Wednesday 27th July 2005



10 x Photos!!!

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So this wasn't on my itinerary but were were able to get off the bus for an hour!!

The guide took us around and showed us the sights.

The Cathedral (three photos) ------ and here is- "The Space Man"!!!

We saw the Cathedral which has a space man carved into it.
No idea why but there it is!!

A postcard sent over by Tanya and the top-right picture looks like a "clam shell covered building"

We saw the clam shell covered building - again no idea why, but I saw it!!

Looking for "The Frog" on the University facade!!!

......and can you spot it-- --???

We also saw the university facade with the "frog" in it.
If you can find the frog unassisted you will be proposed to within one year.
I needed help so sorry bout that folks - no wedding in the near future!!

The Plaza Mayor (two photos)

We then went to Plaza Mayor and had gelati before getting back on the bus.

A postcard from Tanya - after she had looked around the City
......and the card shows The Plaza Mayor at night

It was a lovely little place but I certainly didn't need the two nights there so am quite glad that I wasn't staying.