Sunday 14th to Tuesday 16th August 2005


St. Johann in Tirol

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It was gorgeous when we arrived!!
The mountain ranges were stunning!!

Courtney and I checked into the same room and then found out that her four mates that were arriving that arv were in the same apartment so it would just be the six of us.

The Hiking Tracks around St Johann in Tirol

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We decided not to waste any time and got directions for a good hike.
Map in hand we headed off.

---The scenery-----"the scenery was amazing!!"

......and some of the homes Tanya passed-------------

Courtney and Tanya---------Tanya "Me on the hill we hiked up"

The track was number thirty-three and some of the scenery was amazing!! - so many trees and greenery.
The hike took about three hours to get to a waterfall.
Some of the tracks were very small and very steep but it was good fun.

The waterfall - "the waterfall wasn't actually that great"

The rock climbers, and each of the pages contains three photos
including a close-up of the climber on the cliff face

We got to the top and the waterfall wasn't actually that great but it was cool to see the rock climbers all over either side of it.
We sat for a bit and took some photos then decided to head back.

It's looking like rain!!!--- (two photos)-- (two photos)-- (two photos)

It was at that moment that the heavens opened and down came the rain!! - and it didn't stop!! - all two-and-a-half hours down the hill!!
It was slippery and the tracks were like creeks!!
We got to a restaurant and called a taxi to go the rest of the way.

Court's friends were there when we got back and after a warm shower and some thawing out we got acquainted.

Scott, Courtney and Blake---------Ashley

Tanya and Courtney---------Scott, Blake and Troy

We then headed to the bar for some dinner and drinks.
I had a bit of a headache and didn't last long but Court, Scott, Troy, Blake and Ashley made a night of it.

The next morning the rain still hadn't stopped.
Court and I went and got some lunch and then went to the pub to watch the cricket - the last day of the Third Ashes Test.
I had my journal with me and wrote in that while watching the telly.
We ordered dinner and watched the end of the Match - it was a draw which was lucky for the Australians I think!!

Then it was happy hour.
We all drank til close then the boys went out to a club.
They got home and all came into our room and proceeded to have a pile up on me - slightly scary at 3.00am but all good fun!!
Scott got lost going back to his room and ended up in bed between another couple - OOPS!!
Poor thing was very embarrased and we all gave him a hard time!!

A postcard from Tanya--- Raining and watching the cricket!!!

It was still raining the next day so after I checked out I went and hung out in the boys room until I had to go.

Another postcard sent over by Tanya-----A view of the City

It might have been more fun in St Johann had the weather been better but despite the rain we had a great time.
Court's mates were a lot of fun and that made up for being house bound!