Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th August 2005



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Ah the hills are alive....!!!

The scenery driving in was stunning!!

We checked in to the hostel and I ran into Courtenay who I had hung out a bit with in Lagos.

A walking tour of Salzburg

"An interesting roof-top terrace"--- Tanya on "Singing Bridge" (??)

The Fortress---------Tanya, Salzburg and The Fortress

Mozart's Birthplace - and Tanya outside the Birthplace and Museum

A walking tour of Salzburg - the City at night

The Fortress----------The Cathedral

The City - "I liked the rocks"----------The Monastery

......and the sunset over the Monastery - taken on another evening (two photos)

Gina, Christie and Tanya---------- Tanya and Salzburg

A postcard sent over by Tanya ......showing the City skyline at night

The hostel ran a free walking tour which we went on but it wasn't great.
The guide was new and very nervous but showed us the sights and we got our bearings which was just what we needed.

We wandered a bit and I went to Mozart's birthplace.

We found a fruit market and I bought an avocado and some carrots to munch on.

Then it was back to the hostel for an early dinner and bed - we had a big day tomorrow!

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Christie greeted us all in the morning with "Happy Sound of Music Day"!!

We had breakfast and I wrote in my journal until 10.30am when the movie went on.
The hostel plays "The Sound of Music" every day at that time.
It finished at 1.30pm and that is what time the bus came to pick us up for our tour.
We had ordered lunch in the middle of the movie and were ready to go.

A postcard sent over by Tanya and it shows all the places she will see during the Tour

Me and Kara ran to the bus and got the front seat behind the driver - for a perfect view!!

The driver was a chatty bloke, his name was Ted and asked us if our favourite movie was "The Sound of Music"
He said that it was his second fave and that "Speed" was his favourite.

Our guide was Andy and he knew every line and the words to all the songs in the movie - he was very funny!

Leopoldskron Castle - and Tanya showing us the Castle

Our first stop was Leopoldskron Castle.

The lake behind Leopoldskron Castle------Tanya and the lake

The back of this place and the lake was used as the Trapp family home in the movie.

The Patio/Terrace --- and the Wrought Iron Gates

There were scenes shot on the patio (pink lemonade) and the children fell out of the boat and came up through the wrought iron gate.
Andy told us that the pedestrian crossing has to be painted four or five times a year due to all the traffic that it gets!!
There is also a sign that says "Private property - tresspassers will be prosecuted - including tour groups"!!

Nonnberg Abbey (three photos)

We drove by Nonnberg Abbey which is not open to the public.
There are still about twenty nuns living there and it has been an active convent since 714.

Andy told us that the mountain Maria was dancing on at the start of the move was fifteen miles away and it is unlikely she would have heard the bells of the Abbey and been able to run back so quick!
Also it is the one they escape over at the end of the move and it actually leads to Germany!

Hellbrunn Castle (four photos)

---The Sound of Music Pavilion---

Acting out "Sixteen going on Seventeen"--- Tanya and Kara------ Tanya

We then went to Hellbrun Castle where the gazebo from the movie was moved to because people were jumping the fence to Leopoldskron Castle!!
We played around there for a while.

The Lake District--- (two photos)-- (two photos)-----

Tanya and Kara---------------Tanya

Then it was off to the lake district where the opening scenes were shot.
The mountains and lakes were stunning and we had a break to wander arounnd St Gilgen which is where Mozart's mother was born.

---Mondsee--- (two photos)

The Cathedral - and Tanya standing in front (two photos)---

Inside the Cathedral------ Tanya and Kara in front of the Altar

Next stop was Mondsee to see the Cathedral.
The inside was used for the wedding in the movie because the nuns didn't want them filiming in Nonnberg Abbey.
It was a lovely church and the town had lots of lovely coloured buildings.
It was nice to be in the country again.

We then headed back to Salzburg.

A packet of Edelweiss Seeds

On the way we were given a packet of Edelweiss seeds to plant - wonder if I can get them back through customs!!??

Mirabell Gardens and "DO - RE - MI"
Tanya - Kara - Christie - Gina - Helen
Having fun!!!




"TMR Productions"
"DO - RE - MI"
performed by
Tanya - Kara - Christie - Gina - Helen

Video Number One
------------------------Video Number Two

Our last stop was Mirabell Gardens where a lot of "Do-Re-Mi" was filmed.
The tour finished there and we were left to "play" by ourselves.
I was the Director and we reinacted a lot of scenes from the song.
We had a great giggle and lots of people laughed at us and some even took photos!!

The tour was over and we headed back to the hostel for dinner.

The Story of "The Stein"--- Tanya making her choice......

......and now she has to wash it

......and it's getting filled up

......and finally, a drink!!! Helen, Kara and Tanya

Tanya and the Busabout group-------------The Beer Garden

We then headed to the Augustinian Monastery Beerhouse for some beer brewed by monks.
It was a massive garden.
You had to pick your own stein from the shelf and wash it then have it filled up.
The beer went down really well but I paced myself.
I didn't have as much as some!

A postcard from Tanya - after "The Sound of Music" tour and "The Beerhouse"

We had a 12.30pm bus the next day and I had planned to go to the gardens again in the morning but it was raining so I stayed in the hostel and watched the movie again until the bus came.

Sing-A-Long to "DO - RE - MI"
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for the music and lyrics!!!

I absolutely loved Salzburg and the "Sound of Music Day " rates high in my "Top Ten" so far!!
Sitting on a coach full of people singing along to the soundtrack that played the whole journey in the beautiful Austrian Alps was excellent!!