Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th September 2005



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After catching a bus, a train, another train, the metro, and another bus, I finally got to the campsite in Rome!!

My third time in Rome - cool hey?

The rooms were just like Venice.
We had a fridge so I went to the supermarket and got heaps of salad stuff.
I was sharing with a girl from Becks in New Zealand.

We were about to have dinner in the restuarant when a massive storm hit - bigger than last night!!
We waited it out and headed off for dinner and drinks.

As I had been to Rome before I had no destire to go and see all the sights again so I spent the entire next day by the pool.
The three English boys from Sorrento were there too so we chatted a bit.

The Trevi Fountain at night

--......and Tanya at The Fountain--

I had a huge salad for lunch and another for dinner then I headed into the Trevi Fountain.
I hadn't seen it at night and I was keen too.
It was lovely and there were still quite a few people about.

Back to the hostel and to bed then for the 8.00am bus tomorrow.