Saturday 10th September 2005



20 x Photos!!!

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I was tired and again it was a grey miserable day but I had a seat to myself on the bus so I could get comfy.

NOTE - details on the Tower are at the bottom of this page

The Leaning Tower of Pisa


--------- (two photos)---------

Our first stop of the morning was Pisa and it was cool.
I really enjoyed it.

Tanya having fun with the Tower!!!




......and people getting into position for the "trick photos"-------

The Tower was leaning just like it should have been and we had great fun taking photos of us holding it up and knocking it down and laughing at others doing the same thing!!

A postcard from Tanya--- "...another thing I never thought I would see that I have!!"

It was a quick stop but yet another thing I never thought I would see that I have!!