Sunday 21st to Wednesday 31st August 2005


The Greek Island Explorer

Mykonos - Paros - Ios - Santorini - Naxos
and then back to Athens

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The ferry ride was fine - not too long and not too bumpy.

Tanya's accommodation--- The Contiki Resort - Aphrodite Beach Hotel

We got off and were met by the bus which took us to the Aphrodite (Contiki) Resort.

Houses on the hillsides - "they looked like little sugar cubes with blue doors and windows"

The drive was lovely and the houses looked like little sugar cubes with blue doors and windows.
It looked just like I expected it to.
The resort was quite nice.

Kalafatis Beach--- (two photos)

---Views from the beach--- "Athena's Breasts"

We changed and went striaght to the beach - we baked and swam and it was glorious!!
The water was cool and clear and I wanted to stay all day!!

The City of Mykonos - and Tanya and the City ---------

It wasn't to be though - we had to get ready for dinner and catch the bus into town at 5.30pm.
The bus was packed but I had a seat - I just had Jacqui on my lap!!
The ride was scary - the driver drove along with the doors open and people hanging out - am glad I was sitting down!!

A walk through the City---The Ramrod Club------ A small Church

"little windy streets"--- Some of the buildings--- Bougainvillia growing on a balcony

We did a walking tour to start with.
We walked through the town - there were lots of little windy streets with cobblestones and little shops.

The windmills of Mykonos--- (two photos)----and Tanya with the landmark

We came across the windmills which are a famous landmark and very different to the ones in Holland.

---"Little Venice"---

Theresa, Nic and Tanya---------Tanya found a perfect spot!!!

We then walked to Little Venice which was gorgeous with lots of little bars right on the water.

Out to dinner--- Nicki, Tanya and Theresa

......and Nicki, Tanya, Andrea, Theresa, Sarah and Sam

We walked some more and went for dinner which was nice.
We wandered a bit after dinner and then caught the bus back to Contiki.
We were all quite tired.

A postcard from Tanya--- "Happy Birthday, Mummy"

I called Mum for her birthday and then hit the sack.
Unfortunately Contiki had no room for us the next day so we had to move - none of us were happy - we just wanted to stay at the beach!!

Kalafatis Beach - and Tanya "was the first one on the beach"

Tanya, Theresa and Nicki------------ Tanya relaxing on the beach

We got up early and hit the beach - then had breaky then back to the beach!!
All before we had to move.
I was the first one on the beach and got some nice shots.

Tanya's new accommodation--- Details on The Hotel Kastro

---The Hotel Kastro--- (two photos)

......and the Agios Stefanos Beach near the Hotel--- (two photos)

We then went to our new accommodation - and there was no need to complain!!
We had a great place.
It was called Kastro and was on a hill over a fab beach.

The view of the beach from Tanya's room

The room was great with a huge canopy bed and a top view.
There were six of us in the room but we didn't care.
We hit the beach again and stayed for ages.

Tanya in the pool and on the pool deck at the Hotel Kastro

Views from the pool deck--- Over the beach - and towards Mykonos (two photos)

Then it was back to the hotel and we hit the pool deck - it had amazing views.

The view from the restaurant (two photos)

We had dinner on the beach and then an early night.

Tanya having breakfast on the pool deck - and the view she had

I got up early and took my book to the pool deck.
There was a hammock so I sat in that and waited for brekky to start.
I was the first one there and it was very peaceful so early in the morning and the sun coming up was amazing!!
Brekky was a great cook up and then we had to get the bus to the ferry.


The ferry ride was fine.

The City of Naoussa----------------------- Some of the streets

---Tanya exploring the City---

The Coral Rooms--- Leo, the Manager - and Leo with the "Welcome" drinks

We checked into Coral Rooms in the town of Naoussa which is run by a guy called Leo.
He was lovely and gets really excited to have people stay.
Also, we were there on the night of the Naoussa Festival.

Tanya's hair - yesterday = curly - but today = straight!!!---

Nicki, Tanya and Theresa---------Jacqui

We got ready to got out and Theresa straighted my hair - I wore my new Prague outfit too.
We had dinner at a restuarant called The Dream.
I had my first Moussaka of the trip and if they are all this good it won't be my last!!

The City of Naoussa - Out with her Friends - The Festival and Sofranos Bar

Nicki and Tanya--- Tanya and Theresa--- Tanya and Penny

Lauren and (???)--- Tanya and Jacqui--- Lauren and Tanya

......and Tom, Kane, Ryan and Simon

We then headed down to the Festival.
The Festival re-enacted the pirates coming and taking away all of the women.

Tanya's "busted leg" --- and the pole that did it!!!

It was good fun but there was a lot of people and I cracked my leg on a pole and had a massive lump but it was okay.
After the Festival we went to a bar called Sofranos.

Tanya dancing with Pirates

We watched fireworks and I danced with Pirates.
It was a good night out with the whole group.
I had opted for the bus tour the next day.

The City of Naoussa--- View from the bar at Leo's where Tanya had breakfast (two photos)

I got up and had brekky.
Leo's bar overlooks the water and it was a lovely spot for brekky.
The bus arrived and we all piled on.
Our first stop was Parikia - the main town of Paros.
We went ot the Church of 100 Doors and wandered around town a bit.
I definately liked Naoussa better.

Punda Beach-----The pool area--

Next stop was Punda Beach.
It wasn't like anything that I have seen before!!
A huge swimming pool with bars and a DJ and sunbed decks rising up beside the pool!!
There were shops full of jewellry and clothes!!
Oh, and there was actually a beach too!!

Punda Beach--- Theresa, Nicki and Tanya - "...and baked!!!"

I shopped and baked.
It was good fun.

The City of Lefkis--- "It was a gorgeous town"

We got back on the bus to the inland town of Lefkis.
I thought it quite funny that we were at an inland town but could still see the water!
We walked through the town to a church and back again.

A walk in the City of Lefkis--- Paved streets--- (two photos)--- (two photos)

--------------- Tanya and bouganvillia--------- Tanya and Theresa

It was a gorgeous town with bouganvillia everywhere, lovely streets and houses and smelled of jasmine.
I got some great shots.

Monasteri Beach--- Everyone playing on the beach - except Tanya!!!

Our next and final stop was Monasteri Beach.
Leo met us there and everyone (except bung knee me!) played beach volleyball.
I watched for a bit and then went swimming.
I saw my first sea urchin and kept well out of it's way.

The City of Naoussa--- Sunset------ Tanya and the group out to a seafood dinner

Then we went back to get showered and ready for another group dinner.
It was nice again and then Jacqui took us to her favourite jewellry shop and I got more stuff - presents for other people and for me!
Then back to bed.

The City of Naoussa--- Tanya's early morning view - includes a note from Tanya (two photos)

A postcard from Tanya--- Early morning on the Greek Islands!!!

I was the first one up again and enjoyed some quite morning time.

The City of Naoussa--- The yacht, "Paris"

I went to the supermarket to get some supplies and spotted a nice yacht called "Paris"
I decided that Paris Hilton and her fiance were on it - that's my story anyway!!
The bus arived and we headed to the port to get the ferry to Ios.


We were all pumped for a Big Night
Jacqui had talked it up as Party Central!!

Tanya's accommodation--- Far-Out Camping Club
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We checked into our bungalow at Far Out Camping.
Jacqui came down and took me, Theresa and Nic off for Cocktails
The waiter called us back to the bar after we brought our drinks and said he forgot the Vodka so he just poured it straight in - they love the free pour here!
We had our Barbeque Dinner - chicken, greek salad, rice chips and a free drink - it was really yummy!!
Then we caught the bus into town.
Our first stop was The Fun Pub and they had Bundy Rum - me and Stacey and Deanna were stoked - we hadn't had it ages!!
The bar looks after Busabouters and we got Free Laybacks at the bar.
We then headed to The Red Bull Bar where there was Very Hot Boys In Togas at the door!!
More shots and Tequila Sunrises!!
We went to Flames which was more of the same then back to The Red Bull
Jacqui had warned us to be careful in the bars because they free pour alcohol so I only bought one drink in each bar and had the free shots.
I wasn't hung over at all which was good but I slept until noon because I didn't get in until 5.00am.
After I had a bacon and egg roll for lunch we went and found the rest of our crew and hung at the beach.
I spied our fearless leader Jacqui rocking back to the camp ground at 1.00pm - dirty stop out!

You've read the Story of "Party Night" - now look at the Photos!!!

Sinita, Simran, Tanya, Tash, Jacki, Jacqui, Scott, Nicki, Theresa, Andrea and Sam
Jacqui (two photos)
Tanya and Nicki
Tanya doing "laybacks"
Andrea and The Toga Boys
Tanya and The Toga Boys
Nicki, Theresa, Tanya and Jacqui
Scott, Tanya and Tash
Kain and Tanya
Andrea and Kain
Scott and Penny
Penny and Tanya
Tash and Lauren
Kain, Andrea and Tanya
Deana and Jacki
Tanya and Nicki
Jacqui and Tanya
Jacqui (three photos)
Jacqui (three photos)
Penny and Scott
Theresa, Tanya and Jacqui
Theresa and Nicki
One of the Bars

Water Sports - "we got dragged around the ocean on big tyre things - it was awesome fun!!"

Ready to Go
They're on their Way
Prang!!! - and Tanya is in the Water
Two riders are Missing!!!
Ready to go Again
What is Tanya doing??? - but she's Okay!!!

We got a discount on the watersports on Ios so Nic, me and Theresa got dragged around the ocean on big tyre things.
It was awesome fun!! - but very tiring.
The water out deep was clear and so beautiful.
Lauren came out in the boat and took photos for us.
I baked a bit more and then it was time for the wet t-shirt competition!!

Penny entered the "Wet T-Shirt Competition"--- (two photos)------

......and she was "Our Winner"!!!

One of the Busabout girls, Penny, went in it - she had the hugest boobs ever!!
We all think she should have won.
She kept her shirt on the whole time - just flashing every now and then but didn't disgrace herself and turn it into a porn fest like everyone else did!!
She came second and we were all very proud of her!

A postcard from Tanya--- After the watersports and wet t-shirt competition

I had a greek salad for dinner - yes I now love olives (the ones here anyway) and then it was early to bed.
I had to be up at 4.30am for our transfer for the ferry to Santorini - it was going to hurt!!


I got up early and had to say goodbye to Nic and Theresa - they were only doing three islands and not coming on with us.
I will miss them, and I'm very glad I met them.
Santorini was cool!!
It was made by a big volcanic explosion a long time ago.

The City of Fira--- On the cliff face------ Tanya with Fira in the background

The town of Fira where we stayed (Villa Anemone) was built right on the cliff face.
The photos show it really well.
We were all very shattered after having got up so early but I didn't want to sleep.
I took my Venetian Mask to try and post home cause I was worried about crushing it.
Unfortunately the post office was closed but I would be able to post it on Monday because we left.
I used the net a bit and wandered around town.
I was then really tired and went home to have a nap.

Tanya's door at the Villa Anemone - very close to the pool!!!

I then had a swim in our pool and got ready for dinner.

The City of Fira--- Evening in the City------ Volcanic island Tanya will be visiting

Tanya and the sunset

Jacqui took us for a walk through town and I got some cool shots.
I also got Irma's earrings - she had bought some on Santorini when she was here and lost one and she had given me the one she still had and I had to buy her a pair the same.
We had Italian for dinner before heading back - all still pretty tired.

The Volcano and Hot Springs Tour

Details on the volcano
and also
click here to go to the Official Web Site

View of the volcanic island from Fira - and Tanya on the boat heading across

......and the view back towards Fira and the Old Port (two photos)

The island from the boat and walking around (two photos)--- (two photos)

Anchorage on the island------- Looking towards Fira and Oia (two photos)

Tanya and Jacqui--------Tanya on the island --------

Today I had elected to do the volcano and hot springs tour.
I was quite excited to be climbing a live volcano!!
We had to walk down a zig-zagging donkey trail to get to the old port.
It was cool but very smelly.
We caught a nice old sailing boat to the volcano and I nicked a rock as a souvenir.
We walked around big crater and the views back to Santorini and the towns of Fira and Oia were fab.
They said that the volcano will erupt in the next five years because the hot springs are getting hotter.
I am just glad it didn't happen when I was there!

The Volcano and Hot Springs Tour

Tanya about to jump off the boat - and swimming in to the hot springs ---

We got back on the boat and headed to the hot springs.
To get to them we had to jump off the boat and swim in.
It was fun but they weren't hot - luke warm in places but that was it.
They are also sulphur so are a yellowy brown and smell a bit!

The City of Fira---The cliff face, showing the donkey track and cable car

......and the donkeys who "stunk"!!!

We got back to the port and took the cable car up.
I would have walked the 587 steps up the donkey track but the donkeys stunk and I would have vomited!

The City of Fira--- The cable car......and the views during the ride ---

Jacqui and Tanya on the cable car

The view from the cable car was cool - I was with Jacqui and the poor thing is scared of heights!
We got there safely and I wandered a bit through town and went back to the hotel.

The City of Oia--- Afternoon shadows (three photos)------ Tanya and Jacqui

A Greek Church - and Tanya and the Church

Tonight we were taking a public bus to the town of Oia to watch the sun set.
We byo'd a picnic dinner (I got dessert too!!) and then headed off.
The bus ride was windy and I was a bit diappointed to see graffiti on the black volcanic rock.
On closer inspection it wasn't graffiti and people had used white pebbles to make their mark!
I thought it was cool.

"Sunset Picnic at Oia"

Dean, Jackie, Jacqui and Tanya--- Jacqui, Tanya, Tash and Marina

Jacqui and Tanya------------Tanya waiting for sunset-----

Evening over the City (three photos)--- Some of the crowds watching (two photos)

A "Sunset Wedding" (two photos)--- The sun setting over the bay (two photos)

"The Oia Sunset"--- (five photos)---- (three photos)---- (three photos)

......and Tanya and Jacqui enjoying it all --------- Tanya and the Busabout Group

The lights come on (three photos)

Tanya and the City of Oia at night--- (two photos)--------- (two photos)

......and now CLICK HERE to watch a short VIDEO of Tanya and the Oia sunset

Anyway we got to Oia and walked down through the town.
Again it was stunning and we waited for the sun to set.
We had a great spot and I ate my dinner.
We saw a couple getting married and another get engaged.
It was gorgeous and very soul soothing - I took heaps of photos and got some good group shots too.
We wandered back through town.
I was with Jacqui and she stopped at a bar because she loved the song that was playing.
She asked what it was - "True love waits" by Radiohead.
We sat and had a coffee - the bar was lovely with soft lighting and the coffee excellent.
Jacqui went to use the internet and I wandered a bit and then got the bus back to Fira.

A postcard from Tanya--- Volcanos and Sunsets!!!

I got up the next morning and then checked out before heading to the post office.
I am very glad that I no longer am carrying around the Venitian Mask!!
I went to the use the internet and someone had left their computer with twenty-four minutes on it so I jumped on and used that.
My credit card has arrived in Athens so should be at the hotel when I get there on Wednesday.
I shopped and wandered a bit more and then went back to the hotel and swam and baked until it was time to get the ferry to Naxos.


We arrived in Naxos and checked in.
It is the most fertile of the cyclades and was greener but still not tropical!

Tanya's accommodation--- Maragas Camping and Apartments
and also
click here to go to their Official Web Site

The view from Tanya's room

We stayed in a nice apartment called Stella.
There was five of us but there was a kitchen and a fridge and we were all very excited about that!

Sam, Tanya, Lauren and Jacqui ready for a Mexican dinner-- (two photos)

We had Mexican for dinner - I had a chimichanga entree and then banoffee pie for desert.
I love banoffee pie and I was so excited to see it on the menu!
After dinner we went to the supermarket to get brekky - bananas, plums, kiwis, peaches and fruit juice.
I have been starting to get a bit of a cold so I hit the pillow hard and didn't move until morning.

(two photos)---The beach on the island---

I got up and went for a walk on the beach.
It reminded me a lot of home - nearly everyone on our tour said so.
Then I had my fruit salad for brekky - it was so yummy.
I went to the beach and got my boobs out this time!!
I swam topless as well - how very European!!
Anyway, after a long day at the beach I showered and changed and packed ready for our final night on the islands.

The Temple of Apollo------Tanya and The Temple ----

Looking from The Temple towards the City of Naxos (two photos)-- Tanya and the view

The track to the City - and the waves crashing over --------- Swimming lanes

We caught a bus to town and went to the Temple of Apollo - it was quite cool but never finished.

Final Night - "Happy 9-hour Cocktail Party"

The Waiter and The Cocktails--- Jacqui (two photos)--- Lauren

Lauren and Tanya--- Tom, Simon and Dean--- Jacqui and Sam

......and Tanya enjoying her cocktails!!!---------------

Then we went to a bar for pre dinner cocktails.
They were cheap and I had three - margarhita, pina colada and a chocolate surprise.

Final Night - "Sunset End-of-Tour Dinner"

Jackie, Dean, Deana, Jacqui, Lauren, Sam, Tori, Rose,
Elise, Bridget, Tanya, Tom, Simon, Dianne and Sinita (???)

Dinner was at Flamingos and I had tomato and cucumber salad, saganaki and moussaka - very Greek for my last night!!

The Tour is over!!!------Tanya is Packed and Ready to Go!!!

I was still feeling a bit head coldish so I went home early, finished packing and went to bed.
I was first up again, changed and then went to the shop to get more fruit for breakfast and supplies for the seven hour ferry ride back to Athens.
My salad was great - this time I had Greek Yoghurt and honey on it too.
Then we jumped on the bus to the port.

A postcard from Tanya-- On the ferry heading back to Athens - "quite sad"

Bye bye, Greek Islands - we were all a bit sad.


The ferry ride was rough - and lucky I took some sea sick pills - some weren't so lucky!
We got to Athens and back to the hotel - another single room for me!

The Hard Rock Cafe in Athens--- Tanya and Dean------ Jacqui

Sam, Tanya, Lauren and Jacqui sharing a "huge dessert"!!!

I did some washing and then met the group including Jacqui for a last meal - at the Hard Rock Cafe.
Me and Jac and Lauren and Sam also shared a huge dessert!
There were hugs as we left a few girls.
There were nine of us at the hotel - we all had breakfast together and then we were definitely on our way.
I went to the internet cafe and spent all day typing "My Diary" stories for Dad to put on the web site - and I feel quite good to be up to date with them now.
I also burned some more photos to send.

A postcard from Tanya-- Sitting on the floor in the airport - "like a dirty backpacker!!"

Now I am about to head to the airport for my flight to Rome!