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#20 - Tuesday 1st March to Tuesday 5th April 2005

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Tuesday 1st March 2005
Can you believe that it is March already - where has this year gone?
I moved to this house twelve months ago today and Tamara and I reminiced about this last night
One year together and we don't hate each other!
Booked to go to a Rugby Union Charity Match on Saturday 5th March
Got good seats, eh?

That and the
Royal Albert Hall "Classical Spectacular" has March sorted.
Got to do something in April - probably a show or two in the West End)
And then
"Kylie" and the Chelsea Flower Show in May and then the "Kostya Fight" in June.
There is not much to say today - except I start pole dancing tonight!!
I have my heels and shorts in my bag and I am very nervous!

No riding today cause I don't finish until 9.00pm and I don't know if I can leave my bike anywhere.
I caught the bus and walked from Trafalgar Square - about a 20 minute walk.
Anyway - stay tuned for tomorrow's post-dance class wrap up! - will let you know if I have concussion tomorrow!
Wednesday 2nd March 2005
Pole dancing - fun and funny!
Well the first pole dancing lesson is over and I survived without concussion but not without bruises
It was really good fun and there was lots of laughing

Our teachers name is Georgie and as you can imagine she is stunning - great body - am very jealous.
I have a very sore left arm from hanging off the pole.
There was no upside-down yet - that is week four.
Anyway we did four moves of which I managed to be able to do three - the last one really got me.
First we had to jump up and kick our legs out behind us, widen our knees and slide down the pole onto our knees, gyrate slightly with the pole (yeah baby) and then get up onto our feet (squatting) one leg at a time and to get up we straighten our legs first sticking our bum out and then standing.
The next one was just stepping basically around the pole but being pretty and pointing toes etc while doing it.
Then the next one was walking around the pole hooking our inside ankle around the pole and then leaning into a spin around the pole with both legs up and then landing gracefully.
The next one (which I couldn't quite get) was walking around the pole hooking our inside knee around the pole and then leaning into a spin around the pole flicking out outside leg around us and landing on one leg in a squat with the outside leg straight out in front of us - just couldn't do it.
Anyway, I don't know how good a picture that gives you or whether you just feel a bit odd reading that about your daughter/sister!!
It was fun and I have a very sore arm - now I know how a monkey feels!! - but I can't wait to go back.
Thursday 3rd March 2005
All I have to say is that today is -2 degrees with a windchill to -12 degrees!!
How tough am I!!
I did think I was going to get blown off my bike tho!
There are heaps and heaps of people riding bikes
I didn't really notice until I rode myself
We gang up and take over entire lanes while riding with ten of us in a bunch - I really enjoy it and miss it if I miss a day
Some of the bike couriers are a bit rude tho - swerving in and out and cutting in
I just peddle along and try to get a bit of window shopping in while I am at it - and I think about travel plans and all that sort of thing too!
But I am not riding tomorrow because we are going for a drink after work - might go for a ride on the weekend I think

I love the seasons - the daffodils are just starting to come out in the parks.
And remember last Easter - I was in Holland seeing all the flowers!
Friday 4th March 2005
Can snow "piss down" like rain?
Well it has been coming down in buckets all morning and settling not just turning to crappy mush!!
I didn't ride but walked and bussed and walked so that I can have a drink after work - I felt very 'Bridget Jonesish' as I walked through central London in the snow all rugged up with my starbucks-venti-skinny-caramel-machiato!
Not much else to tell - at work we are all waiting patiently to be told whether to go home or not - I don't care but the train tracks freeze and London goes totally to pot when it snows.
Rugby Union at Tickenham tomorrow - hope it is okay - really wanna see the boys run around!!
Over the weekend I'll probaby be holiday planning in the nice warm house or maybe I'll take all my papers out for coffee and at least get out of the house!
Sunday 6th March 2005
Check this out!! - "The Beatles"
Look what I am seeing - and where I am seeing it!!
I can't wait!!

Remember you taped this for me late on the ABC one night and told me what a good movie it is and I loved it!!
So excited - and stay tuned for photos on the pedestrian crossing!!
And as far as my Busabout Tour of Europe goes, I have started making bookings
There was a 20% discount if I booked this part of my trip by Sunday 7th - so I did!!
I am going to spend ELEVEN DAYS on the Greek Islands - from Sunday 21st August this year!!!

Monday 7th March 2005
Movie - "A Hard Day's Night" - how cool is that movie going to be?
And the Greek Island tour - woo hoo!!!!
I am going with Jase to the movie.
We were going to see the "Shrek" because "A Hard Day's Night" was on during the week at lunch times but I found it on Easter Sunday.
Jase hasn't seen it - I hope he likes it!
The Rugby Union match at Twickenham was great!
There was heaps of people and it wasn't even near full - couldn't imagine it full

Sitting on the halfway line watching George Gregan and Chris Latham (Aussies) go round was great!
The game was good cause we won and there were a few big hits but not a lot going on.
Anyway, it was a great experience.
I tried to buy a souvenier but couldn't find anything.
I just wanted something to say Twickenham but everything had England Rugby or World Champions on it - so I got nothing.
At Lords I got a little cricket bat that said Lords but there was nothing like it there
Never mind because I've got photos!
Cyclone Ingrid around Cairns
So are we worried about the cylone?
I will be checking the bloody weather web site all the time now!

Have you taped the windows yet? - and filled up the bath and brought tinned food and tied down all the garden furniture?
How is the weather there are the mo - much rain or wind yet?
There is a girl from Townsville at work and we are both watching Ingrid closely!
There is a new updated cyclone tracking map at 1.00pm our time.
Tuesday 8th March 2005
Not much to report today.
I've got pole dancing tonight - lesson two!!
I am having lunch with Amanda in the park cause she works near me now.
Last night I booked to go "Cheese Rolling"!!
Tammie Thornton and a few others are coming with me - should be a crack up!!

I remember seeing it on the telly a few times and that is why I want to go!!
I liked "The Beatles" page and so did Jason
He sent it on to his Mum to have a look at
I am looking forward to it specially because usually the guard at the gate lets 3-4 people in a time to have their photo taken at the door but we will be going right in

PS - I am starting to get a sore throat - not happy jan!
And I've got pole dancing til 9.00pm - home after 10.00pm - then dinner at 11ish - then bed - then up at 7.30am for work!!
Wednesday 9th March 2005
Tea and vegemite soliders?
I am drinking tea with a slice of lemon and honey and chunks of fresh ginger in it - it is so good - people are looking at me strange but I don't care - it's yummy and makes me feel better.
I am quite sick with a 'phone sex voice' to go with my pole dancing!
Now you know how I am a lefty but it eat right handed?
Well it turns out I am also a right handed pole dancer
It was great fun last night
After not being able to get some things done last week, I thought I would have a go with my right arm (I just didn't feel like my left arm would hold me and was a bit nervous) and I can do it all well now
We decided that I am a right handed pole dancer!!
There were two moves that we even felt quite sexy doing!!
You should have seen me spinning fowards and spinning backwards - got bruises to show for it today tho!!

I brought fresh crusty bread and butter to have with vegemite lunch today.
I just got a call from home and all the electricity is off so the heating is off and there are girls two girls sicker than me and Tamara is home and they can't do anything!!
The landlords are back Saturday but I can't get hold of the emergency contacts and it is just poo!
I'm pretty sure it's a fuse but it's hard to work out on the phone - the girls aren't very technical

I would be here anyway even if I was at death's doors - I don't get paid for sick days and I can't afford £100 out of my pay - and I didn't ride either.
Talk to you soon.
Monday 14th March 2005
I am back at work but it is the longest I have been out of the house since Wednesday so I am already tired and its just 10.00am!!
I hate being sick!
I will be losing out on about £250 which is about AUD$700!!
Just for two freaking days!!
And that money is ten to fourteen days accommodation while I am on the road!
I wouldn't be sniffing at it - half my pay packet will make a dent for the week!
Not well enough to ride and people keep telling me to go home.
I still 'sound like a man' but don't feel anywhere near as bad as I did.
Need a nap tho - am very tired.
I am going straight home after work and I don't think I will last very long tonight!!
Tuesday 15th March 2005
I am here - just!!
Still feel really really crappy - and I hate the taste of 'lemsip'!
Pole dancing classes tonight - am not doing it but I am going for a bit I think - just to see - I didn't bring my heels or shorts
I might go straight home - I want to go now!!

We will see!!
Wednesday 16th March 2005
Not heaps better but a little more alive than yesterday.
Thursday 17th March 2005
This is it!
This is what is awesome!
My Busabout Tour of Europe!

Just about all organised!
Hey, what did you think about "the wave" video at the Rugby Union football match?
And the hat I wore to the game? - that's my hat that I bought in Scotland over Christmas
I love it and everyone makes comment on it - my bosses at work love it!

London is going for a top of eighteen degrees today.
Still no bike riding till next week.
Figured I may as well use the freaking travel card cause it cost so much - I need it tomorrow night and the weekend anyway.
I will ride Monday hopefully - didn't want to push too hard - still not 100% - got a crappy cough!
Friday 18th March 2005
Hi ya, and I am feeling better today.
Still sound crappy and have a cough but I will survive for the show tonight - cannot wait! - "Classical Spectacular"
I have my camera too so hopefully some will turn out

We got Easter Eggs today at work - a big one in a box!
I am having lunch with Amanda today.
She made the sandwiches - crunchy peanut butter and I brought cake.
There was one in the house that nobody wanted so I cut two slices.
I also brought cookies from Millies Cookies (the best ever) in case the carrot and orange cake is no good.
Saturday 19th March 2005
"The Classical Spectacular"
So you already know all about Friday night but I figured I had better write it down
Karen and I arrived at the Royal Albert Hall

We were definately in a minority for the under 50 age group but there were a few other young whippersnappers around.
We brought our programs which had two union jack flags in them - a bit odd but we figured we would soon find out what they were for.
Anyway the interior of the Hall was amazing.
It just looked so plush and lovely and old.
It was beautiful.
We got to our seats - we had box seats - Karen and I were so pleased and couldn't believe how posh it was.
Just four seats in the box and we were just off centre from the stage.
You walked into a little room with a mirror, table, coat hooks and enough room to stand around and have a chat, then through the plush red curtains were the four seats.
We had the back two seats and the two front seats were step down again so we could see over their heads.
The walls of the seating area were red carpet and the room was lots of dark wood.
It was so nice to have a lot of room and not be squished in with all the 'plebs' on ground level.
We took lots of photos and then headed off to the bar.
I was still pretty sick so I figured that I would get some water.
We ended up getting water and a bottle of wine to share and headed back to to the box.
We chatted and had a few drinks - then the couple with the other two seats arrived and the show started.
It was fantastic!!
There were so many songs that I knew and the laser show was really good.
They started singing Land of Hope and Glory which is why the flags were given out - the whole hall was full of people waving their flags and singing.
Karen and I were just laughing our heads off - it was so funny.
It was then intermission and I spoke to Mum and Dad.
The show started again and it was just as good.
The song to join in with was Rule Brittania and there 'a big fat tenor' with a Union Jack waistcoat on and again the crowd was waving their flags - was definately a sight!
The finale was fantastic and so was the encore - fireworks and explosions and smoke.
I rang Mum and Dad again and just held my phone up for them to listen to - they said that they were able to heard the music really well
and apparently mum got 'pretty welled up'!!
Not surprising - it was amazing!!
I brought the CD.
The music was good and because I knew it I thought it would be a good idea because I don't have any classical stuff.
Anyway, it's something I can tick of my list - box seats for a show at Royal Albert Hall!!
It was awesome!
So glad I went.
Monday 21st March 2005
I am still not 100% and still didn't ride today but should be right by Wednesday I think.
Pole-dancing tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to that!
My Busabout Tour of Europe
All the hostels will be uploaded soon.
I purposely decided to spend a long time in La Spezia - most of the trip will be pretty manic with only a few days in each place and I thought that looked like a really nice place to chill out for a bit.
I will also be going to Cannes from Nice too - me on the French Riveria - how cool!
I plan to do all the options everywhere - definately Dachau and the Sound of Music stuff - I figured you would be mad if I didn't!
I have about four/five days in Switzerland too and am looking forward to Lauterbrunnen - am contemplating sky diving there - have been told its amazing.
Tuesday 22nd March 2005
Am much better today - it's my second day in a row of feeling good!!
Still not 100% but have pole-dancing tonight and I am going to think about riding to work tomorrow.
Wednesday 23rd March 2005
No winter weight - I am looking hot at the mo!
I was in a short skirt and knee boots for the show at the Royal Albert Hall

And I have been getting lots of comments too which I love!!
Packed on a bit of blubber late last year but with riding it has just fallen off.
I have sent you an article on "Kylie" - who I will be going to see in May
Dinner at the pub tonight with Jase and Karen - just going to find a nice one along the river - bangers and mash or a Roast.
Mmmmm, love a good pub meal!!
Thursday 24th March 2005
I have decided to do the intermediate class now - I really enjoy it!

I was having a look around their web site today because I have bought the shorts and singlet set.
By the way, the girl in the photos on the web page is actually my teacher Georgie!
I am going to try and get a better photo of her.
Anyway, I noticed that there is now a video of "a type of class" which was published on their Australian web site - it was actually filmed in Melbourne
Just thought you might want to have a look at the stuff I am doing!!
I can do all those things those girls in the video do!!

Sunday 27th March 2005 - Easter
Hi all.
Just a quick word about my weekend.
Very quiet except for Easter Sunday.
I woke up to no Easter Eggs from the Easter Bunny - nobody loves me - not even a 'txt' from my Mother!!
Daylight saving had just started so I had to get up an hour earlier.
I was meeting Jason at Starbucks in Hammersmith Station.
We got there and had a coffee (much needed due to the early start) and caught the tube to Regent's Park.
We went for a walk through Regent's Park which neither of us had been to before and it was lovely
We got ourselves to St John's Wood High Street for breakfast (it had been recommended to me) and had a lovely croissant with mushrooms and cheese and a fresh oj - it was good and I finished Jason's because he couldn't!!
Then we headed up to Abbey Road
There was a line up already when we got there so we joined the line deciding to take photos afterwards
We got into Studio 2 and went straight to the gift shop
I brought a couple of key rings and a cd - "A Hard Days Night"
I just thought it would be cool to say I got it in London at Abbey Road Studios when I went there to watch the movie!
Probably a bit silly but I thought it was funny!
We wandered around and looked at old pics and saw a video about the history of the studios
Then we went and took our seats and watched the movie
Jason hadn't seen it before and I just loved it!!
We left and then the fun started
Jase and I must have gone back and forth across the pedestrian crossing about eleven times getting photos!!
It was really funny and we weren't the only ones
The poor cars trying to get down the street were having a few problems I think - most of them were just laughing at us all

Back on the train.
We then caught the train back out to Hammersmith for the the boat race
There were so many people and the bridge was closed even though I lived over the river they woudln't let me over it - I was really mad - never mind
We had an okay-view of the race
and then went home and dumped my stuff and went and had coffee with Brendan and Clinton before going to a pub to catch up with Jase and the others.
I was tired after the early start so I decided to head home.
Little did I know that the Hammersmith Bridge was closed again
It had been hit by a barge and moved off its foundations
It was closed to all traffic including pedestrians

I could almost see my house from the other side of the river but I had to catch a bus to Putney and then walk along the river.
There was lots of people doing the same thing but it was a bugger!
The bridge is still closed to traffic which makes the morning rush a problem but we can walk and ride over it now at least.
I had a nice quiet break and tonight I am going to say goodbye to Amanda
I can't believe she is going home tomorrow - I think there will definitely be tears!!!

Tuesday 29th March 2005
My job!!
I have just found out they got someone permanent for my job starting Monday!!

They are happy with me and want to keep me so have asked me to move departments to a seat where they have had about four temps in since I have been here - but the solicitor has just said that he is happy with the present girl.
So as of Friday I might not have a job!!
I was keen to stay until I left for Europe.
Will have to let you know re change of email if it happens.
My agency said that they have heaps of work but I would like to find out soonish if I want to have work on Monday.
Wednesday 30th March 2005
How are you?
I am a bit sad because Amanda leaves today.
And I am a bit stressed because I am not sure about the job situation
I just would rather just stay here to save moving again - no one here at work knows about it yet

They are all talking about next week etc but they don't know I won't be sitting here then!
Had pole-dancing last inght and I jammed my finger between the pole and the heel of my high heel when I was going upside down and it really really hurts when I type
You try holding on to a pole and flipping your legs up over your head and then sliding down head first with your legs wrapped around it!
So just hurting my finger and not ending up with concussion was pretty good I think!
Am booking the intermediate dancing class tonight - it is just so much fun that I really want to do keep doing it - Irma is doing it with me too

Anyway, that's all - am hella busy today so must dash - bye.
Thursday 31st March 2005
An inter-office email to Tanya from Anna
Hi Tanya
I have spoken to Clive who said they are keeping you and Jaqui is finishing - hmmm - that was this am!
So I am assuming you are back on Monday!
Well, there is always the 'night job'!!
......and a note from Tanya
Breathing easy now!!

Did nothing exciting last night except tidy my room and talk to Tamara.
It was nice to stay home.
I am still not getting to sleep until late - my body is still adjusting to daylight saving I think.
I was back on the bike today for the first time since I got sick and I feel much much better for it!
Booked the intermediate Pole Dancing Class last night - look out!
Ok - end of financial year here today - gonna be really busy - later.
Friday 1st April 2005
I got a sore bum today!!
Rode yesterday for the first time in a bit and today it was sore when I got on the seat.
I am busy trying to get finished up and sorted so the new girl can start at my desk on Monday and I move one desk away - crazy!
The weather is meant to be good this weekend - sunny and sixteen/eighteen degrees - nice!
Not sure what I am going to do.
Tamara is on night shift so will be sleeping during the day and I don't like to hang around too much although she says she doesn't mind.
If the weather is good I won't mind hitting a cafe or the park with a book!
Monday 4th April 2005
Work - and I am at my new desk today - am very busy too
Apparently they didn't tell the old temp that she wan't coming back in and so she just turned up and I was at the desk
But she seemed okay

I would have gone downstairs and cried and then called my agency and yelled at them!!
Tuesday 5th April 2005
Tamara and I were thinking about heading to Rome for the Pope's funeral on Friday
But the company that usually has really cheap flights for like £8 is now charging £300 to get out there
And they are having to set up tent cities because there isn't enough accomodation

They are not profiting exactly but the price go up as demand goes up - eg, it really expensive to fly to Australia at Christmas/Summer and getting to Octoberfest is about £150/300 now (I got in just before they started going up!!)
Think I will be staying home for the Royal Wedding instead
That has been moved to Saturday instead because of the funeral
Poor Camilla isn't having any luck at all - and now all the memorabillia has the wrong date including the special minted coins
Jinxed is the word over here in all the papers about the wedding

Charles is going to be in Rome the day before the wedding - hope he gets back in time.
This weekend I am going to a 'farmers market' with Tamara on the Saturday and then to Camdem on the Sunday with Irma to get our "porn star pole dancing shoes" for the intermediate course!
May be getting my tattoo in Camden this weekend!! - but may just check out a few studios tho cause I have no idea how much it will cost and I want to find a clean one, etc
Mum, are you going to come and hold my hand like you did when I got my belly pierced?

Looking forward to getting out again - had a nice weekend just gone but unfortunately the weather isn't meant to be as nice.
Last pole dancing class today.
Just as a matter of interest, my new boss is Jewish
He wears his skull cap (I think that is what it is called) every day
His wife however is an Aussie lady from Melbourne and his brother is a Rabbi
I find all that very interesting
Here are some names of people in my office:-
Sanjay Chandarana
Pushpinder Verdi
Divyesh Popat
Zohar Zik
It certainly is a lot more diverse over here that it is at home
One partner, Paul Sheeter, commutes from Israel - yes, the country!!
He flies over there every Thursday night and comes back late Sunday or early Monday
His wife and children live over there
Imagine doing that every week

Anyway, just something for you to read.