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#22 - Wednesday 4th May to Tuesday 7th June 2005

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Wednesday 4th May 2005
Did you show all the girls your Limited Edition Chanel Nail Polish?
Do they all think you are lucky to have such a lovely daughter who is always buying you presents?
Have you put it on yet?
I went to the pub last night and drank too much - am not sick but feeling a bit slow this morning.
Watched the Chelsea v Liverpool match - was great!!
Liverpool won which means they are in the Champions League final in Istanbul in three weeks time.
That will be another big game!!
Final packing tonight then taking the last of my stuff to Kaz's tomorrow night then Friday it's all over
And I am off to Acton for two weeks
Acton is a big Aussie hang out like Earls Court or Shepherds Bush.
I have sent some photos of Ella and Lesley's place
Ella is going to Oz so I can have her bed sharing with Lesley
I move in on Friday 20th/Saturday 21st May

And on the way to work I will be riding past Buckingham Palace - and maybe Big Ben.
How cute is the building!!
It is just in the middle of nowhere.
And it has Sky TV - I am loving that!!
I am looking forward to the move to the pub.
It will be nice to hang out with Lesley and then with Ella too when she gets back from Oz and I become the house-dosser!!
It's Election Day here tomorrow - a Thursday which is odd and you can vote right up to 10.00pm - and you don't have to vote if you don't want to.
Thursday 5th May 2005
I won some tickets!!
To a show featuring the "Black Eyed Peas" which is on tonight

And I made another "sport" booking!!
I am going to see the Socceroos in June
This will be the third time I have seen them play!!

Friday 6th May 2005
Free at last!
So I'm out of the house completely
Am a little bit sad I guess but not much can be done about it

Tamara really liked her present which I am glad about
I went out for dessert with Tamara and Michelle V from the house

Michelle V has given her notice too and will be gone in three weeks.
After I left home this morning I got a call from Tamara who said that Mary had just been down to have a go at her.
She said that there was a big pile of rubbish by the bin and wanted to know why we hadn't put it outside.
Well, for starters it wasn't ours!! - and the back door key was missing so we couldn't go out anyway.
Cassie and Claudia had it in their room earlier last night because I had to get it off them.
Later last night Tamara wanted to go outside and Cassie and Claudia had said that Mary had it but Mary said that she didn't.
They are just 'fucked up' and I reckon they are trying to set us up to get us out earlier.
She also said that Cassie and Claudia have complained about things going missing from their room and accused us of it!
All doors have locks so I don't know how we are supposed to get into their room!
I really think they are trying to set us up.
Apparently their friends are moving into our room.
She also said that she wanted us out by the weekend.
Tamara said - "We are not going until our two weeks notice was up and we had taken legal advice on the point"
Mary said - "No, by the weekend I want you out"
Tamara said - "You gave us until Wednesday that's when we are going" and slammed the door in her face.
Mary then started screaming about not shutting the door in her face.
She is just a psycho!
Get over it - just stay out of our way until Wednesday and avoid all the grief and get some new girls in who don't know any better.
Poor Tamara copped it on her own - and she still has another night there!!
I have a whole lot of stuff under my desk at work.
Like my lasagne dish, vege strainer, cheese grater, potato masher that I wasn't leaving in the house for those 'bitches' to use!
I still have my bracelet - it moved out last weekend!
They don't have my deposit and I got the bracelet - so they loose out a bit actually!!
First night at Kaz and Damo's tonight - my own room - how exciting!
Monday 9th May 2005
I didn't go to the 'Black Eyed Peas' concert
Was just too shattered after moving everything and went home

Everyone went out so I had the whole house to myself on my first night
How sweet was Tamara's email?
She is so lovely and I will miss her

Brendon from the hostel lives at this house I am in the moment and we sat on my big double bed and chatted until about midnight last night.
First night back and pole dancing tonight - the girls at work are loving my shoes!!
A bit to to do today so I will talk to you later - bye.
Tuesday 10th May 2005
The intermediate classes
I have very sore shoulders!!
We had pole dancing last night and it was my first class for a while and it is way harder!

Our teacher is a bit more of a "stripper" too.
She dances to make her living and does in in thigh high boots!
She is great fun tho but talks about her victims (blokes) and has some moves that would be better of in a certain kind of movie - I love it!!!!
I was able to remember most of what we did and do a lot of it well.
We have to climb the pole three times and touch the roof before we start each class.
The poles are about three metres high and out of twelve of us only two could do it - and I wasn't one of them!
The new shoes are good tho - didn't roll an ankle and there were about four of us in them.
It does feel a lot better than my other shoes.
Just got to get some upper body strength going - my lower body is fine from riding but my arms and shoulders need some work.
At my new home, and I am sleeping well in the big double bed
Ella leaves for OZ tomorrow so the bed is available at the pub but I am not going yet.
For starters Karen and Damo are not charging me rent for two weeks.
But mostly I am enjoying being in a room with no one else.
At the pub there will be three of us in one room and then when Ella gets back for about three weeks until I leave there will be four of us - so will take my rest while I can!
First ride in to work from Acton today
It didn't take to long at all - through Shepherds Bush which is not such a nice area (it's not pretty at all) but then through Holland Park and Notting Hill and then through the top of Kengsington Gardens and Hyde Park instead of the bottom
Once I got to Park Lane the route I took was exactly the same as I have been doing
It was nice to be back on the bike and it was lovely and sunny

Anyway, must dash.
PS - one of the girls who I am still friends with in my old house just sent me a text saying the locks have been changed!
How funny!

Hope you had a good day - bye.
Wednesday 11th May 2005
Hi, and nothing much to tell today.
Went home yesterday, had dinner and went to bed.
I was tired and still am a bit actually.
Gonna do some sorting of clothes tonight - because I left in such a rush from the other place my stuff is everywhere!
Today was eviction day at Castelnau Road and we were meant to be at the house for an 8.00am inspection - but were weren't!!
Haven't heard from them either - and I don't think we will - that saga is over!!

Thursday 12th May 2005
Cool - thanks for organising the parcel with the cards and chocolate.
The girls in the mailroom here are on the lookout for it (or will be as of Monday anyway)
Karen and Damo are being so nice letting me stay for free - chocloate isn't really enough but I am getting them a bottle of Bundy Rum from the Aussie Shop too
I have just got a text from Karen - they are on a bus on their way from Poland to Romania.
I am just having a quiet week.
And I'm going to Camden Markets with Elle on the weekend to get some more of that great chai tea and hang with her because a week after that she goes off on her Busabout Tour and doesn't get back until after I have left
Then she is going home so I won't see her again - it's a bit sad

Sunday I am going for pancakes with Tamara and
taking a bag to Leslies and catching up with her for a bit then another quietish week until I go to Ella and Leslies next weekend
Friday 13th May 2005
The computers are still 'pretty crap' over here at work.
And work is a hassle at the moment with no printing or accounts system and that type of thing.
Never mind - that's what we get paid for!!
I am hoping for nice weather for the Camden Markets tomorrow - and I might even paint my toenails so that I can wear my birks - what colour?? - London Bus Red perhaps!
Any more kookaburras?
Monday 16th May 2005
I had a quiet weekend.
Camden Markets were fun!!
I bought a great pic of Houses of Parliament (Big Ben) and some jewellry - earrings and a necklace
Also bought some shower shoes and a skirt and singlets
plus my white pants for the 'bull running' for when I am away
Sat in a park yesterday arv reading or trying to at least before three different freaky blokes tried to come up and talk to me.
It was getting cooler anyway so I went home.
Normally you can just ignore the freaky blokes - they eventually go away - and there is a lot of people around if they get really annoying.
I had pasta for dinner - boring but nice!!
It's hard cooking not being or feeling settled - it will be better once I get to the pub because it will be more permanent.
Pole dancing tonight and then a quiet week until I move house again this weekend - but for the last time!!
That's about it.
Except for this!! - Look where I am going!!
One day International Cricket Match between Australia and England!!

I am going with Tammie Thornton, Tamara's boyrfriend Jarrod and two of his mates.
Tamara doesn't like sport so isn't going.
How cool is my June looking for sport -
Kostya Fight, then The Socceroos and then my first ODI Cricket match!!
Tuesday 17th May 2005
I am here at work - but sore from pole dancing!!
It was fun, but I was stuffed by the end of it!!

And busy - been having trouble getting on top of things yesterday and today
But have had a good morning and things are back on track now

I have received the confirmation email for my Cheese Rolling day trip
Going with Tammie Thornton - and it should be fun!!

State of Origin Rugby League Game One on Wednesday 25th May - do I take the day off or not?
I was thinking of doing a half day for Game Two and I will be in Spain for Game Three so don't think there is much chance of me seeing what happens over there.
You will need to text me!!
Must dash.
Wednesday 18th May 2005
Mark has been made Taipans second assistant!!
I called him this morning to congratulate him
Nat and Jaylon were there too and then DA turned up as well
They tried to get Jaylon to say Tanya but it didn't quite work!!
It was nice having a chat
I can't believe how long it has been since I saw them and the fact that Jaylon was talking
Geez - I haven't even met him yet!!

Um - that's all.
I worked until 7.30pm last night and feel not quite so overloaded at the moment
Meeting a friend from Capsticks Solicitors for a drink tonight.
I am going to take most of my stuff to The Stag on Saturday and then move over on Sunday
Busabout Europe - and then it will be six weeks until I go - frigg!
Three months of no work!! - just holidays and beaches and foreigners!!

Thursday 19th May 2005
Very busy here at work as usual.
And have a headache!! - not sure I will survive the day!!
Rode to work - feel 'shite' and threw up!!
Bad dinner last night I think - just having lemonade today.
Friday 20th May 2005
I got a promotional email about the Kostya Tszyu fight
He's ready to go - and so am I!!
I can't wait!!

No overnight message from anyone in my family!! - was there a power failure??
I went home from work at 4.00pm yesterday and hit the sack straight away.
Rode to work this morning - but it was raining and not much fun!!
Moving to The Stag pub this weekend - Sunday will be my first night there
That's it - lots to do today because I wasn't very productive yesterday.
Saturday 21st May to Monday 23rd May 2005
The weekend was good fun!!
Saturday - I cleaned at Kaz's, took a load to Lesley's, watched the FA Cup Final and
went to Elle's going-away
Sunday - took the last load over to Lesley's
Then I went to Notting Hill and met Tamara and Michelle (the other evictees!) and had a nice lunch in Notting Hill and then we went to the Portobello Markets and took photos and generally mucked around
I went on my own back to the station because they were going the other way and on my way back down who should I see pushing her baby in a pram - looking completely glamorous while doing it!! - but Claudia Schiffer!!
She was so pretty!!

I only got a photo of her back so it really could be anyone but I didn't want to chase her as she was with a friend and they were both pushing babies in prams.
Still, it was pretty cool and it really was her!!
Oh, and Lesley cooked a really good dinner - for me - living with a chef is good!
BTW - it's Zohar's (work) birthday today and he brought in fresh cream chocolate eclairs - so yummy!!
Tuesday 24th May 2005
Just checking in - nothing much to report.
Pole dancing was good last night as usual - just three weeks to go - it goes way too fast.
I am at work and very busy!!
Got 'volunteered' to work for someone else today whose secretary is away and he is really hard to understand
I don't know why I have to do the work - there are other secs whose bosses are away but my two are here working full on - but never mind

Talk later.
Wednesday 25th May 2005
I wanna be watching the Rugby League State of Origin!
Thursday 26th May 2005
I went to the pub last night with some peeps from my old work
There was a huge football game on - Liverpool v AC Milan in Istanbul - it was the Champions League Football Final
Liverpool were down 3-0 at half time
They then scored 3 in the second half and it went to extra time
No one scored in extra time so it went to a penalty shootout which they won
The place went off!!

After usual time two blokes got up on the bar and led the entire pub in a rendition of the Liverpool song.
There were chants going on the whole time - we may as well have been at the game!!
Apparently 30,000 people Liverpool fans were at the game and at least another 5,000 just went to Turkey to be there for the game.
A lot of people travel with Australian sports teams - but 35,000 is a pretty good support base!
Bearing in mind that a standard game is two fourty-five minute halves, and extra time is two fifteen minute halves, and then time for penalties - it was a long night!!!
It was a top game and it was standing room only in the pub.
We got there at 6.00pm (the game started at 8.00pm) and got a table and chairs so we were fine.
I didn't have one drink all night because it was too hard to get to the bar!!
A friend of mine from basketball at home Jonathon Foreman arrived on Monday and met us at the pub.
He said that it was the first full game of football that he has watched and prolly couldn't have had a better initiation!
I am planning day trips to Brighton and Windsor before I go away.
Have to check out a pommy beach, don't I?
I haven't seen the ocean in a really long time.
And I want to see another of Aunty Liz's houses - you can go in this one too.
I still want to go to Kenginston Palance too and check out Di's digs - they have a display of her dresses in the Palace that I would love to see.
About living in The Stag - I haven't been home before 11.00pm yet since I moved in - so haven't been around much - I haven't actually been in the pub yet!!
There is noise but it is just muffled - most of the noise is street noise which I had a Castlenau anyway being on a main road so it is fine.
Sunday night we could hear music but it could just as well have been neighbours as the pub so I haven't noticed it too much yet.
The tattoo has healed fine and it is perfect!!
The colour is great - I think it is much nicer than black
I forget it is there sometimes and catch a glimpse of it in the mirror or one of my friends pokes at it and I remember it is there.
I am very happy with it - but they are a bit addictive tho and I am always looking at others now!!

The weather is getting warmer slowly and sporadically - it is meant to be twenty-seven degrees tomorrow but raining on the weekend.
The weather in Spain has been in the thirty's so it looks like it will be a good start to Busabout!!
Friday 27th May 2005
I am going to the Aussie shop at lunch time to buy my Boxing Kangaroo flag and Aussie flag tattoos for my cheeks!
Going to get some kingstons while I am there too - yummo!
Bank Holiday weekend (Monday off) here remember so if you don't hear from me for three days it doesn't mean that I have been kidnapped!!
I may however have broken my leg running down a hill after a cheese!!

Have a good weekend.
It's thirty degrees here at the moment!!!
Monday 30th May and Tuesday 31st May 2005
Firstly, let me tell you all about my ride to work this morning
I only rode home once last week because I had a travel card and went out almost every night so it was easier than riding home late or riding home and having to go back into town
Anyway, I rode across the Thames, down the Kings Road (posh shopping) and through Sloane Square (more poshness) then through Belgravia (where Gwenyth Paltrow lives but I didn't see her!!) then down the side of Buckingam Palace and across the front of it and past the statue of Queen Victoria then down The Mall and past Clarence House through Trafalgar Square, down The Strand past Charing Cross Station and the Savoy then up Kingsway to work
When I ride home I go a slightly different way which is down the Strand, through Trafalgar Square, down Whitehall past No 10 Downing Street, through Parliament Square past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey and all the way along the Thames past the Battersea Power Station to the Albert Bridge then over that and home
Still can't quite get my head around the things that I go past every day!!

Mum, the Albert Bridge is the one in the movie "Love Actually" - if you have seen it, Hugh Grant goes over it on the way to find his assistant and tell her he loves her!!
It has lots of lights on it.
If you haven't seen the movie or can't remember then go to the Capsticks Boat Party Album and you will see it.
In the day time it was white and in the night time it was covered in lights.
Oh, and I rode in shorts and a singlet - it's warming up!!
And now for Monday.
Off to the Cheese Rolling
And it was a very fun day!!

I was up at 5.30am to get myself ready tho.
I made a huge chicken salad for lunch and left the house at 6.15am to take the two buses to get myself to Paddington Station where I was meeting Tammie and the tour group at 7.00am.
We got a coffee and went and waited.
Tammie and I were on Bus One which was good because we got to go straight away - there were six buses - 300 people in total.
Our guide was called Peter and he seemed nice - an Aussie.
They had cartons of beer and girly drinks which they were selling and people were cracking beers at 8.00am!!
Not me - I was slightly concerned about the toilet facilities (or lack of them!!) so decided to make sure that I didn't need to go too often.
The drive up through the country was nice and despite the fact that it had rained a bit while waiting for the buses it seemed like we were going to get a reasonable day.
The driver got lost twice but we got there in time.
We stopped once at a road house and there were lots of coaches - it turned out that there was another big football match on in Cardiff and they were all on their way there - all decked out in their team strips and decorated buses - they were on the grog too so it was going to be a long day all round!!
We got off the bus and made our way through the fields avoiding cow pats where possible!!
There was so many people - they estimated four thousand.
We didn't get very near the hill and in fact couldn't see the bottom but had a great view of the top and a seat - which was handy as we discovered later.
Tammie and I (Tanya) had made friends with two girls from the bus Tarni and Tania - we had a giggle over that - and sat and watched the four races.
I can't believe the way that people hurl themselves down that hill - it is so steep!!
We also had to get out of the way twice to let ambulances through - no serious injuries but the friend of some girls set up next to us broke her wrist.
Can you imagine - that would be the end of my time here - no work, no money and therefore no holiday so it would be home for Mum to look after me!
After all the races we went up the hill to get a better look - plus it was quite fun watching all the idiots that had been watching come down after it all finished.
The side of the hill was just as slippery as the hill - the top soil kept moving and I could not have stood there for two hours - my ankles would have been wrecked.
I nearly lost it about four times and we only went a third of the way up!
After that we went back to the carpark where the tour group had set up their tent and were selling more beers.
It was lovely and I we ate lunch and snoozed in the sun for an hour or so to wait for the rest of the group to catch up.
We were told we would be leaving at 4.00pm so people were wandering and sleeping and eating, and generally just enyoying being outside.
The tour guide on Bus Five was a girl called Dion
She had won the ladies race last year and was out to defend her crown, and, which I am sure you have seen, she did
She came back and we gave her a round of applause and took lots of photos

The girl that she beat for the cheese ended up breaking her wrist and smashing up her face!
Then it was back on the bus home.
We had talked a lot to people on the bus and while we were waiting to go and they said that Pamps is a great trip as is Octoberfest.
They had heaps to tell us about Europe in the summer and that sort of thing and got me even more excited (if that is possible!!) about my holiday.
Oh - and I did see the guy in the g-string - he will have a bit of trouble sitting down today, let alone walking!
Going out on Friday night.
To the Blue Elephant Restaurant - this is where I am going with Jason for his birthday on Friday night
Kaz is working, Nath is playing touch and Eli is on Busabout so it is just the two of us
I have ordered a nice birthday thingy for him too
A carved piece of fruit and sorbet and a candle and they will dim the lights and the staff will all sing for him!

Thursday 2nd June 2005
I had to go to the bank this morning and it took me twenty minutes to get to the bank from home - it would prolly have taken another three to get to work.
I have changed my route home a little bit too and now I cross the River to bridges earlier and ride through Battersea Park to get home - search for the park on the net and see how lovely it is
Two more sleeps till the Kostya Fight and just thirty-two more sleeps until I go on an eighty-two-day European holiday!
How awesome is that!!

Could you do it, bearing in mind bus rides and hostel living for that whole time!
But the sun and the sights and the new people - I won't forget it in a hurry I expect.
I haven't been to Brighton Beach yet or Windsor Castle or seen the 'Lion King' or 'The Phantom'
I wanted it all done before I went away because I expect I will be broke when I get back!
I have to try and fit it in between
soccer, the Kostya Fight, the cricket, and 'Guys and Dolls', and seeing Rose and Brian (who are here this month) and birthdays and stuff - just not enough time!!
Anyway, that's it.
Friday 3rd June 2005
Battersea Park is lovely
I ride through from the Chelsea Bridge/Gate to the Albert Bridge/Gate along the road just back from the river

The Kostya Fight - and I will be up all night!!
The fight is at 2.00am which is 11.00am your time
I am so excited today - I am going to be unbearable tomorrow!!

I have just organised the morning off work for the Rugby League State of Origin #2.
Definately hope Queensland win because I will be in Spain for Game #3.
Sunday 5th June 2005
So here we go - Manchester and the Kostya fight!!
It was a very respectable train time of 1.30pm so had a lazy morning making a salad for the train and taking my time.
I got to the station in plenty and time and met Nathan, found our seats and settled in for the two-and-a-half hour ride.
We went through some lovely country side - England really is a very pretty country.
Nathan tried to sleep but I was so excited and chatty that the poor bloke didn't have much chance!!
We got to Manchester and walked to the hotel - very well located I must say
It was also quite posh looking
We went to the room and I looked in all the drawers as usual and tried to see if there was anything that I could steal - I got a pen!!

And then we went out for a walk to find the Arena and get our bearings.
We found the Arena with ease and booked in for dinner at a local pub between the hotel and the Arena.
We took a little wander and found a supermarket and grabbed a few beers and 'red bulls' to get us through - then it was back to the hotel for a bit of a chill out before dinner.
We watched some telly and showered and got ready.
We headed off for dinner.
There were lots of people at the pub that were going to the fight - there was a group of Russians there who saw my shirt and as we walked past them said "zee you at ze fight"
I pointed to my shirt and said "Go Kostya" and they said "Jar" - it was pretty funny!!
We had a few drinks at the bar downstairs and a few peope came up to us and said that Ricky was going to win - whatever!
We then had to go back to the hotel because I forgot my lense solution - oops!!
We took the opportunity to apply our Oz flag tattoos and headed to the Arena.
There were lots of people heading that way and singing "There's only one Ricky Hatton" or "Walking in a Ricky Wonderland" - and very very very few Aussies!!
We got in and found our seats and I congratulated Nathan on doing a top job!! - they were great!! - close enough to see the sweat fly off their heads when they got punched!
There were a few lead up fights that basically were all crap - very mismatched and only went one or two rounds at most.
The heavyweight fight was okay - Danny Williams from London fought - he has fought Tyson before (didn't last long that time) but he seemed so huge from my seat!
There was one other title fight which was a little better (six rounds I think) and there was another guy from Manchester fighting - he lost - which I hoped was a good omen but as we all know it wasn't.
The Fanatics arrived - they were up in the 'nose bleeds seats' and though they tried, bless them, they couldn't make much impact on over 21,000 Manchurians who drowned out their chants pretty much as soon as they started!!
The ring announcer was fantastic!! - I would have paid money just to hear him - he looked pretty little but he has a great big voice!!
There were a few celebrities there - lots of fighters - Frank Bruno was the only one I knew and Russell Crowe was there.
They all got brought up into the ring - Russ got booed - apparently Kostya has trained him for his new movie in which he plays a boxer.
Anyway - as the challenger, Ricky came out first - he came out to "Blue Moon" - which is the song of his fave football team Machester City (who Brett and I saw play when he was here).
There were fireworks and lights and it was so so so loud - I was shaking and had goose bumps I was so excited!!
Kostya came out much more quietly - his minders just holding his belts up and there were lots and lots of boos - we cheered as loud as we could but it was really just futile.
There were about eight Aussies in the row behind us and we chatted to them a bit - we all gave it out best shouts but it really didn't help!!
The fight started and right from the start Ricky came out as he said he would - hard and fast and in KT's face.
The first round was not great and despite the fact that I was cheering as loudly as I could I was already nervous.
Kostya landed a few big ones but with the crowd cheering it was hard to tell who was winning.
I am not sure what it says about me standing up in my seat screaming "Stand up and fight Kostya, fight him!" but I did it anyway!!
And the result, as you all know, was Kostya's corner throwing in the towel after the eleventh round.
Despite the fact that I believed Ricky was winning and would win if it went to the judges I was shell shocked - there were tears (just a few mind you) but I was so absolutely convinced without a doubt in my mind before the fight was Kostya would win.
I just stood there and watched Ricky bounce about the ring and get presented with his new belts.
Ricky then took the microphone and spoke - I will admit to being both surprised and impressed with him.
He was well spoken and seemed genuine in all his comments about the crowd and about Kostya and I think I kind of like him - not an Anthony Mundine type at all (I am pleased to note he was beaten recently)
Anyway, Kostya took the mike then and said that Manchester should be proud of their boy and that he was beaten by a better fighter on the night - I was still standing there dumbfounded - was this really happenening?
We headed back to hotel and despite me being slightly afraid of the crowd before the fight I think that some of the things Ricky said calmed the crowd and the Fanatics standing by the front door giving the locals a round of applause helped.
The walk back was uneventful but silent - Nathan and I both felt the same way - did that just happen?
We pulled the curtains shut and got into bed.
We weren't leaving until 12.30 so we were going to sleep as long as possible - hotel curtains are great!
I woke at 11.00am and asked Nathan if we went back tonight did he think it would be different?
Then showered and packed and back to London.
Now the poms throw the term "gutted" around all over the place - gutted they missed their train etc.
I have never had the opportunity to use it before so I will say that despite the fact that the fight was amazing, eleven rounds of a big time title fight, great seats, awesome atmosphere and probably one of the most amazing sporting events I have been to or will ever go to, the result left me well and truly properly GUTTED!
Monday 6th June 2005
I am at work and getting "a little bit of stick" about the fight but not too much!!
Pole-dancing tonight.
Tuesday 7th June 2005
Lots of sun around London at the moment!!
I am going to Kensington Palace on Sunday - should be nice
I am going with Lesley and Emma (who I live with) and Kristina (who I work with)

Kristina is from Slovakia - we get on really well.
I went for my first tanning session today - want to get a bit of a base before I head off because it is already thirty degrees in Spain and I will just fry otherwise!!
I know it's not the best idea but there you go - not much else I could do
I will have sunnies and suncreen and a hat but I aint wearing long sleeves!! - I will be in bikini's and skirts/shorts!!

Day is okay so far.
But I am starving at the moment - just twenty minutes til lunch.
I am going to my fave sanga shop at lunch time to get chicken, cheese and avocado on a huge multigrain roll - I usually make a salad but its pay day and just felt like one of these!!
I am still pretty tired from the weekend but going to have a quiet one at home tonight with a nice dinner and then crash out.