Sunday 24th to Tuesday 26th July 2005


Lisbon ... Portugal

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Monday 25th July 2005
Just off to dinner with a few fellow 'busaboutees'

"Piri Piri Chicken"

I am having traditional Portuguese piri-piri chicken (just like Nandos, Brett)


Lisbon was pretty cool.

I spent the whole first night on the net sending pictures which you have now seen.

(two photos)---Views of the City---

Tanya exploring Lisbon --- and Tanya with the City in the background

We got in during the morning and did the walking tour recommended to us on the bus by the guide.
It was excellent and the only people on the tour were from my Busabout bus.

I learnt a lot.

The "paved waves"

A very famous tiling design, which is also at the Copa Cabana Beach in Brazil, is the 'wave effect' and it was everywhere.

There was a big earthquake in Lisbon in 1755 followed by a tsunami which destroyed most of the city.
Even still, most of the new stuff is still older than Australia!!

Tanya and her friends having Cherry Brandy during the walking tour
Tanya, Libby, Wes, Chris, Alison and Glen - and the "Cherry Brandy Shop"

We were told that cherry brandy is famous in Lisbon so we stopped and had some - it was really good too!!

A funicular --- and Tanya is ready for a ride

We took a funicular up into the Fada Bar/Club district which looked very derelict but apparently came alive at night.

A Portugese Custard Tart--- Here it is - and now it's going!!!
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Then to the cultural area which has a lot of theatres.
We stopped there for coffee and I had my first Portugese custard tart. yummy!!
I had many over the course of the next two days!!

The Ponte Vasco da Gama over the River Tagus (four photos)

We went down to the waterfront and saw the bridge that we had driven over on our way in.
At the time I had thought it was the longest bridge I had ever been over - it just went on and on and on!!
It turns out that it is the second longest bridge in Europe.

Decorated streets in the Alfama District

We then headed into the Alfama (Jewish) District.
It was very funky.
Lots of little windy streets.

......and a "Tanya size" door!!!

There were some very short doors too.
Apparently the Portugese race used to be a bit shorter on the whole so the doors were "Tanya size"!!
I got a photo of me in one.

A lot of the houses in these areas have no plumbing and there are still public bath houses that the residents use - that's not really my cup of tea but there you go.

Some of the tiled buildings--------- (lots of photos and close-ups)

There was a lot of tiling on the outside of the buildings too.
I really liked it and got lots of pics but the boys just said that they looked like toilets - typical!!

The Castelo de Sao Jorge

......and a postcard from Tanya showing "The Castle on the Hill"

The tour finished at the Castle but we didnt go in - there was a beer fest on there and we planned to hit that tomorrow night.

Then me and Chris and Libby and Alison and Wes headed off to a big shopping centre.
I wasn't all that fussed on it but it was okay.

Tanya on a funicular and heading out for the night

The details on the "piri-piri chicken" are at the top of this page - including a recipe......
......and here are Tanya and her friends at the restaurant

Des, Kate, Alison, Libby, Wes, Tanya and Chris

We had planned piri piri chicken for dinner and then to go up to the Fado district again to listen to some music so the five of us, plus Des and Kate who met us, went to a restaurant that had been recommended to us by our walking tour guide, Pedro.
It was great - so yummy again!!

......and Tanya having a Cherry Brandy with a few locals

We then had more tarts for desert followed by more cherry brandy!!

An envelope vending machine!!

We headed to the Fado district but had to head past the post office.
We popped in to get some stamps and then I spied it - an envelope vending machine!!
Mum would have loved it.
So of course there is a photo for her to take to her next staff meeting and suggest it as a new direction or something like that!

The audience in the Fado Bar

......and the artists (three photos)------

Anyway, off to the Fado bar.
I really liked it.
The boys weren't all that fussed but I really enjoyed it.
Different to the vibracy of the flamenco but still as heartfelt.
The people that sang were old and the songs were sad but being in the area of Lisbon that we were in, it was very moving for me.

Up early the next morning for the trip to the Belem area and the Monastery.
I met Des and we headed off, getting another tart along the way!!
There were two watch towers on the water that we planned on visiting.

A brochure with all the details on Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Padrao dos Descobrimentos--- -------and Tanya at the top

......and the huge statues on the sides of the Monument (three photos)

---Tanya getting to know one of the Statue-Men!!!---

The first was Padrao dos Descobrimentos.
It seemed quite new and the statues on the side of it were huge.
When you see the photo of me you will see how big it is cause I am on the statue-man's foot!!
You could climb up the top and we were able to get some great shots from up there.

Torre de Belem--- and Tanya took this from the top of Padrao dos Descobrimentos

......and more views of the Castle------------- (three photos)

Tanya in front of Torre de Belem

The tall ships-- Under the Bridge-- Nearing the Castle-- Bye, bye!!

Next stop was Torre de Belem and it was a mini castle and my favourite of the two.
A old tall ship went by while we were up there and I was able to get some pretty good shots.

The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos--- From the top of Padrao dos Descobrimentos (two photos)

(two photos)--- (three photos)--- (two photos)

(two photos)------ (two photos)------

Tanya in the courtyard/cloister and on one of the balconies

Then to the Monastery.
The church bit was okay but my fave spot was the cloister.
It was calm and quiet and very relaxing.

A Map of the World--- Near Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Tanya is standing on Cairns!!! ------ and now on Portugal

We got another tart and I wrote in my journal in the park while Des wandered around.

A postcard from Tanya - getting ready to head to the Castle and the Beer Festival

"Beer Festival" at The Castelo de Sao Jorge--- Sign at the entrance

"Raining, and a guy in a plastic bag hat"

Libby, Alison and Tanya------ Chris, Glen, Wes and Des

Tanya and her friends... ...drinking beer in the rain!!!

Then Me and Des and Glen and Alison and Chris and Wes and Libby headed up to the Castle for the beer festival - but it rained!!
We got some pics in the there but then headed back pretty soon.

There was a bar in the hotel so we had a few drinks there before bed.

A postcard sent over by Tanya

We were back to Madrid tomorrow.