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"Dear Diary"


#01 - Wednesday 22nd October to Thursday 30th October 2003
Click the above link for - the flight - arrival at Heathrow - first dinner 'Shepherd's Pie' - meeting people - cold!!! - went shopping to buy coats, hats, scarves and gloves - emailed out her resume - her Australian accent - booked her hostel accommodation - a day exploring Oxford, and saw museums, colleges, and "there is just so much history here" - bought more cold weather gear, some long socks - preparing for the move from Cheltenham to the hostel in London - the trip to London - lugging suitcases and playing tourist!!! - booked into the hostel and checked out it's facilities - looked around Earl's Court - sent out her resume - caught a cold and had a day in bed - visiting Employment Agencies - looking for some cheaper accommodation, such as flat sharing - went to meet The Kangaroos (Australia's Rugby League Test Team), and had her photo taken with fifteen of the players!!! - visited some famous landmarks, including Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square - found a job and starts work on Monday!!!

#02 - Friday 31st October to Monday 10th November 2003
Click the above link for - another long walk around London, and saw Trafalgar Square, Admiralty Arch, Buckingham Palace, the Changing of the Guard, Hyde Park Corner, and much, much more!!! - shopping in the Portobello Road Markets - a visit to Harrods - looked at a couple of 'rooms-to-rent', but found nothing suitable - "House hunting is awful!!!" - started in her new job, and it's "a really nice and friendly place" - moved into a new hostel which sounds great - planning her trip to the Rugby League Test Match - settling into her new home - likes her job - a "step-by-step" walk through her day!!! - Guy Fawkes night, "but fireworks aren't exactly my thing" - after her first wek of work she was told that "they were very impressed with me so far" - could be spending Christmas and New Year in Scotland - excited about the Rugby League Test Match on Saturday - had a fantastic time at the Test Match, during the game and meeting "League Legends" - and enjoyed her birthday

#03 - Tuesday 11th November to Monday 24th November 2003
Click the above link for - routine days, and "not much exciting news now" - got the time off work to spend New Years in Scotland - met a girl from Cairns - planning a visit to Stonehenge - her first pay-day comes up on the fourteenth of November!!! - a footy weekend, with Rugby Union and League being televised, and had a great time - went shopping at The Camden Markets - and paid a visit to the shops in Oxford Street, but "you could barely walk up the street there were so many people" - very happy to be living at the Nevern Hostel, and is meeting lots of people - too busy to watch any television!!! - looking forward to her New Years' trip to Scotland - caught a red-double-decker-London-bus and sat up the top and in the front - has now been in England for four weeks, and there is "...only 100 more to go!" - "The Tube" has had problems two nights in a row, and Tanya is a "cranky arse" here!!!" - another footy weekend, with the third and final Rugby League Test and the Grand Final of the Rugby World Cup - thinking about a ski trip early next year - 4.40pm in London "and it is pitch black outside"

#04 - Tuesday 25th November to Wednesday 10th December 2003
Click the above link for - rain and cloudy days, and very low temperatures - having heaps of trouble arranging a bank account - and wrote this, "but might have a surprise next week for you....maybe" (and we haven't a clue what she means!!!) - doing a bit of shopping in Oxford Street and Camden Town Markets for Christmas presents, and she needs some warm clothes!!! - she has seen some 'weird' fashions around, "but don't worry, I don't think I will bring that trend home with me!" - cold with frost - could have a permanent job, but "there are 'pros-and-cons' to both...Decisions, Decisions!" - had a great weekend with her friends - "I'm sick - I have a cold and I can't talk properly and a very sore throat and swollen neck! - I feel like crap!" - feeling a little better - did a typing test, and "I was timed at 84 words a mintue!" - a visit to the orthodontist - the New Years trip to Scotland called off ($$$'s) and will plan another trip later - still can't shake the cold/flu, and gets a little better then a little worse - very cold but loves dressing-up warm and going out - Christmas presents posted!!! - may have a full-time position which will be for her entire stay!!!, and the interview is on Thursday

#05 - Thursday 11th December 2003 to Friday 2nd January 2004
Click the above link for - has a second interview for the full-time position - still not 100%, and had a couple of days off work - went to see a live band - had her photo taken with the Rugby World Cup trophy!!! - feeling better (after a bottle of booze!!!) - saw a seal out her office window - had a relapse "Sore throat still and now head is stuffed up again - BUGGER!" - got the job she has been interviewing for!!! - relaxing at home trying to get rid of her cold/flu once and for all - A Christmas Email to her Friends, which includes lots of detail on her live, her home, her job, etc and "I am having a really good time over here and really can't imagine being anywhere else at the moment" - Christmas Eve "and I am in London!" - first snowfall in London!!! - all the details on her Christmas Day and the holiday period, and "my Christmas was really good fun" - her plans for New Year - "My New Years Eve was awesome" - going to try ice-skating!!! - went shopping and spent her Christmas present money - planning a few day and weekend trips - and maybe in Paris for Valentine's Day!!!

#06 - Wednesday 31st December 2003 to Friday 16th January 2004
Click the above link for - more than 350 photos are on their way!!! - all the details on her New Years Eve - attended a New Years Day Parade - going to have another go at ice-skating - shopping at Lillywhites - had her haircut - a trip to Bath, and "it is absolutely beautiful" - starts her new job on Tuesday 6th - first days in her new job - going ice-skating at Somerset House - a visit to Stonehenge on Saturday 10th - fire alarm at her hostel!!! - booked her flights to Turkey for Anzac Day in April - still considering a trip to Paris for Valentines Day - all the details on her tour to Stonehenge and surrounding areas - went to a Justin Timberlake concert - has organised to have Australia Day off work - her trip to Paris is booked and confirmed - ice-skating at Somerset House, and "it was such good fun" - had her first trip in a car since arriving in London!!! - a contract for twelve months employment, and "how nice it will be to know I have a job for the next year!"

#07 - Saturday 17th January to Wednesday 11th February 2004
Click the above link for - making a few tentative travel plans for the rest of this year, and these "could change but I reckon that is the best way to do it" - joined up in a gym - the long range weather forecast is for "negative temps and arctic winds and snow" - her "Twelve Week Anniversary" in England!!! - a few changes to her room at the Nevern Hotel - all the details on her Australia Day celebrations in London, and "it was great fun and Australia Day in London was fantastic" - concerts, pubs, Rugby Union game, and had a meat pie!!! - injured her knee!!! (fell over in a pub!!!) - "I live and work in London and its cold and snowing and pretty and so different to anything I have ever experienced before" - not doing too much at the moment as she wants to save her money for Paris on Valentine's Day!!! - put up a heap of photos in her room - planning a trip to Egypt later this year - went to Greenwich and the Royal Observatory - took a walk under the Thames!!! - "three more sleeps until Paris!" - moving into a flat at the end of February

#08 - Thursday 12th February to Friday 27th February 2004
Click the above link for - "Jumping out of my skin here today, because I am going to Paris...tomorrow!!!" - a fantastic story from Tanya, with all the details of her three days in Paris!!! - back in London and "it is soooooo cold!" - went to a travel show, and now "and I want to go everywhere!!!" - Egypt, Wales, Germany and more! - more cold weather and more snow predicted - booked to go and see the Socceroos play against South Africa - "I walked to work while little flakes of snow floated around didn't settle but was so pretty"

#09 - Saturday 28th February to Sunday 28th March 2004
Click the above link for - has moved into her new home "and it is really good" - settling into her new flat - looking at a trip to Belgium - a day off work because "I had the "spews!" - planning a quiet weekend at home - a nice relaxing weekend with friends - a bit of shopping at Hammersmith - decided to try walking to work - booked her tours to Wales and Ireland - will be visiting four countries in the next two months!!! - "Holy Crapola!" - went to the orthodontist and got good news!!! - looking at more holidays, including a trip to Edinburgh and a trip to Brussells - went to a "School Disco"!!! - out for drinks to celebrate St Patrick's Day - dinner with her work-mates - her very busy itinerary over the next two months - " is awful and miserable today" - has now been living in England for five months!!! - " was just hailing" - going to the Oxford v Cambridge rowing race - all the details on her recent trip to Wales - saw a friend from Australia - excited about seeing the Socceroos play and "there is now 31 of us going and I am really looking forward to it" - the 'Oxford v Cambridge' rowing race - shopping at the Borough Markets

#10 - Monday 29th March to Tuesday 13th April 2004
Click the above link for - went to the Socceroos Pre-Game-Party-Night, and "I am really looking forward to tonight" - an "awesome" night at the soccer game, and "last night was on a par with Australia Day which I have said is the most fun that I have had here so far!" - a visit to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge - another shopping trip to Camden Markets - went to an Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square - "just-one-more-sleep" before she heads off to Holland! - a note from Holland!!! - "love this place" - "wanna live here" - "everything is so beautiful" - at work again, but "would rather be back in Amsterdam!!" - a day-by-day diary of her trip to Holland

#11 - Friday 16th April to Wednesday 21st April 2004
Click the above link for - booked to go to Stratford-upon-Avon - and going to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to see "Romeo and Juliet" - "Six Months Away" Anniversary on 21st April!!! - the day-by-day diary of her trip to Turkey for ANZAC Day - "I felt so proud to be there, so proud to be Australian and so lucky to have the chance to do the things that I am doing"

#12 - Saturday 1st May to Sunday 16th May 2004
Click the above link for - went to Stratford-upon-Avon, saw a lot of Shakespeare, and went to a performance of 'Romeo and Juliet" - thinking about a trip to Belgium, and then booked it for late May - also considering spending Christmas in Switzerland - dinner at Fifteen The Restaurant - spotted a celebrity on the Tube!!! - heading off to Ireland - a day-by-day diary of her trip to Ireland and "it was great fun and Ireland is a well worth a visit"

#13 - Monday 17th May to Thursday 10th June 2004
Click the above link for - back from Ireland and "had a great time" and soon off to Belgium - going on a Summer Boat Party with friends from work - MAJOR NEWS as her braces are coming off on 16th June and "I am very excited!!!" - her friend Amanda is going away soon for two months - registered with a doctor and National Insurance - went to a Test Match at Lord's Cricket Ground and "it was awesome!!" - might try to get a few nights per week work at an "offy" - is going to watch the replay of the State of Origin - thinking about buying a bike - back from her holiday and a day-by-day diary of her trip and "Belgium was lovely - very beautiful!" - weather is nice in London and "it is almost summer!" - had a hair cut - bought a bike - going out with her friends - rode to work for the first time and it was "so fast and so much nicer than the hot stinky tube! - this was a great idea!" - going to the 1st Birthday party at the Nevern Hostel - saving for a "Bus-A-Bout" tour of fourteen countries that she is "anxious" to do some time next year - temperature reached thirty degrees!! - is going to look around the "London Open Gardens and Squares Weekend" - had a "stack" on her bike!!! - booked to see "FAME The Musical"

#14 - Friday 11th June to Monday 12th July 2004
Click the above link for - won tickets to go to the "Toast Life" Australian Festival - a party for the Nevern Hostel - a walk around London's gardens - went to the tennis at the Queen's Club and was on TV - really enjoyed "FAME The Musical" - a bus ride through London and "I was sitting there thinking to myself - I live here!" - braces coming off - arranging to go on a "Monopoly Board Pub Crawl - walking with the "Hari Krishna" - going to Wimbledon and hoping to get in - "the weather is a bit yuck" - some of the famous names she saw at Wimbledon and "I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of any of those serves!!" - a boat cruise on the Thames - but feeling "a bit spewy" so may not go - England lost their soccer game and are out of Euro 2004 - going to see more tennis at Wimbledon - "the Summer Boat Party was fabulous!" - back to the tennis at Wimbledon, which was a rain-out but saw lots more famous faces, and "there are photos of me eating strawberries and cream at Wimbledon!" - wore her Bikini Shirt "and watching people do double takes on us was very very funny!" - saw part of the Olympic Torch Relay at Wimbledon - and then a "lazy day" watching videos - another visit to Wimbledon - a tube strike and "I will definitely be on the bike tomorrow!" - walked to work for a change and "it was really nice" - the 'pub crawl' is on this weekend - going to book her trip to Egypt!! - went on the Monopoly Board Pub Crawl and was "totally fine, maybe a little tipsy!!, but most importantly there was no hangover" - went to Hyde Park to see the new "Princess Diana Memorial" - then sat and read a book in the Park and "it is a lovely place to be" - tried to see the Formula One cars but there was far too many people - caught up with a friend from Australia, and went to watch Game Three of the State of Origin Rugby League and "we were all "pretty pissed" and having a good fun, rowdy time!!" - had two more "Celebrity Sightings!!" - met a dental nurse who commented "You have really great teeth" so "I'm definitely glad I spent the money now!" - went to see "Oleanna" at the Garrick Theatre and "it was so good" - tried to see a few celebrities and the "Spiderman 2" movie premiere, but too many people to get close - "I stuffed myself silly" on a Chinese buffet

#15 - Saturday 17th July to Wednesday 22nd September 2004
Click the above link for - "I rode to work today in shorts and shirt, and it was 12 degrees!" - bought her Mum's birthday present, and "Mum, it's a big one isn't it?? - fifty!!" - making plans to have a "proper English afternoon tea" at the end of July - walking, bike riding, and going to the gym and "I am feeling 'pretty bloody good', let me tell you!!" - going to the Park over the weekend because "the weather is fantastic here at the moment" - contemplated a swim in the Thames but "I reckon it would actually be pretty gross!" - won tickets to a DVD Launch with "salsa dancing with cute boys and sangria cocktails!" - booked to see the Wallabies play Scotland during November - the Olympics are over - was going to get a hair cut but bought a hair straightener and "it is fabulous!!" and "needless to say, the hair now staying long!!" - Brett arriving in London soon and "I am so excited that Brett is going to be here next Tuesday!! - I absolutely cannot wait!!" - a tentative sightseeing and travel plan with Brett - going to see the Kangaroos play in the Tri-Nations during October - "needless to say I am pretty excited today and I'm really looking forward to having 'my visitor'!!" - added all the emails from Tanya and Brett sent during their holiday together in London, Rome and Paris plus five 'preview' photos - "back at work!! - don't wanna be!! - wanna be on holidays still!!" - "it is freezing here today" and may have to buy a new coat - working late at work - riding home in the dark but "it is much better/easier than I thought it would be"

#16 - Friday 24th September to Friday 22nd October 2004
Click the above link for - working late at work and doing a "yucky job" - still looking for a winter coat - an early morning to watch the Australian Footy Grand Final - cancelled her Rugby Union trip during November - went out for coffee at a florist - a 'false alarm' at home but "it was quite scary and took me a while to get back to sleep" - bought some shoes and a winter coat and is going to "pack my summer stuff away" - won £49.00 in a lottery at work!! - bought a pair of boots with her winnings - "having a bad week at work!!!" - sorted out her wardrobes and "out with the summer stuff in with the winter stuff" - a "crappy" day at work and "I am feeling like I might be getting a bit sick" - still shopping and looking for some work pants - wants some "withdrawal symptoms" treats sent over - winter's coming and will be getting a flu shot - raining and will have "to get some proper gear if I am going to keep riding all through winter!" - went out to the Park Lane Hilton and "it was very posh" - got a sore throat at the moment - the rain is "absolutely-peeing-down" - "I am still sick and feel crappy" and having a quiet time - off to Norway and Denmark soon (cold and raining) and then Egypt (sunny and perfect) - cold getting worse but the weather getting better - Capsticks organising their staff Christmas Party - going shopping for "winter cycling gear" - bought some "very bright" bike riding clothes - and some winter socks - looking at a few trips for next year - twelve months anniversary coming up soon - feeling better but "but still not 100%" - will be in "freezing" Norway and Denmark on the weekend - rode to work in her new gear - and went to the gym - may go on a Scotland tour over Christmas because there is "a chance of snow" - a visit to the orthodonist for a checkup - teeth are "really good" - picked up her Egypt visa and "can't wait to go!" - expecting to be very cold in Oslo and Copenhagen - photo coming of her "fluro yellow bike riding gear" - "Byeeeee!! - I am off to Scandinavia!" - the trip to Oslo and Copenhagen "was tops and had a blast" - added Tanya's three-day diary of her trip - but tired now - the "treaties parcel just landed on my desk" - "Twelve Months Away" Anniversary on 21st October!!! - going to the Rugby League Tri-Nations and is going to book to go to another soccer game and the Ashes cricket

#17 - Tuesday 26th October to Thursday 2nd December 2004
Click the above link for - had a good time at the Rugby League game - booked a ticket to see "Kylie" in May next year shopping for her trip to Egypt - out to dinner for Karen's birthday - will be catching up with Brenda, an old school friend - "Egypt soon! just two more sleeps! and I am starting to get really excited!" - out with friends to celebrate her birthday early because she will be in Egypt on the ninth - back at work after Egypt and is "starting to fade a bit now!" - bike in for a service - went to the Socceroos game - "and my belly is still a bit funny after Egypt" - feeling better and is back at work - going out with a few friends who are heading home - snow all over England except London!! - "I still have 'the runs' and what a crock!" - out with Jamie Pearlman for his birthday - "ate dinner and we danced the night away and it was fun" at Bar Salsa and got some very nice compliments!!! - at work, but "still not better and really really tired" - ready to do her Birthday and some Christmas shopping - "I am feeling much better today" - could be a few changes at her work - trying out online grocery shopping - job situation now seems okay - "I am very excited about shopping tomorrow!!" - her Christmas is getting organised - going to house-parties at Amanda's and Karen's - Christmas shopping all finished - has decided on her birthday and "the present is going to be a new backpack" - missing her friends and new babies back in Cairns - going out to dinner with Karen for her "going home for six weeks" dinner - looking at travel plans for next year and maybe Iceland or Monaco - down to four degrees in London and "that's really really cold!!" - Christmas lights are up and "it's just lovely" - 5 degrees but felt colder - got a Christmas card - visiting Amanda tonight before she goes to Egypt - "dinner with Karen was nice" - posting presents tomorrow - still deciding between Iceland and Monaco - Karen's birthday card finally arrived

#18 - Friday 3rd December 2004 to Friday 21st January 2005
Click the above link for - "it was 2 degrees this morning!!" - going to dinner with Tamara and ice-skating with Claudia - "shopping with Jason on Sunday for my birthday present" - a few snorers in her room at the moment!!! - had a "great curry dinner" - planning her trip to Europe which will be in mid-2005 - went ice skating and "it was great fun" - went shopping and bought her birthday presents - going to her Capstick's Department Christmas Party - eating chocolate each morning in bed!!! - temperature is down to two degrees "and crikey its cold today!!" - feeling a bit crook - snow is predicted for Scotland just before she gets there - left some of her work clothes at home when she rode to work - still not 100% fit - saving madly for her holiday plans for next year - maybe Iceland and maybe Africa - "save save save!!" - weather has warmed up to ten degrees!! - "just eight days til I go to Scotland - how exciting!!" - Capsticks Christmas Party and "I am going to look fabulous tonight!!" - "really cold and the puddles by the river were frozen" - had fun at the Capsticks Christmas Party and "I got lots of comments!!" - going to see a Bridgett Jones movie - organising her packing for her Christmas in Scotland and "I am so excited that it is going to snow" - taking the 'birthday' backpack - "feeling a cold coming on" - a nice Christmas present from her boss at Capsticks - "a quite balmy thirteen-degree day" - planning a quiet-stay-at-home New Years Eve - then shopping!!! - won fourty-nine quid in the Capsticks' weekly draw and "Happy New Year to me!!" - - Tammie Thornton arrived safely - went out to dinner with her and Jackie - has organised a new job starting in late January and "I am so excited" - house-hunting with Tammie Thornton and "we found one near her work and it is really nice" - then went to the Walkie Pub to celebrate - windy in London but still riding to work - late for work because "I stayed up reading really late last night!!" - received confirmation of her new job - and has planned out her bike route and is going "to do a test ride" - a night at home and she "made a nice dinner last night" - "it's a glorious day" in London - "another lovely day here - freaking cold again tho but love the blue sky!" - out with friends for dinner - did a test-ride to her new employer and it's "a twenty-two kilometre round trip!!!" - tried out a new 'sausage recipe' and "it is really really nice" - was given some nice "leaving presents" from her work-mates at Capsticks - busy on her last day there and "then off to the pub!!"

#19 - Tuesday 25th January to Monday 28th February 2005
Click the above link for - started her new job - a very quiet Australia Day over there and "how boring!" - rode to work for the first time - "I get freezing in this office" but "the house is nice and toasty" - joined a new gym - had a hair cut and "it is nice and curly" - riding to work - the weather is warming up and "the temperature is to reach 10 today - double figures!!!" - booked a trip to Spain for July this year and will see The Running of the Bulls!! - booked to see the Kostya fight in June and "it is going to be a cracker! - I am so excited about this fight - it is going to be wicked!" - had her first visit to the gym and "I love it" - having dinner at home with Karen - had a nice at-home dinner with Kaz and Jase - likes her new job and "everyone is nice at work and the work is interesting" - very bad news for one of her friends - gym work going well - out to the movies - "I will have cycled 110 kilometres!!" - enjoying her rides through the fog and mist around Hyde Park - "I have lost three kilos in the last three weeks!!" - celebrating Pancake Tuesday and The Chinese New Year - planning her Busabout Tour of Europe for later in the year - first pay-packet at her new job - "I am going to take a pole-dancing class!!" - more gym work - "Prince Charles and Camilla are getting married!!" - busy at work - received a letter from Aunty Jessie - going out for Valentine's Day - bought some new boots - out for Valentine's Day and "it was one of the nicest nights out I have had in while" - riding to work and going to the gym - "not very exciting my life at the moment" - went and saw the movie 'Oceans 12' and "it was a good movie too" - quiet weekend planned but might do some window shopping for a dress and skirt - snowed a little bit but "I am not excited as I was last year - it's just common to me now!" - freezing cold but still riding her bike to work - booked to see a show at the Royal Albert Hall - really busy at work - riding through Kensington Gardens on her way to work and "the snow was lovely and I am glad I rode" - going to the movies - send-off party for one of her friends - enjoyed the movie - went to the gym - did a bit of shopping - going-away-party for Elicia and "yesterday I was very hung over!"

#20 - Tuesday 1st March to Tuesday 5th April 2005
Click the above link for - has been living in her present house with Tamara for twelve months today - booked to see a Rugby Union match - "I start pole dancing tonight and I am very nervous!!" - had her first pole dancing lesson and "it was really good fun and there was lots of laughing" - temperature is in the minus figures!! - still riding to work and "I really enjoy it and miss it if I miss a day" - flowers are coming out in the parks and "I love the seasons" - snow is "pissing down" - going to the Rugby Union - and then might spend the weekend inside "the nice warm house" - going back to the sixties (??) and "I'm so excited and I can't wait!!" - booked a tour of the Greek Islands for August this year - looking forward to seeing the movie "A Hard Day's Night" and "how cool is that movie going to be?" - "the Rugby Union match at Twickenham was great!" - cyclone around Cairns at the moment and "I will be checking the bloody weather web site all the time now!" - second pole dancing lesson - liked "The Beatles" web page and "I am looking forward to it" - booked to go Cheese Rolling in May - bit of a sore throat at the moment - feeling a bit sick and is using a few home remedies - had "great fun" at pole dancing because she has worked out that "I am a right handed pole dancer!!" - electricity problems at home and "I'm pretty sure it's a fuse" - back at work but "still feel really really crappy" - and hates losing the money because there is no pay for sick days and "half my pay packet will make a dent for the week!" - could not go to the pole dancing class - feeling at bit better but "still not 100% and I've got a crappy cough!" - Busabout Tour of Europe is just about all organised and it is "awesome!!" - weather warming up to eighteen degrees! - will be riding to work again next week - "I am feeling better today" - the "Classical Spectacular" is on tonight and "I cannot wait" - having lunch with Amanda - went to the show at the Royal Albert Hall and "it was fantastic - awesome!!" - still not 100% - booked all her Busabout Tour hostels - pole dancing tomorrow night - feeling better and "it's my second day in a row of feeling good!!" - "I am looking hot at the mo!" - having a pub dinner with Jase and Karen - pole dancing and "I really enjoy it!" - didn't get any Easter eggs!! - a walk with Jason through Regents Park "and it was lovely" - then breakfast in St John's Wood High Street - Abbey Road to see the Beatles movie "and I just loved it!!" and to walk across the pedestrian crossing "about eleven times getting photos!!" - watched the University Boat Race - hassles getting home as Hammersmith Bridge was closed due to an accident - Amanda leaving and "I can't believe she is going home tomorrow" - may have to find new work because "they got someone permanent for my job starting Monday!!" - still a bit unsure about her job - jammed her finger at pole-dancing and "just hurting my finger and not ending up with concussion was pretty good I think!" - looks like her job will be okay and she's "breathing easy now!!" - booked the intermediate pole-dancing class - "sore bum" from bike riding - weekend weather should be good and "I won't mind hitting a cafe or the park with a book!" - was thinking of going to Rome for the Pope's funeral - but will stay for the Royal wedding instead - planning to go to the Camden Markets on the weekend to get her "porn star pole dancing shoes" and "may be getting my tattoo!!" - a few notes on the people at work and "it certainly is a lot more diverse over here that it is at home"

#21 - Wednesday 6th April to Friday 29th April 2005
Click the above link for - put on "a show" at the final night of pole-dancing and "it was great fun" but now "I've got a massive purple bruise on my arm!!!" - orthodontist appointment - going to see an episode of "Joan River's Position" being taped - hoping to see some television replays of the Pope's funeral - the Royal wedding is on tomorrow and "I hope the wedding is nice" - the Grand National Steeplechase is also on and "I got Innox in the sweep at work" - was emailed a photo of a pregnant-Sonya and "I cried when I saw it - she looks amazing!" - the orthodontist said her teeth are all fine - a visit to Convent Garden "and had a full English fry up" - then some chocolate and "it was really good!!" - and then some icecream - bought new pole-dancing shoes at Camden Markets - found a "great place to buy photos of London" - went to the Joan River's show and "it was a crack up - it was so funny!!" - busy at work - booked to see a Kasey Chambers concert - her 'Kylie' concert tickets arrived - has booked to see an Art Exhibition at the Tate Britain Gallery - "I hit two pedestrians on the way to work this morning - hard!!" and "now I have a sore leg and wrists but I'll live!! Oh...and my bike is okay!!" - having Kaz and Jase over for dinner - Tamara away for the weekend and "I am planning to potter at home" - might watch the finish of the London Marathon - budgeting for her Busabout Tour of Europe - photos and details of the gift from her landlords - "I've got a big bruise on my knee!!" from her bike crash - trying to get used to her new pole-dancing shoes - "I got a tattoo" - booked to see 'Guys and Dolls' - sitting at work on her new tattoo and "it may be a bit uncomfortable" - vege dinner because "I needed a vitamin boost I think!!" - busy at work - there is a sweepstakes running on the election of the new Pope - the weather and "I wish it would get nice here!!" - "Eighteen Months Away" Anniversary on 21st April!!! - going shopping at the Borough Markets - wants to have a swim "but it's way too cold here" - looking forward to relaxing in the park when the weather gets better - going to the ANZAC DAY dawn service and then to a Turkish restaurant for dinner - everything okay at work and "I do like it here" - just ten weeks before Busabout Europe begins - has posted a parcel of presents - Steve's mother coming for a visit - moving house and "what a crazy turn of events that was!!" - went to the ANZAC Day Dawn Service and "the service was really nice and as usual I cried" - starting to organise her house move and "I am looking forward to a change actually" - received some baby photos from friends in Cairns - her ANZAC Day dinner was "great" and the restaurant was "really cosy" - looking forward to the Kasey Chambers and Kylie concerts - went to the Kasey Chamber's concert and "she was fantastic, and so Aussie!!" - was very "arsey" and managed to meet her and get an autograph and photo - is now feeling a bit homesick - looking forward to an early night "because I am shattered" - "more dramas" at home but Tanya is going on with her packing - has now received an eviction notice!!! - meeting up with Steve's mother - will be moving over the weekend - going to the Kylie Concert on Sunday - bought a "going away present for Tamara" and "I will definately miss her" after the move

#22 - Wednesday 4th May to Tuesday 7th June 2005
Click the above link for - "I went to the pub last night and drank too much" - final night of packing and then to Kaz's place - Election Day in England - won tickets to see the 'Black Eyed Peas' - booked to watch the Socceroos for the third time - a couple more hassles where she was living but has now moved all her stuff and "I am a little bit sad I guess but not much can be done about it" - looking forward to her first night at Kaz and Damo's place - didn't go to the 'Black Eyed Peas' concert because she was "too shattered after moving everything" - had a good first night in her new place - pole-dancing classes are on again and "I have very sore shoulders!!" - settling in to her new home - road to work from Acton and "it was nice to be back on the bike and it was lovely and sunny" - still sorting out a bit of packing and moving - "having a quiet week" - organising a present for Karen and Damo - seeing Elle at the Camden Markets on the weekend and she will soon be off "so I won't see her again - it's a bit sad" - computers playing up at work and "it's a bit of a hassle" - trip to the Camden Markets was fun and bought a few things - read a book in a park until "three different freaky blokes tried to come up and talk to me" - pole-dancing tonight - booked to see Australia play England in a One Day Cricket Match and "how cool is my June looking for sport!!" - sore from pole-dancing again - very busy at work - received her Cheese Rolling tour confirmation - working out how to watch the Rugby League State of Origin games - spoke to Mark, Nat and Jaylon in Cairns - moving to The Stag on the weekend - the Busabout tour starts in six weeks and it's "three months of no work!! - just holidays and beaches and foreigners!!" - has a headache and "I feel 'shite' and threw up!!" - looking forward to the Kostya Tszyu fight - had an early night - riding to work in the rain - moving to The Stag pub on Sunday - busy at work - has moved into The Stag pub with Lesley - spotted Claudia Schiffer in Notting Hill and snapped a photo and "she was so pretty!!" - a work mate's birthday and had "fresh cream chocolate eclairs - so yummy!!" - another pole-dancing class - very busy at work - wants to watch the State of Origin - went to the pub to watch the Champions League Football Final and "it was a top game and it was standing room only in the pub" - planning to visit Brighton Beach - and a few more Royal Residences - living in The Stag pub is okay so far - the tattoo has "healed fine and it is perfect and the colour is great" - weather is getting better slowly - going to buy some Aussie supporter's gear - long weekend and she "may have broken my leg running down a hill after a cheese!!" - very hot and "it's thirty degrees here" - went to the Cheese Rolling and "it was a very fun day!!" - the famous landmarks she passes on her rides to and from work and "I still can't quite get my head around the things that I go past every day!!" - weather is warming up and is riding around in shorts and a singlet - going out with Jason to celebrate his birthday - now riding through Battersea Park on way home from work - excited about the Kostya Fight - and very excited about Busabout Europe in "just thirty-two more sleeps!!" - busy planning what to see and when to see it before leaving London because "there is just not enough time!!" - the Kostya Fight and "I am so excited today" - organising to have time off work to watch the State of Origin Game Two - all the details of her night at the fights - "getting a little bit of stick" at work because Kostya lost the fight!! - sunny in London at the moment - going to visit Kensington Palace - had a tanning session - "starving at the moment" and looking forward to lunchtime!!

#23 - Wednesday 8th June to Sunday 3rd July 2005
Click the above link for - has a bit of a headache - "a smoothie for breakfast today" - off to the Socceroos game and "it should be a fun night" - going to Brighton Beach - watching a Rugby Union game on television at The Stag - buying some clothes for her Busabout tour - had lunch in the park - had a great time at the soccer and it was "another cracking win by the Aussies" - lots happening next week with 'Guys and Dolls', cricket, State of Origin, and a visit from Rose and Brian - the weather is looking good for Brighton Beach and "and it is meant to be twenty degrees tomorrow" - celebrated Lesely's birthday watching a Rugby Union game on live television - a day at Brighton Beach and "it was a lovely day despite the weather being cold and windy" - a visit to Kensington Palace and "it was another lovely day" - more shopping for the Busabout Europe trip - was planning a trip to Windsor Castle but it is closed at the moment - another busy week ahead with 'Guys and Dolls', a cricket one-dayer and a visit from Rose and Brian - a bit tired from pole dancing - debating 'Work v State of Origin' and "I am leanring towards work!!" - went for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and "it was good fun" - organising bikinis for the very hot weather in Spain!!! - advised work that she will be leaving in two weeks - enjoyed the cricket and "it was perfect weather and I had a great time" and "I still can't believe I got on telly again!!" - rain and thunder today and it's the start of the Wimbledon tennis - offered more work after her Busabout tour - final night of pole dancing and "it was good fun" - speaking Pommy!!! - "another beautiful day here in sunny London" - another tanning session to get ready for Spain - a little bit more shopping for the Busabout Europe tour but is "starting to get really organised now" - 'Tiger Tim' knocked out of Wimbledon!! - more packing and organising for the Busabout tour - having 'A Little Cairns Basketball Reunion' in London - had lunch in the park and "it was lovely - the weather is so good here at the moment" - Busabout Tour and "there are just seven sleeps to go!!!" - "I had a lovely weekend" - caught up with her 'basketball' friends - busy week "seeing people off" and her own "leaving do on Saturday" - the Busabout tour starts very soon and "I am trying to be motivated to work but it is hard!!" - planning food for the bus trip to Spain - "posted Mum's pressie!!" - more going-away parties and "I don't like it!!" - rainy weather at the moment - going out to dinner with Tamara and "I haven't seen her in ages - I really miss living with her" - final day at work and "everyone here is being nice" - dinner with Kaz and Jase - had a look at the pole-dancing videos and "awesome!! - thanks for getting them up - love 'em!!"


Monday 4th July 2005
Tanya left London to start her 82-day Busabout Tour of Europe
and her notes and diaries will be included in that section
Simply CLICK HERE to continue reading about her travels


Monday 3rd October 2005
Is now back in London
The "Dear Diary" now continues below!!!

#24 - Monday 3rd October to *** October 2005
Click the above link for - how she gets to work and what she sees on the way and "everyone is nice there" - going to see three theatre shows - has a bit of a sore throat