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......and --- The Fiesta of San Fermin

......and --- The Running of the Bulls

Departs London on Monday 4th July 2005
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Email from Tanya on Tuesday 1st February 2005
"I booked my trip to Pamplona yesterday!!!!!!
Leaving London on 4th July and heading to Spain - get there on the 5th
And the opening ceremony is on 6th
and then the first 'Run with the Bulls' is the 7th and 8th
Then I am getting dropped off in San Sebastian to hang around for a bit
Sounds good - and you can come if you want!!
PS - as it is against traditional local culture for women to run I won't be running
- I think it is disrespectful and 'faarking' scary
Plus the Spanish blokes hate it and push the girls in the path of the bulls - nice!!!
I will be watching the run from a high vantage point

The Fiesta of San Fermin
The Fiesta and the Bull-run occur every year from July 6th through July 14th
The "chupinazo" (opening ceremonies) is on July 6th at 12.00noon
The Running of the Bulls takes place every morning at 8.00am from July 7th through July 14th

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A pre-Pamplona Party!!
To be held at "The Church" in London on Sunday 26th June 2005

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"Four gored in bull running"
Monday 11th July 2005

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After the "Fiesta" and "Running of the Bulls",
Tanya is staying on in San Sebastian for a few days

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Pamplona and the Bull Runs and San Sebastian
"The only words I have for this Festival are hard core!!"

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