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#23 - Wednesday 8th June to Sunday 3rd July 2005

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Wednesday 8th June 2005
Good morning.
I have a headache!!
I think I am dehydrated but I can't help drinking coffee!! - I have water on my desk to tho.
I made a smoothie for breakfast today.
Lesley has a bag of frozen mixed berries so I added a banana, some milk, honey, nutmeg, cinamon and bob's your uncle!
They have a hand mixer and it took about two seconds and was really good.
Those berries are great - you should get some and keep them in the freezer - just add to mango or banana or whatever - you only need a tablespoon or two and they also make it really cold cause they are frozen.
Thats all, bye.
Thursday 9th June 2005
Off to the Socceroos match tonight with Jono, a mate from home
It should be a fun night even if it is a crap game - OZ v NZ - always a cracker!!

We are going to Brighton Beach on Saturday
It is meant to be eighteen degrees but sunny so no clouds to steal the heat
We are aiming to get there at 11.15am on the train and go straight to the Pier for fish and chips!!

Lesley and I are going to get up early and watch the Lions v NZ Maoris Rugby Union match - she's a Kiwi
I must say its pretty awesome that the pub manager, Ken, is letting us go into the pub at 8.00am to watch the game on Sky TV
We get the whole pub to ourselves!!

Um, that's all - oh, Sunday after the Palace - I might go to Lillywhites and get some boardies - I need to have some to swim in when I go away because I don't have any yet
And I want to get a few more singlets too and one more skirt and some three-quarter pants but that is it
All ready to go!! - and just twenty-five more sleeps!!

By the way, I just got back from lunch in the park - pita bread with cottage cheese, salad and chickpea dahl - yummo!!
Friday 10th June 2005
I am here at work after another cracking win by the Aussies over New Zealand in the soccer!! - ha ha ha ha ha!!
Some of those Kiwis play like they are All Blacks! - geez, its not rugby!
Anyway, it was a fun night
That is a great photo that you got, Dad - mine aren't quite that good but I love looking at the Kiwi goalie spread out on the ground looking at the ball hit the back of the net!!
Apparently it was live in New Zealand - I got a text from a friend who was watching it - how funny

Jono enjoyed it to - he came and watched the Champions League Final with me a day after he arrived - remember I told you that? - and last night was his first live game - I'll have him converted yet!!
I have the Cricket One Dayer next weekend - I am so looking forward to it
The Aussies had a win against England last night in a warm-up match.
I have the "Guys and Dolls" show on Tuesday
Rose and Brian are here early next week too and I am meeting them on Friday
I am having Wednesday morning off for the second game of the Rugby League State of Origin too.
Busy busy busy!!
Oh, and it is meant to be twenty degrees in Brighton tomorrow - yay - will be getting the bikini out - I had another tanning session today
Three weeks of work left after today - then Busabout Europe!!
I am not doing anything tonight - am just washing my hair!
He he - I actually need to straighten it otherwise it just becomes a big fuzzbull in the wind and I will be at the beach tomorrow!!
Do you know how long it is since I saw the ocean?

Saturday 11th June 2005
Saturday was Lesely's birthday
She had been out the night before and was a little worse for wear
We got up early so she could watch the NZ Maori's play the Lions in the Rugby Union - it is a bit odd being in a pub in our pj's drinking coffee at 8.00am but we did anyway!!

After the game (much to Lesely's delight the Kiwi's won) we headed to the station and Brighton Beach with the promise of the ocean and sunshine
We met my friend Jono and got our tickets (£16 return) which is okay
The train took an hour and we went through some lovely country side
We came out of the station in Brighton and we a little disappointed to find it breezy and overcast!!
Never mind - we headed towards the water anyway

Kristina, my friend from work, called and they had arrived about twenty minutes after us so I said that we would wait at the end of the street for her.
We complained about the weather and then went down onto the "beach" which was pebbles!!
We found a fish and chip shop and had our breakfast/lunch on the water - it was about noon at this time.
The fish and chips were really yummy but we were surrounded by seagulls "as big as chickens" as Jono said!!
They were huge and hovered over our heads!!
We took a wander along the seafront up to the Pier and basically just nosed around.
I also saw one of the smallest museums I have ever seen but you will see the photos of that later.
We got to the Pier and watched people on the beach and in the water (crazy!) and headed up to the rides.
Lesley was still feeling a little seedy so she skipped the rides but I went on two roller coasters with Jono and Kristina.
It was quite scary because it felt that we were heading straight out over the water at a couple of points and then it was a sharp turn back into the Pier.
We wandered around and watched people and then headed back down the Pier.
We got an icecream but Kristina wanted a crepe - Jono ended up getting one too and then I tasted theirs and got one as well!!
We wandered through a few little art galleries and then Kirstina and Andrea decided they wanted fish and chips so we stopped for them and looked at postcards etc while they ate.
After that we headed into the town a little bit to have a look at the Royal Pavillions.
They seem very out of place in the little seaside town - they reminded me of the Mosques in Turkey but they are acutally Indian I think - anyway, they were quite lovely.
Lesley has been wanting to get a silver fern (as she is a kiwi) tattoo.
She is yet to find something that she likes and is a bit nervous because it will be black on white (skin) and it is usually white on black.
We saw a guy doing a few spray ons and we found the perfect silver fern for her - she had it done and I took photos so she can take it to the tattoo parlour when she gets it done.
So she was happy.
We headed back down the beach to the other pier that burnt down
We went past a few pubs with live bands and some great markets - Kristina got a hat and I got a beach head rest
Lesley won't let me take the beach pillow I got at Toast Australia last year because she reckons it is too big and unnecessary but this is small cost £1.00 and she said that I can take it

We sat on the beach in front of the old pier and listened to about four guys playing the sax and guitar and african drums and singing for about thirty/fourty minutes and then headed back to the station for our train back to London.
After a bit of snooze on the train we were back at Clapham.
Lesley had said that she wanted to go to GBK for her birthday so we did.
Jono came too and we had a massive burger and milkshake and chips and then headed back home for a quite night.
It was a lovely day despite the weather being cold and windy (but no rain)
Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention about Brighton is how clear and blue the water was - I thought it would be dirty and mucky!
Sunday 12th June 2005
Another early start - to Kensington Palace
We got on the bus and headed to Hi St Ken
We were a bit early so we went and got a coffee, my fave - grande extra hot caramel macchiato from Starbucks - there is nothing like it - and walked through Kensington Gardens to the Palace
I had prebooked so we didn't have to queue

I picked up the tickets and we went and found a bench and waited for Emma, and Kristina and Tracey.
Kristina was late because of Sunday buses but it was nice to just be in the lovely gardens and watch the tourists go a bit nuts over the squirrels (they could also keep me entertained for hours)
Once in we picked up our audio guides and wandered around.
The guide was great and there was lots said about the ettiquette of the day and debutante presentations to the Kings and Queens and traditions.
There was a collection of the Queen's dresses there as well, even her uniform from when she was in the army, and from when she was younger and so glamorous and the dresses had such tiny waists!
We kept going through and to my surprise we were met by a guide who took us through Princess Margaret's rooms.
It was lovely to have a guide.
They took us into the kitchen and dining room and offices and garden conservatory.
The history and the interesting little things that a guide can tell you definately make a difference when you are standing in an empty room!!
Then we went through some other rooms and we were told of the poor princess who out of eighteen pregancies had no child live older than eleven years - how tragic.
The views from the rooms were lovely too - out over Kensington Gardens and the Round Pound.
I was surprised to learn also that amongst others Princess Michael of Kent (who hands the women's trophy out at Wimbledon each year) still lives in the Palace.
Then came my favourite bit - Di's dresses!!
There were fifteen in total and they were stunning!!
The commentry told us about the beading and there were pictures of her wearing them and I could have stayed in there for hours - she was so beautiful.
Anyway, we headed off to the shop - you know I can't help myself and the girls all brought teacups and saucers for their mothers/grandmothers.
Seeing as how my Mum has a weird attachment to those things I did think about it, but them I found something way way way better so that will be on its way by the end of the week!!
I also brought a couple of postcards and a little book on Di.
After that I hit the shops for some Busabout Europe trip stuff - got new runners, three-quarter pants, a skirt, some boardies, summer pjs and then bandaids and contact solution and nail brush etc etc etc
Got a couple more things to get and then I will be ready to go!!

Another lovely but busy day and after all the food I ate on Saturday when I got home I realised that apart from the coffee I hadn't actually eaten all day - so a sandwich and an early night it was for me.
Lesley got up at 1.30am to go to Rome for a bit of a holiday - she is getting back on Thursday and Ella gets back from Oz on Thursday too so there will be four of us in the room until I head for my holiday - lucky it's big!
Monday 13th June 2005
I had a busy weekend and have another one this weekend.
Going to Windsor Castle on Thursday hopefully and then
the cricket on Saturday - can't wait!
This week I have
a show in the West End (Guys and Dolls) and then seeing Rose and Brian and Phoebe on Friday night.
PS - no Windsor Castle this week - the State Appartments are closed!!
Tuesday 14th June 2005
Good morning.
I am at work -
but a little tired after my late night last night pole dancing but am okay
Not much to tell - did so much story typing yesterday so there is nothing left!!
Anyway, I have a bit of work today so I better get to it.
And by the way, do I take four hours off work tomorrow and go and watch the Rugby League State of Origin Game Two or do I go to work?
I am leanring towards work!! - because of the ££££!! - sixty-three of 'em!!
Wednesday 15th June 2005
Last night Emma and I went for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe
It was their birthday and as they were the first Hard Rock (ever I think) they reverted back to their old menu and their old prices

We left home at about 8.10pm, started queueing at about 8.45pm, got in the restuarant at 10.20pm, were seated at 11.00pm and left at 12.15am...didn't get home until 1.00am and then bed by about 1.15am.
Needless to say I am quite tired today and I had to get up early to go to the tanning salon.
I have attached the menu, info and our receipt - how funny is that menu?
The two smaller ones aren't very clear but I am sending them home on Friday for you.
We got photos too.
It was good fun.
There was music and dancing and baloons etc so it didn't actually seem like we waited that long.
We ordered a club sandwich and a chocolate sundae each and it came to £1.90 in total.
The thing that bumped up the price was the coke which was at usual prices!
The club sandwich was actually two big sangas and a huge pile of chips and the sundae was really really yummy!
Despite the queueing it was good fun and now I have been to the Hard Rock too!
Thursday 16th June 2005
Lunch time and I am off to get my bikini's altered - just need the straps pulled up a bit
Fourty degrees in Pamplona (Spain) on Saturday so I will be using that pool - bring it on!!

Monday 20th June 2005
So I just told work I am leaving in two weeks!! (Busabout Tour of Europe)
They seemed fine
The whole thing is a bit scary tho!!
The office manager said I was very selfish to have a holiday
and one of my bosses said that I was just leaving the UK so I didn't have to be around when the Ashes are on - particularly after the weekend!!
I rode my bike to the cricket tour group meeting point yesterday morning and because we got back so late I left it there instead of riding.
I will pick it up Wednesday morning I think - hope it is still there!!
There are just so many bikes and Paddington is a major station - it is locked up where it should be but I guess we will see.
I still can't believe I got on telly again!!
It is just over a year later cause Queens was just before Wimbledon last year

Anyway, will prolly write about the cricket tomorrow - I am so tired - was up at 5.00am yesterday and didn't get home until after midnight!
It was a great day and I was very careful re the sun
Got a bit burnt on the top of my head and the top of my feet and on one wrist but that is all
It was perfect weather and I had a great time

Wimbledon starts today and, just for something different after the awesome weekend, I woke up to rain and thunder!!
Wednesday 22nd June 2005
The Human Resources dude here at work just asked me if I would be available at the end of my three months on Busabout Europe for work for a bit

Pole dancing and it was an awesome class last night!
My last intermediate class
A couple of vinos and a great dance to Prince's song "Cream"
It was good fun but really really really hot
And I have got the usual last class pics to come - hopefully by the end of the week

Plus the photos from "Guys and Dolls", day at the cricket, etc.
Anyway, must dash - I am at work early today to get stuff done!!
Bye, bye.
Thursday 23rd June 2005
Mornin' Gov.
Just saying hi.
By the way, I will not be coming home talking like that but I do catch myself sometimes sounding very English!!
Although I did let rip a "g'day mate" to one of the people here in the copy room the other day and he was quite surprised that we do actually say that!
Another beautiful day here in sunny London and I am at work - typical!!
I did have my stand up tanning session this morning
I am definately not particularly tanned but I am not the almost transluscent white that I was before I started!! - and that is all that I wanted - just a bit of a start because I will sizzle in Spain otherwise
Starting to get really organised now
I am still looking for that damn travel hairbrush but I found one and I am buying it on the weekend - just waiting for the half-price-sale to start!!
Have to buy a sleeping mat because in the tents in Pamps it is just the ground and our sleeping bags which might be a bit painful on the old back
I found one for £4.00 and for that price I can leave it in Spain once I am done there

Um, that's all - bye.
PS - Re "Tiger Tim"
Tim Henman - crashes out of Wimbledon in the second round to a player ranked one-hundred-and-fifty-two in the world!!
At least that takes the heat off me here at work cause of the bloody cricket!!
Friday 24th June 2005
Busabout Tour - continuing to get organised!!
I have everything in my backpack that I want to take but I know it is too much and tonight I will be going through it all again and sorting it out
The weather is so good here at the moment that I am wearing all my holiday stuff - skirts and singlets etc
So with things in the wash and being worn its a bit tricky keeping track of what I have to take!!
Anyway, it's looking pretty good

I am having dinner at Jamie Pearlman's house tomorrow night
He and Tracey live in the same street as me and Jono Forman will be coming too - it will be 'A Little Cairns Basketball Reunion' in London!

Off to work now - bye.
PS - I just had lunch in the park - it's lovely!
Monday 27th June 2005
Busabout tour - just seven sleeps to go!!!
Re text messages while I am away - I can received txts for free but it costs me 50p to send them - so you mightn't be getting them all that often!!
Re internet cafes while I am away - they are apparently very, very, very expensive too!!
Anyway, you will hear if anything happens - which it won't!!
I will be taking a phone card too so you are probably more likely to get a call once a week - and knowing me I won't be able to help myself and you will get texts and I will probably have to go without food to pay the bill!!

I had a lovely weekend.
Got some last minute stuff from Kathmandu and the chemist.
Then I went home and met a friend Aaron - he is going home on Tuesday so he wouldn't be able to come to my going-away drinks on Saturday so we spent the arv at the pub watching the tennis - it was nice.
Jamie and Tracey cancelled on Saturday because they went and lined up for Wimbledon so we caught up yesterday arv.
It was really nice
We went to a bar in Battersea Park and had a few beers on the deck by the water and basked in the good weather - and just chatted about what we had been up to and what we were going to do and of course the conversation turned to basketball at home but it was a good catch up

This week will just be spent seeing people off - Aaron and Nathan and Jason and Karen will all be gone home by the time I get back
And having dinners and lunches!!
And going the pub for my leaving do on Saturday
By the way, Ella, Lesley, Suzi, Claire and Larna will still be here when I get back from Europe, but pretty much everyone else will be gone - it will be strange!!

Depending on who is in the Wimbledon Final I might head down there on Sunday as well - c'mon Leighton!
We don't have to leave until late on Monday so Sunday arv/evening will be spent getting my gear sorted out.
It will be a busy busy week.
Anyway, that's it - off to work now.
Wednesday 29th June 2005
Well, the Busabout tour starts very soon and I am trying to be motivated to work but it is hard!!
And I need a coffee quite desperately I think - might go and make myself one!
I am making chicken rolls for the twenty hour bus ride to Spain
We are on the ferry for some of it though - from Dover to Calais - but roadhouse food is always expensive and is always crappy!
Plus I still have 'squeezy' Vegemite that you sent me ages ago - I only use it when I go away and I haven't been away in ages

You can buy it in jars over here so I have them for every day use.
PS - I posted the parcel with Mum's pressie in it on Saturday!!
Thursday 30th June 2005
Morning, and I am here at work - and tired!!
Another going-away party last night - there is just so many - I don't like it!!
Not much going on.
Crappy weather at the moment so I can't sit in the park!! - but I am heading to the 'Spain' sunshine very soon!
Having a Thai dinner with Tamara tonight - should be nice - I haven't seen her in ages - I really miss living with her
Anyway, talk soon.
Friday 1st July 2005
Good morning
Last day at work!!
I am here and excited and prolly not doing as much work as I should be but I can't wait!!
No more work until October!!
I also was given my reference today - and it's good!!!
Everyone here is being nice and my boss brought me in a coffee this morning
Hey, I just got some chocs from one of my bosses - they will be for the bus trip!!

Sunday 3rd July 2005
I am back in Earls Court for dinner with Kaz and Jase tonight.
Just at the internet cafe and checked out the pole dancing videos - awesome!!
Thanks for getting them up - love 'em!!

Anyway, off now - bye!