Friday 19th to Saturday 20th August 2005



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After a delayed flight we had a few problems finding the hotel.
Lucky I had met two girls at baggage claim and we were lost together!!
And we also found two more girls wandering the streets looking for the same place!!

Finally I was in my lovely single room with the air conditioner pumping away!!

The work has to be done!!!--- A visit to the laundromat

I got up the next day and washed my clothes.
The laundromat was excellent - the girl was so friendly and chatty and they had free coffee - woo hoo!!

Sightseeing around Athens

Tanya overlooking the City - and she spotted a fire!!!

Statue of the Emperor Hadrian - and an enlargement of the Statue

A stack of pillar sections

I then had to move hotels (just up the road) and I went sight seeing.

It was quite strange to be in the same place Brett had been just a year before for the Olympics.

It was really really hot!!

The Acropolis--- (two photos)--------- (three photos)

Tanya visiting The Acropolis-----------


I went to the Acropolis and wandered around.

The Temple of Hephaistos - known as "The Theseion" - and the City of Athens---

"The Theseion" - and some of the pillars of The Temple

Tanya visiting the site......

I then walked up to the Ancient Agora area.

......and almost "a perfect shot!!"

I found a perfect spot for a photo standing on top of a pillar base but got yelled at and couldn't end up taking it!!

The Temple of the Olympian Zeus and the City of Athens---

The Temple - and with The Acropolis in the background ---

---Tanya at The Temple site---

I then walked back around the Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus.
It was pretty cool.
I remember the archery at the 2004 Olympics being held there.

I then caught the train back to the hotel for our pre-Island Tour meeting.
I met Penny and Scott (who I had been with in Lagos) in the street - how random!
I went to the meeting and found Theresa and Nicola (from baggage claim)

Our tour guide for the Islands was Jacqui.

Theresa and Nicola and I decided to make all our accommodation bookings together as triples to save money.
I had friends already!
Lauz and Ro who were found in the street were also going to be on our tour.

I had burned some photos that morning so I went to the internet cafe to send some to Dad for the web site and I sent a group-email to everybody and then went to bed.
(click here to read the Group Email that Tanya sent to all her friends)

We had a 5.00am wake up the next day - and Mum was in charge of calling me to get me up - a wake up call all the way from Cairns!!

Tanya is on the ferry

......and Athens fades into the distance as she heads for the Greek Islands!!!