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Monday 4th July to Friday 30th September 2005

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Monday 4th July 2005
From Sharon
R u on your way?
So excited for you
Love u lots x 20
I won't bug u 2 much with texts
From Tanya
Waiting for the coach
From Tanya
Coach just started driving - I'm on my way!
From Sharon
Woo hoo!!
Have u made a friend yet?
From Tanya
Yes, I packed one - Kaz is with me!
From Tanya
Looking at the white cliffs of dover now
Can c france from here
Wednesday 6th July 2005
From Sharon
State of Origin - NSW 32 - QLD 10
Man of the match - Punichello
Brett says it was great down there
From Tanya
Yeah I know
Partying hard - I am drinking sangria by the litre - it's amazing!!
1st bull run 2mo
Thursday 7th July 2005
From Tanya
We r in the ring
The run starts in 45 min
From Tanya
Glad I am not in London
Ask Dad 2 send me articles by email
From Sharon
Me 2 - thinking of u a lot
Will email soon
Monday 11th July 2005
From Tanya
Let Dad know I am at Sea Point Hostel in Barcelona
On the bus now
Wednesday 13th July 2005
From Tanya
Do u remember the Barcelona games when we judged the diving & they were on the board with views over the city?
Guess where I am?
From Sharon
That view was awesome
Lucky duck!!
(Email) From Sharon
I also liked the text about Barcelona
I remember us "judging " the diving as plain as day!!
Who would have thought you would be there one day!!
Love Mum
From Tanya
Just sed g'by 2 Kaz
Am quite teary
Now I am really on my own
From Sharon
U will b fine!
U r brave
When u left here u were on your own 2 and look at the friends u have made!
Love U (little smiley face I can do on the phone!!)
Thursday 14th July 2005
From Tanya
Just arrived in Valencia
Lovely city
From Sharon
Sounds very romantic!
I know it's exe 4 u
Should I answer your texts?
(Email) From Sharon
As I said before I know its exe for you if I answer your text
If you are just letting us know you have arrived somewhere or don't need an answer just finish off with NA (no answer)
If I see that I won't feel like I am ignoring you if I don't answer you!!
I still love getting little messages hearing the news and knowing you are ok
Love Mum
(Email) From Tanya
For about the 5000th time it is free to receive a text!!!
(Email) From Sharon
OK - I got it now!!
(Email) From Brett
Does it cost you and Tanya to receive texts???
(Email) From Sharon
No - I got confused!! - Surprise!!
I thought she had to pay for it to be re routed to wherever she is!!
Friday 15th July 2005
From Tanya
Just talked 2 Sonya and Scotty
She had a boy Thomas Dane
She said he was born with a big dent in his head!
She sounded well
From Sharon
You are an auntie again!!
From Tanya
Yep - Cool, hey
On the beach
Just been swimming now baking
From Sharon
Anyone hit on you yet??
From Tanya
Nope, but who cares
From Sharon
Have a good day
C u in Madrid 2morrow
Sunday 17th July 2005
From Sharon
I LOVE your diaries! (Barcelona and Valencia)
Lovely 2 talk 2 u
Have fun & stay safe
From Tanya
Glad u like the diary
Just left 4 the 11 hour ride to Seville
Monday 18th July 2005
From Tanya
It's 34 degrees at 8.30pm - am dying
Just had tapas
Now going 2 c a flamenco show
From Sharon
R u still hot?
When do the flamenco lessons start?
Wednesday 20th July 2005
From Tanya
Just crossed the border into Portugal
From Sharon
How exciting!
I am just driving into Woolworths!!!
Thursday 21st July 2005
From Sharon
How is Casa Amarela?
Weather fine and warm and about lunch time?
Internet is great!
(Phone call) From Brett
He said he had just text the cricket scores to Tanya
From Tanya
Not warm, stinking
Bout 2 take a cliff walk 2 Praia D. Ana - it's a beach
Look that up!
Cricket a disater - B is loving it!
From Sharon - to Brett
It's all happening!!!! (another wicket had fallen)
From Sharon
Wiil wait for your pics
Had a quick look
Don't go 2 close 2 the edge!!
Another wicket since Brett text u
He just rang
From Tanya
Sent a parcel home 2 day
Should take 5 days
Atlantic ocean is freezing!!
Sunday 24th July 2005
From Sharon
Cold wet weekend here
Going 2 bed
Have a good day
Luv Ya!
Monday 25th July 2005
From Tanya
Did u hear? - Live traditional portugese fado
Look that up!
From Sharon
Left it on speaker phone - just like the radio - loud and clear!
From Tanya
But did u like it?
In a tiny bar full of locals and the guy was right next 2 me
I really enjoyed it!
From Sharon
It sounded terrific!
Wednesday 27th July 2005
From Tanya
Back in Spain now
From Sharon
Thanks 4 letting me know
Safe trip 2 Berlin 2 morrow
Text me when u arrive!
Love from me
Thursday 28th July 2005
From Tanya
Am in Germany
Just checked in - about 2 hit the sack
Friday 29th July 2005
From Tanya
Mmm - apple strudel!!
From Sharon
With whipped cream I hope!
Saturday 30th July 2005
From Tanya
No commenta about the vending machine?
What about getting on TV again?
Went to Gesatpo headquarters 2day - such dreadful stories
(Email) From Sharon
Was I a bit short on comments on your diary!!
I love the Post Office story and look forward to the photo and will definately pass on your thoughts about doing the same thing here - wonder what chance I will have!!
As for your TV appearance - again! - I am not even surprised any more - you always seem to be in the right place at the right time!
You should do okay in Germany with a name like Roneberg - met any rellies yet!!
I start holidays on Tuesday and will follow your travels even more closely!
I am thinking of you every day - talk soon!
Love Mum
Sunday 31st July 2005
From Tanya
Just crossed border into Czech Republic
From Sharon
So many countries!
Thursday 4th August 2005
From Tanya
Thanx 4 the present!
From Sharon
That's okely dokely
Friday 5th August 2005
From Tanya
In Austria now
From Sharon
Is it pretty?
From Tanya
Yep - very hilly
Saturday 6th August 2005
From Tanya
In Hungary now
From Sharon
Another country!!
R u tired yet??
Sunday 7th August 2005
From Brett
Australia might win this (Cricket Second Test)
From Sharon
That should make you happy!!
Brett then rang about an hour later just before the end of play
From Sharon
Poms by 2 runs
From Tanya
What a bugger - must have been exciting - 3 more to go tho
Have been at Sezchnyi thermal baths in Budapest all day
Got a massage from a Hungarian man
From Sharon
U have 2 try everything don't u?
Sounds fabulous!
Thursday 11th August 2005
From Sharon
Cause I worry!
Your cycling day sounds wonderful
Have a good day
I am off to bed
Friday 12th August 2005
From Tanya
Hi, and I'm in Salzburg - where the hills are alive!
Watching The Sound of Music this morning then doing the tour of movie sights - ie cathedral, convent, house, alps
Sound like ur sort of day?
From Sharon
Knew u would watch that movie one day!
On my way home from clothes shopping - bought nothing!
Bit jealous of your day!
Enjoy it - will look forward 2 the diary
From Sharon
Listen to the wedding music - Lesley had it when she got married
Saturday 13th August 2005
From Tanya
Bledisloe Cup Rugby Union half and full time scores pls
From Sharon
Aus 13 - NZ 10 at half time
From Sharon
Am back in Germany now 2
From Sharon
Full time and NZ 30 - AUS 13!!
(Email) From Tanya
Just a quickie cause the internet is exxey
FYI - I got a massive phone bill so I am going a bit easy on the texts okay
Also the net is exxey - upwards of AUD $10.00 per hour
In Munich just for the night
Salzburg was awesome
Hitting the Alps of St Johann tomorrow - just for relaxing I think
Sunday 14th August 2005
From Tanya
Anyone going 2 shout me a skydive & dvd ova the Austrian Alps in St jOhann - it's only 355 pounds!! - boutAUD$650!!
Bout to go on a 5 hour hike 2 a waterfall in the mountains
From Sharon
Brett home 2day - he and Dad reckon u will b 2 tired after yu 5 hour hike 2 go skydiving!
I don't want 2 know about it!!
From Sharon
Have a great day - u will sleep well 2night!
Tuesday 16th August 2005
From Tanya
Raining here so will have 2 skydive in Lauterbrunnen
It's more exey but u jump out of a helicopter!!
From Sharon
U have got 2 b joking!
Please say u r!
Thursday 18th August 2005
(Email) From Tanya
No comment on the fact that I had it where I had it though?
Did I tell you that I stole an astray from the hotel too!
(Email) From Sharon
It really is amazing that you were having Sachertorte at the Hotel Sacher
You are right - who would have thought?
I say that about every thing you do each day!!
I am horrified that you steal ashtrays from the hotels!!
While I have been sorting out some stuff I found a solid silver ashtray from a flash restuarant at the Paris railway station!!
I know we aquired a few others too!!
So I guess I can't tell you off!!
(Email) From Sharon
I love my tea bag holder specially for "Ma's teabags"!!
It is very pretty
I think people who do all that handpainting are very clever
Dad was quite taken with his matches - they will not be used!!! (they are going to the pool room!!)
(Email) From Tanya
Venice is amazing - just like I thought it would be
I had two fabulous days here
The gondolas were almost AUD$200 for a thirty to fourty minute ride so we split it between five of us
We took champagne and took turns in the love seat to get the good photos - it was awesome!!
Friday 19th August 2005
From Tanya
In my hotel in Athens - it's hot and my plane was fifteen hours late!
It's afta midnight and I am tired
From Sharon
U poor thing!
Hope u have a chance 2 catch up some sleep
Saturday 20th August 2005
From Tanya
Can dad or u call me @ 4 45am Grk time
Have set my alarm but u never know & I dont wanna miss my first ferry!
Call til I ans but don't leave voicemail
From Sharon
I checked the times and set my alarm and rang her
She said she had just turned her light on and then said goodbye - Very dozy!
Sunday 21st August 2005
From Tanya
On the beach in Mykonos
From Sharon
Very nice!
Don't fall asleep in the sun after your early start!
Tuesday 23rd August 2005
(Email) From Tanya
I am being really good and having cheap dinners and not shopping or drinking to hard - it's too damn hot to be hung over!
But the island I am on now has cheap jewellry - mmmm!!
These islands are amazing - I am having a great time
I can't believe I am over half way through the tour tho!
From Tanya
(New Virgin credit card)
Pls send 2 Athens int express and fully ins & tracked if it can get there by 30/31 Aug
Use my card 2 pay
Mark urgent, att me - guest, busabout, my arrival date etc
Ta muchly
Bout 2 get on a ferry 2 Paros
Hope u had a nice lunch
Brett is catching up with Amanda 2nite
From Sharon
Just to confirm - send to Hotel Filoxenia??
will send off 2moro
From Tanya
Yep - Ta
Wednesday 24th August 2005
(Email) From Sharon
Howdy - credit card - all posted!
I posted it with the address that Dad sent you and I added (arriving 30-31 August)
I even went into the EBC to do it and took it out to the Mail Centre and gave it to the international despatch man!
The tracking number is EC801434739AU
Log on to www.auspost.com.au and click onto ECI Tracking on the left hand side - hope it all arrives safely!
Also went to see the guy at the storage shed and gave him your new card expiry date
Had fun last night - went to Toscas for tea with Rhona, Karlie and Ann and then to the pictures to see Wedding Crashes - it is very funny!
They gave me a bottle of Red Door perfume too!
Love Mum
(Email) From Tanya
You are a legend!
Thursday 25th August 2005
(Email) From Sharon
I knew you would buy a Venetian mask in Venice!
Is the gazebo the one that was in the Sound of Music or do I have to wait for the diary??
Love the pic of you at the top of the hill you hiked - very pretty scenery
The castle carved from the cliff is pretty amazing - you wonder how they did it don't you?
(Email) From Tanya
Gazebo - in answer to your question didn't I look 16 going on 17?
(Email) From Sharon
I knew it!!
Friday 26th August 2005
From Tanya
Was going 2 email but it's shut
Islands r awesome
Off 2 Sanorini 2mo.
Getting a good tan and my hair is getting really blonde
Will try and email l8r
From Sharon
Hiya Beach Babe!
Weather miserable here
And I have 2 go 2 work Monday!
Saturday 27th August 2005
From Tanya
Good morning
I am bout 2 go 2 bed - need all my energy 2 hike up a live volcano 2mo
Should b fun
From Sharon
Haven't heard of any volacoes erupting so i guess u r fine!
Tuesday 30th August 2005
From Sharon
(Virgin credit card)
Your card has been delivered!
From Tanya
I know - hope it is still there 2mo!
Last nite here - can't believe the Islands are done!
Wednesday 31st August 2005
From Tanya
In Athens
Have my card - ta a lot
Off 2 do washing now
Talk l8r
Thursday 1st September 2005
(Email) From Tanya
Two emails with six photos and a heap of "My Diary"stories
My hands really sore now!! - took me four hours at 4.50 euros per hour - eek!!
Enjoy - hope it's all okay for you
(Email) From Tanya
I am in the Rome hostel
Haved booked the train to Naples at 10.27am tomorrow and I have to make a local connection to Sorrento from there
Anyway, hope all is okay
Good luck, Brett - I will be thinking of you on Friday
Saturday 3rd September 2005
From Tanya
Just about 2 go into Pompei
From Sharon
That will be amazing!
I will want 2 know all about it!
Thursday 8th September 2005
From Tanya
Do I spend 250 pounds on a stainless steel identity bracelet personalised with the flag (in colour) of every country I've been 2?
Am having a major dilema bout it!
From Sharon
A great idea - Can u afford it?
If not do they have a website?
U could organise it l8r
From Tanya
(sent at the exact moment Sharon sent the above text to her!)
Might be able to get it at home or ova the net
From Sharon
Great minds!
Friday 9th September 2005
From Tanya
From Kaz - she is good:
"It is a lovely souvenir but I don't think u will get life long wear out of it
For the money u would get more wear out of a chain or ring that u will always rem u got in flo"
From Tanya
Oh my gosh, "DAVID" is amazing!
From Sharon
Luck duck!
Wednesday 14th September 2005
From Tanya
Should I get a green mortar and pestle from the home of pesto or a white marble one?
The Cinque Terre is stunning and pesto yummo
Glad u liked the pics
From Sharon
Green I reckon!
Friday 16th September 2005
From Sharon
What do u think of the family pics?
From Tanya
Haven't seen em
Am on a bus 2 Nice
B home yet? - How is he?
From Sharon
He is tired! - Otherwise fine!
Hope Nice is nice!
From Tanya
Do I go to Cannes or Monaco 2mo?
From Sharon
I guess you picked Monaco - am I right?
Your Venice pics are awesome!
Sunday 18th September 2005
(Email) From Tanya
I am off to Monaco in about 15 mins - wish me luck at the Casino!!
(Email) From Sharon
Knew you would choose Monaco!! - I would have too
Have fun!!
Tuesday 20th September 2005
From Tanya
Just crossed the border and I am in Switzerland
Am excited - this is 1 place I never thort I would b!
Prolly wont parachute - t's ova A$500.00
From Sharon
Good! Glad it is exey!
U will still do fun things I am sure!
Scenery would b enough for me!
Have fun..Luv ya!
From Tanya
Search the Goddard (or Gottard) Tunnel
Tell Dad 2
From Sharon
Thursday 22nd September 2005
(Phone Call) From Tanya
I believe she rang on our Thursday morning which was the 22-05-09
That was the day she spent in Lauterbrennan
A quick call from the top of Jungfrau which is the highest railway in Europe
She said she could see Italy, France and Germany from there
She said it was a magnificent view and she sounded cold!!
Saturday 24th September 2005
From Sharon
AFL - Do u want 2 know the score?
91,000 people 4 non Vic teams!
From Tanya
I know already - Tamamra is from Perth
Must have been a top game!
From Sharon
It was
Fiona text = "bugger!"
Sunday 25th September 2005
(Phone Call) From Tanya
Tanya had a few francs left and put them in a phone
She had just had breakfast and was about to catch the train to Germany for the Octoberfest
She said she is also going to Dachau but wants to finish her holiday on a happier note and is going to the Disneyland Castle
From Tanya
That call cost $1.00. This txt cost $1.80!!
Pls let me know final score in both NRL semis - Ta
From Sharon
Cowboys 29 - 0 Woohoo!!!
West Tigers 20 Dragons 12
Monday 26th September 2005
(Email) From Tanya
Met up with some friends of friends in Munich tonight and we are going to Beerfest tomorrow - should be fun
Have seen so many blokes in lederhosen wandering around I cant wait to get there
Thursday 29th September 2005
From Sharon
Greek Island pics r awesome!
Will email l8r
Text when you arrive in London
Friday 30th September 2005
From Tanya
I am home
(Phone Call) From Tanya
Tanya also rang to see what time it was so she could be sure she was in the right place at the right time to watch the NRL Football Final tomorrow!
She is fine - back in her room above the pub and the roomate is leaving tomorrow for two weeks
She thinks she is clever getting a new job
Her working visa runs out on the 15th October - and she is applying for an extension which she said she won't get but gives a little more time to work while they process it - then she is going to "hang" for a while and then go to Ireland and get work there
Asked after you and wanted to make sure I told her if anything was really bad - I said you were okay and had to take things slowly!