Sunday 31st July to Wednesday 3rd August 2005



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On the way to Prague we were stopped at the Germany/Czech Republic border and I got the first stamp of my trip!! - yay!!
They don't stop you in EU countries so I haven't got any others.

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Terezin Detention Camp---

The gallows--- Communal showers--- Sleeping quarters

We then stopped at a place called Terazin which was a camp during the Second World War.
No one was gassed there but lots of people died from the condiitions.
The cramped living quarters and communal showers and gallows were pretty dreadful.
It mostly held political prisoners and the camp commander was held there after liberation before being put to death.

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We arrived in Prague and did an evening walking tour first thing - good to get the bearings like I have said before.

We went for dinner as a group afterwards and I had a really yummy beef goulash and dumplings - mmmm!!

I got up the next morning and met Kate, Jenny, Emma and Una who I had sat near on the bus and we went off for a day of sightseeing.

Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral--- (two photos)---- (two photos)

St Vitus Cathedral------------------

......and other buildings within the Castle complex---------

First stop was Prague Castle (Hradcany Castle) - the biggest one in Europe!! - or the World!! - can't remember which one.

Tanya at Prague Castle---------------

......and standing in Kings Garden

I wasn't actually all that fussed but the views from the hill were fab.
The garden was nice.

A postcard promoting the Exhibition--- ......and below are Tanya's twelve photos




My fave bit was the toy museum.
There was a Barbie exhibition on.
There were so many Barbie Dolls and we had a great time wandering around looking at them all.

Looking over the City from Prague Castle

......and the view towards Charles Bridge

We then headed down the hill.
I stopped while the girls were looking at markets and looked out across the skyline.
Prague is called "The Town of 1000 Spires" and from this angle it is all you could see!!
It was just gorgeous!!

The Charles Bridge------and Tanya with the Bridge ---

One of the Bridge's towers---------- An aerial shot

Tanya near one of the towers-----------and on the Bridge

The Bridge at night

We walked down across a bridge that was one bridge over from "The Bridge" so we could get some photos.
"The Bridge" is the Charles Bridge and it is gorgeous!!
We got some good shots.

Then we wandered into the Jewish Quarter where we just kind of looked around.
We shopped as well and I got a lovely skirt that Mum will probably hate!!

The Old Town Square------------------

......and Emma, Tanya, Kate and Una in the Square

We stopped for lunch and then went into the Old Town Square to see the Astronomical Clock go off.

The Astronomical Clock---------------

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I must say that it was probably the crappiest thing that I have seen tourists stand around for!!
I suppose I should appreciate the fact that it was old and very ahead of its time blah blah blah but it certainly didn't deserve the clap that everyone gave it.

We shopped a little bit more and I brought a top to wear with my new skirt and then we headed back to the hostel to shower and change for dinner.

"We shopped as well and I got a lovely skirt that Mum will probably hate!!"
There isn't a photo of this new outfit!!! --- Hey, Tanya, we want to see it!!!

Click here to see The Outfit!!!

I wore my new outfit!

......and here is a shot of the front of the Restaurant

Dinner at The Mlejnice Restaurant--- Tanya and the group

Mark, David and Leanne------- Megan and Brad

Emma, Jenny and Una------- Helen and Megan

......and Mark, Tanya, Dave, Leanna, Emma and Jenny

I had been given the name of a really good restaurant in Prague by Kiwi Karen (the girl who had her bag stolen in Madrid) and said to the girls that we should go there.
I had also told Helen who was in my room and by the time that the 8.00pm meeting time came around there were seventeen of us there!
A bit of pressure on me actually!! - and I was really hoping that it was nice!!
I needn't have worried.
I found it easy and it was delish!
I had a yummy snitzel and as the menu has the weight of each meal on it, two of the boys ordered a kilo of pork knee each.
It looked like a bloody stegasaurus but they both finished every last bit!! (reminded me of Brett!)
It was a good night out - I really enjoy going out with groups.

A postcard from Tanya - relaxing by the Charles Bridge after a big day yesterday

Shopping--- ......for Dad --- Souvenir Matches

Looking around the City--- Tram--- King Wenceslas--- View of City

I had a sleep in the next day and then I went shopping.
I bought a few pressies and took some more photos.

I went back to the restaurant for lunch (it was good!!) and then went back to the hostel for a bit of a chill out and pack and diary write before the bus in the morning.