a hat but I aint wearing long sleeves!!
- I will be in bikini's and skirts/shorts!!"
......and on Thursday 9th June 2005
"Sunday I might go to Lillywhites and get some boardies
- I need to have some to swim in when I go away because I don't have any yet
And I want to get a few more singlets too and one more skirt and some three-quarter pants
but that is it
All ready to go!! - and just twenty-five more sleeps!!"
......and on Sunday 12th June 2005
"After that I hit the shops for some Busabout Europe trip stuff
Got new runners, three-quarter pants, a skirt, some boardies, summer pjs
and then bandaids and contact solution and nail brush etc etc etc
Got a couple more things to get and then I will be ready to go!!"
......and on Thursday 16th June 2005
"Lunch time and I am off to get my bikini's altered - just need the straps pulled up a bit
Fourty degrees in Pamplona (Spain) on Saturday so I will be using that pool - bring it on!!"
......and on Thursday 23rd June 2005
"I did have my stand up tanning session this morning
I am definately not particularly tanned
but I am not the almost transluscent white that I was before I started!!
- and that is all that I wanted - just a bit of a start because I will sizzle in Spain otherwise
Starting to get really organised now
I am still looking for that damn travel hairbrush but I found one
and I am buying it on the weekend - just waiting for the half-price-sale to start!!
Have to buy a sleeping mat because in the tents in Pamps it is just the ground
and our sleeping bags which might be a bit painful on the old back
I found one for £4.00 and for that price I can leave it in Spain once I am done there"
......and on Friday 24th June 2005
"Busabout Tour - continuing to get organised!!
I have everything in my backpack that I want to take but I know it is too much
and tonight I will be going through it all again and sorting it out
The weather is so good here at the moment that I am wearing all my holiday stuff
- skirts and singlets etc
So with things in the wash and being worn its a bit tricky keeping track of what I have to take!!
Anyway, it's looking pretty good"
......and on Monday 27th June 2005
"Busabout tour - just seven sleeps to go!!!
Re text messages while I am away - I can received txts for free
but it costs me 50p to send them - so you mightn't be getting them all that often!!
Re internet cafes while I am away - they are apparently very, very, very expensive too!!
Anyway, you will hear if anything happens - which it won't!!
I will be taking a phone card too so you are probably more likely to get a call once a week
- and knowing me I won't be able to help myself and you will get texts
and I will probably have to go without food to pay the bill!!
This week will just be spent seeing people off
- Aaron and Nathan and Jason and Karen will all be gone home by the time I get back
And having dinners and lunches!!
And going the pub for my leaving do on Saturday
By the way, Ella, Lesley, Suzi, Claire and Larna will still be here when I get back from Europe,
but pretty much everyone else will be gone - it will be strange!!"
......and on Thursday 30th June 2005
"Well, the Busabout tour starts very soon
and I am trying to be motivated to work but it is hard!!
I am making chicken rolls for the twenty hour bus ride to Spai
We are on the ferry for some of it though - from Dover to Calais
but roadhouse food is always expensive and is always crappy!
Plus I still have 'squeezy' Vegemite that you sent me ages ago
- I only use it when I go away and I haven't been away in ages
Another going-away party last night - there is just so many - I don't like it!!
Crappy weather at the moment so I can't sit in the park!!
- but I am heading to the 'Spain' sunshine very soon!"