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#21 - Wednesday 6th April to Friday 29th April 2005

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Wednesday 6th April 2005
Purple is the colour of royalty so my left arm is pretty royal - a massive purple bruise from the final night of pole dancing last night!
We went through the whole course of moves and then we had to put on our own show for the class
I wasn't going to do it cause I was embarrassed and nervous but after seeing the first girl go I decided to
I picked my music, "Lady Marmalade" from Moulin Rouge, and went for it!!
It was great fun but I got really dizzy from going round the same way for the whole song
I was the only one who went upside in my "show"!!
I got a certificate too
Unfortunately every photo that Irma took was of me on the ground - she couldn't get me on the pole so we took a few posed shots - and I apologise in advance cause seriously I need to get a tan and the flash doesn't help either!
Anyway, that's it - can't wait for the intermediate class to start on 18th April

Back to work now - bye!
Thursday 7th April 2004
I've got an orthodontist apppointment tomorrow morning.
A one-and-a-half hour journey to get there by 8.00am, then work all day - frick-in-ell!
Tonight will just be a TV night - "Footballers Wives" for me and Tamara - and then to bed.
Won't be riding tomorrow either - train to ortho and then to work and then a drink after with Claire and home again.
Going to see "Joan River's Position" on Sunday
A television show, and I'll be part of the audience!!!

Friday 8th April 2005
Are you watching the Pope's funeral?
I bet it is like a Catholic wedding!! - up and down and prayers and foreign languages etc.
I do hope it was nice tho and I also hope they replay a bit of it tonight

The Italians have a tradition of clapping at funerals and seeing and hearing them (millions of them!!) clapping was really a sight - very moving.
They all clapped when it was announced that he died - a bit odd but there you go - it is a mark of respect in Italy.
On looking at it, I am glad that I am not there now - the crowds!!
Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding and the Grand National Steeplechase
Lots of people are making jokes about "watching the horses" and then the "Grand National!!
Have you read the vows they are saying?
"Repenting for their wickedness etc"
I think its funny!!

Charles is in Rome at the moment for the Pope's funeral - hope he gets back in time!
Hope the wedding is nice.
The Grand National
I got Innox in the sweep at work if you want to have a look

Le Coudray is running again but she let me down last year - the old nag!! - so I am not putting any money on!!
How awesome was the pic of Sonya - she looks amazing!!
I cried when I saw the photo!

Teeth are fine.
He gave me back my old moulds and I still can't believe it when looking at them!!
Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th April 2005
I met Jason and Ellouise at the station we went into Convent Garden.
The pancake place was shut so we found somewhere else and had a full English fry up - bacon, eggs, toast, saussages, beans, tomatos and mushrooms!!
Then we went shopping to find Ellouise a new backback (she ended up buying exactly the same one as mine...must have been a good choice!) and then we went to the Aussie Shop where we all brought cholocate.
I had a chokito - it was really good!!
Then after more wandering around we ended up in Leicester Square and sat down and had a Haagen Dass ice cream.
While we were sitting their, my old roommate Linda came by - she stopped and had a bit of a chat because she knows Jase and Elle from the hostel too.
Then I went home and had a quiet night.
I was going to meet Irma at Camden Markets to buy pole dancing shoes
There was some crazy ones there and I have no idea how people walk in some of them but I am happy with my choice - and I will try and get a photo for you

Irma then went home and I wandered around and found some lovely little places including a great place to buy photos of London.
There were some nice sepia ones that I think I will go back and get and bring home with me.
They were great...lots of crafts and nice food too.
Then I headed up to Wembley for the taping of the Joan Rivers Position
It was a crack up!!
She is a very funny lady - swears like a trooper but is really good

There was a man who like men, but could only have sex with them if he was dressed like a woman - so he got a makeover,
a girl who can't go to loo on her own - Joan gave her a catheter bag,
a girl collects toy gofers, she has 96 - Joan sliced em up with scissors,
a girl who wants tp find a rich man (Joan showed her pics of Aristotle Onassis and Anna Nicole Smith's hubby and asked her if she would sleep with with them, and
a girl who is afraid of fish - so they brought out a gold fish and Joan chased her round the set with it.
They then dressed her up as a fish and put her in front of a blue screen so she could experience life from a fishes point of view.
They were all funny and stupid and Joan was great with them.
Brigitte Neilsen (ex Mrs Stallone) was the special guest and they had a big fight and Brigitte stormed off after Joan called her a Catch Up Next Tuesday or a not nice word for a "lady place".
It was so funny.
We thought it was a set up especially when Brigitte came back - but they were at it again soon after - Brigitte Neilsen is a fruit-loop anyway!
I can't wait to see the finished product when it goes to air - will tape it and sent it back.
Busy again now at work - bye.
Tuesday 12th April 2005
Am here at work.
Not much to tell today - but booked to see another show!!
Me and Jase and Clinton are going to see a Kasey Chambers concert
Should be fun.
Wednesday 13th April 2005
No news to report except
my Kylie ticket arrived so am pleased about that!!
I am also going to an art exhibition!!!
Have booked to see the "Turner - Whistler - Monet Exhibition" at the Tate Britain Gallery
Thursday 14th April 2005
I hit two pedestrians on the way to work this morning - hard!!
I hit one hard and another one a little bit
Silly ladies but it wasn't really anyones fault - more theirs than mine anyway but we will blame the van driver

I was on Oxford Street coming up to an intersection with a green light for me.
The traffic was stopped because it was busy and it couldn't get through.
I came up slowly but I could go through because I was on the bike and it would fit.
Just as I got to the front of the van stopped at the lights about five people came out - all crossing against the light.
I just clipped one lady and slammed into another one.
I didn't fall off but I got a real fright.
They were both saying sorry, sorry, sorry.
I asked if the lady I hit hard was okay and she said that she was and then she left.
The other lady stayed for a bit.
She said that the van driver had waved the people across in front of him because he couldn't go anywhere - forgetting about the poor cyclists who come up the inside.
The other lady said that she was okay and kept asking how I was.
I got a bit upset and teary because it really scared me.
And now I have a sore leg and wrists but I'll live!!
Oh...and my bike is okay!!
My ankle hurts a bit now too - maybe I am imagining it.
Stupid pedestrians and more stupid van driver!!
Anyway, what do you think of the exhibition at Tate Britain?
I wanted to go to the Gallery early so that I could maybe have some relatively quiet time there
Paintings will be good - they have been advertising it for ages in tube stations and on buses and last night I bit the bullet and booked!

Kaz and Jase coming over for dinner tonight.
We are having 'spag bog' for din dins.
Neither Kaz or Jase like spicy food so I got a Dolmio sauce instead of making my own because I just use tinned tomatos and tabasco and sweet chilli sauce in mine and they wouldn't eat it!!
Tamara goes to Berlin for the weekend tomorrow morning so I am planning to potter at home a bit and maybe watch the finish of the London Marathon at Buckingham Palace on Sunday - see how that chick from the Olympics will go.
Tamara is hardly around anyway but I am going like being on my own.
Budgeting for her Busabout Tour of Europe
Cutting down my budget from £50 to £30 from this week and I seem to be going okay
Won't be having much of a life tho until I go!!
Have a few things booked but no just going out for dinner or movies and stuff - need the cash for the trip!!

I might even post off the parcel that has your present in it - maybe!! - haven't decided yet!!
PS -
I have now taken photos of the gift I received from my landlords on Saturday 12th March
It is beautiful.
And so is the valuation!!!
Friday 15th April 2005
Didn't ride today - gonna have a rest till Monday!!
I've got a big bruise on my knee!!
Oh, about those pole-dancing shoes
I am glad that I don't actually have to walk to far in the shoes
I teetered around the house last night showing Jase and Kaz but I am bit wobbly!

Saturday 16th April 2005
A tattoo!!
I got one!!
It is a symbol for my star sign - Scorpio - and the colour is jade, a sort of blue green
I have wanted one for a real long time and have always said that I would go home with one
It took about twenty minutes and hurt a little bit but not too much

Karen and Ellouise got theirs done there and Karen, Leslie and Ella came with me.
I have to keep it dry for twenty-four hours and then wash it and put special cream on four times a day.
Will try and send a better photo when it is nicely healed.
So - any comments?
I thought I might get some kind of yelling phone call!!
Mum, send a note to my "Hotmail" address - I really wanna know what you think!!
And what you think too, Dad.
And I made another show booking
I am going to see "Guys and Dolls" at the Piccadilly Theatre during June!!!

Monday 18th April 2005
We had a good day here yesterday but by last night it was raining.
What a surprise!!
Anyway, I think that sitting at work may be a bit uncomfortable today
My work pants are right on the new tattoo!!

Tuesday 19th April 2005
Not much to tell today.
I had mashed veges for dinner last night - needed a vitamin boost I think!!
I am having creamed corn today.
Tamara bought a jaffle iron so I bought creamed corn form the Aussie shop (£1.95 a tin - do the exchange on that) to have with cheese and sweet chilli sauce - it's so good!!
I don't understand why they don't have it over here
Tamara's brother arrives today.
He is moving over here to do the working holiday thing - she is quite excited about it.
Will be crazy busy at work today as the boss goes on holidays for two weeks tonight.
With no insurance, I am a bit concerned on what to do with the bracelet when I am in Europe for three months
Will think of something I guess
There is a 'sweep' running at work on the election of the new Pope
I got Cardinal Francis Arinze - he is Nigerian
And apparently he is in with a shot!

That's all - hope you had a good day.
Wednesday 20th April 2005
I wish it would get nice here!!
It's warmer at least but still grey skies.
Tomorrow is meant to be nice but I will be at work.
And on Thursday - the numbers "18" or "1.5" spring to mind!!
Friday 22nd April 2005
Can you believe it has been eighteen months away?
It's gone really fast, I think

Not much to tell today.
Just a quiet Thursday night last night.
I am going to the Borough Markets again tomorrow with Leslie
Looking forward to this - cheeses and breads and organic veg and great cakes and exotic wines - mmmmmmm!!
It's also where Jamie Oliver shops

Also putting my bike in for a service too - I am planning to do way more weekend riding in the lead up to summer.
I wish I could swim - but it's way too cold here.
Gorgeous clear days tho.
I love riding through the parks on days like this.
Can't wait until I can take a book and spend the day in one of the parks reading and snoozing - and it's another way to save money I guess!
And I am getting groceries delivered on Sunday.
Will be going to the ANZAC Day dawn service on Monday morning at 5.00am
And a group of us have made arrangements to go to a Turkish restaurant for dinner that night

And that's about it.
Work is good - I do like it here - everyone is nice but not all that social which is good and helps me save money.
We are having a lunch today because one of the partners is leaving to move to Australia with his wife once he marries her tomorrow!! - oh bless!!
It's just ten weeks until my holiday (Busabout Europe) - I can't belive how soon it is!
Posting the parcel tomorrow.
Mum's present is in there and there is a keyring for Dad - make sure you use it - 'cause I have another one for myself that we can keep for "posterity"!!
Steve's mother is here next week and she wants to take me out for dinner and a show.
Monday 25th April 2005
Moving House!!
What a crazy turn of events that was!!

It all happened because my bike was in the coservatory last night
The landlords came in the back door at 9.00pm and saw it
The only reason it was there was because it was forecast to rain and I was leaving at 4.00am for the ANZAC Day Dawn Service so I thought if it was in the house I could turn the light on and I wouldn't be rooting around in the dark, rain and cold to get my self organised
They came in and said that I had to put it outside because if they let me have it inside everyone will want their bikes inside
They were drunk!!
Joe then proceeded to tell me about all the grief that he got because of Brett staying (during September 2004) and that he lost two girls because of him
I don't know how that works because the six of us that were in the house when he stayed are still there - ???
Mary started going on about how we had people staying over every night when they were away and that people have been telling her that
Tamara said that was not the case and that no-one had people stay
That's not entirely true
But really, Tammy for three/four nights, and Michelle had her boyfriend over once or twice - ???
Anyway...Mary then proceeded to scream about how Michelle had been kicked out for doing something unforgiveable - she was going skiing in France and leaving at 4.00am so Charlie came over to go with her the station at 2.30am which is after curfew
Apparently that is unforgiveable!
Anyway, then she just cracked it!!
Started going on about us winding her up - we couldn't actually get a word in to speak to her to wind her up
And that the is house falling apart - which Tamara said isn't our fault which it isn't because they have twelve girls in the house and the furniture is pretty cheap and they have to expect wear and tear
She said that they like us and don't want us to go and then started saying that they have plans for this house
"This is my house, my house blah, blah, blah"
It was quite scary and she was right up in my face pointing
I was shaking and all hot too!!
After saying - while pointing in my face!! - "we thought you were one of the good ones" and then screaming at me and Tamara - "this is our house, and we have a list of girls waiting to stay here so you can all just fuck off" - we are going to!!
She then said that we got keys cut to her back door without asking permission
We admit to that
But the reason we did it was because the front door lock broke, they were away and didn't answer their mobiles, so it was the only way that we could get in and out of the house!
When we pointed this out she said not to try and bring up something that happened over a year ago!
Crazy I tell you!
I panicked a bit at first having only ten weeks until I go away and thought maybe I can just stay - but really after she screamed and spoke to us like that why should they get any more of our money?
Michelle came out in the middle of it just to make sure that they didn't get violent and then afterwards we all had a bit of a run through about it
The adrenalin started pumping
Tamara said she wants to get them to go off again before we leave cause it was quite fun and we are going to poison their potplants!
I still can't believe it happened
So after all of that I tried to go to sleep so I could get up early for the Dawn Service
Lying there thinking I have to go to sleep I will be shattered tomorrow and then trying to work out if I will have to go back to
the hostel for the time before I go or not
I don't think I got to sleep until 1.00am!!
I got up at 4.15am and got dressed and rooted around in the cold and dark - not rain thankfully - and headed off
It was nice and quiet on the roads and my newly serviced bike ran like a dream
As I got closer to Hyde Park I could see people walking up the street
I don't know how many people I expected to be there but there was a lot
The service was really nice and as usual I cried - during the Ode and the Last Post)

I came straight to work and have been here since about 6.40am!
I have been told I can go home if I want at about lunch because I only get paid for what I work so I might just do that...home for a quick nap then back in for dinner at The Grand Bazaar
Plus I want to see if there is an eviction notice under my door!!
Tamara said that she was going to leave the telly on today when she went to work so they think someone is in the room and don't go in while we are away
They aren't supposed to but I wouldn't put it past them!
Like I said to Mum I hid the bracelet so they can't have back!
They have a weeks rent paid out of our bank account today and then two weeks deposit held which is three weeks in total so me and Tamara are going to stay for three weeks
We both cancelled our direct debits today
I sent a few texts out last night night and my friend Ella goes to Oz in three weeks for a month so I can have her bed sharing with my friend Lesley and that means there will only be three weeks until I leave after that
Another friend Ellouise is in Turkey at the mo but she is going on Busabout during May and June so I might be able to go to her house for the last three weeks
She said that it shouldn't be a problem (when I text her last night she was on the beach at Gallipoli)
Tamara is going to move in with her boyfriend
They have been together for a year and met in Turkey for Anzac Day last year
The good thing is that I was going to stay with Ella and Lesley when I got back from my trip because Lesley is away (until I go to Ireland) so I can redirect all my mail and my suitcases can stay there anyway but it really is a hassle for just ten weeks
So there you go
What a story that one is!!
And all of that came after me, Cassie, Renea, Michelle and Claudia had sat down to a nice Sunday roast and wine and had enjoyed a really nice afternoon
It is 8.30am, at work, and I am just about to have my third coffee - plus they were giving out Anzac biscuits at the service this morning and I have had seven!
Nice breakfast!!
And I am very sleepy!!
Tamara just called me and said that her bank will reverse the payment to be made today so I rang Natwest, my bank, and they said that they can too
So I am going in two weeks and not three!!
I will be moving stuff over this weekend but won't actually be leaving until next weekend
And then for the first two weeks after I leave Castlenau I will be at Karen's while she is away in Eastern Europe with Damo
Confused? - I am a bit too!!
Tuesday 26th April 2005
There was no eviction notice under the door when I got home last night but Tamara was already packing!
Michelle said she saw them on the stairs and they both smiled and said hello like nothing happened - psycho!!
I have a feeling that they actually check the rent once a month so they will certainly be shocked when they are short this weekend after me and Tamara stopped our payments
And that is why I want to get things moved asap
I wouldn't put it past them to put our stuff in the yard!!

We are supposed to pay the rent up and then they decide whether we get our bond back or not but after putting up with no heating and hot water and getting yelled at like that I am not going to wait for them to decide whether or not I can have my cash back.
They are likely to be vindictive about it (just like I am being a bit I guess).
If they have anything to say I will just reply with "I was frightened during your outburst and thought I was going to be physically assaulted"
And by telling us to "fuck off" they gave us notice - if they ask I will tell them!!
Anyway, I am looking forward to a change actually.
It is a shorter ride to work from Battersea and I will be going past Buckingham Palace and near Big Ben every day while I am living there.
It will be a bit longer from Karen and Damos but only about fifteen minutes so that will be fine and I will see some different scenery then too
Got pics of Benny Hitchins baby today - 'Flynn Matthew'
Poor Marney looks a bit rough but she did just have a baby!!
Dinner last night at the Turkish restaurant for ANZAC Day was really nice.
The restuarant had hundreds of lanterns hanging from the roof and was really cosy.
Dinner was great!!

We had a selection of starters - hommus, falaffel, tatziki, broad beans, aubergine etc etc etc and then I had Iksenda for dinner which is lamb pieces with yoghurt, a spicy tomato sauce and bread.
We also had dessert which was something that I don't know what it was but it was tasty and then there was also dried apricots stuffed with cream cheese and pistachio nuts.
I could have eaten thousands of them - they were so good!
I am tired tho and have got the Kasey Chamber's concert tonight
Will need a good sleep tomorrow night!!
And then Kylie on Sunday night - can't wait!
I started work at 10.30am today which gave me a bit of a sleep in - didn't get up until 8.40am - nice - I could do that everyday!
I did organise it with work and they don't care because they don't pay me when I am not in.
But I did do over ten hours yesterday!!
By the way, it is a long weekend coming up and I won't be at work on Monday.
So when you don't hear from me - I didn't run away with Kylie to be in her show, and the landlords didn't knock me off in my sleep!!
Wednesday 27th April 2005
The Kasey Chambers Concert
That's what I was getting called last night!!
After a late start yesterday morning I stopped work early at 5.00pm, chucked on the jeans and headed for the tube
We had seated tickets but it was unallocated so I wanted to get there early to get in line and get good seats
As it was we ended up front row centre in the dress circle - I'm good!

I was second in line and then Jase and Clinton arrived and joined me.
By the time the doors opened there was a pretty long line so I was glad I was there early.
We went in and sat around - the place filled up and then the support act came on.
An American girl from Nashville called Holly Williams - she was good.
She finished and then after about twenty mintues Kasey came on.
She was fantastic, and so Aussie!!
Telling stories about where she grew up and her dad is in the band and her brother sang with her one song too.
It was such a good show.
Lots of Honky Tonk type stuff which was great!
Now the reason for me being called arsey is this.
I got there early like I said and as I was walking by the theatre seeing where I had to line up I saw someone I recognised.
It turned out to be Ms Chambers herself!!
Standing outside in her trackies just having a gander at what was going on.
We had a bit of a chat, she signed my ticket and I had a photo with her (which I will send to you tomorrow)
She asked where I was from and she said that she was in Cairns last month because her brother got married there.
She asked how long I had been away from home and when I told her she said that she has only been away a week and was homesick.
She asked if I was going home soon and I said I had a three month tour of Europe to do before I even thought about it!!
She was really nice and friendly and we had a lovely chat before everyone else that was waiting figured out who she was and came over to get their photos etc.
I just seem to mange to be in the right place at the right time!
How cool is that??
She was just standing there - seeing how many people had lined up I guess.
I must say that Clinton and Jason were both incredibly jealous!!!
She did two encores and I really didn't want it to end.
Listening to her sing 'The Captain' and 'Am I Not Pretty Enough' was fabulous!!
I have missed two birthdays and two Christmases and numerous weddings and babies but listening to my new best friend Kasey Chambers sing and talk about Australia made me the most homesick I have been since I got here.
There was even a tear!
Jase and I were both sitting there saying to each other that we want to go home - Jase actually goes in July.
Clinton has only been here about a month so he didn't quite understand what we were feeling.
I still can't beleive she was just standing there.
The photo is pretty cool too!
Other than that, there is not much to tell.
I am going to have an early night tonight because I am shattered.
Might try to get a bit of sorting out and packing done but just little stuff like souvenirs etc.
That's it.
Steve's mother arrives tomorrow and the Kylie concert on the weekend as well as lots of moving.
Thursday 28th April 2005
More dramas!!
So I left work at 4.20pm yesterday.
Was tired and there wasn't much to do - plus the boss doesn't care cause they don't have to pay me!
I stopped by a shop and got some storage bags and was in my room packing
I wanted to get a cup of tea so was in the kitchen talking to Michelle V about Sunday night she said that she had already heard about it and had spoken to her boyfriend and wanted to get out asap
(Michelle B is the one who was kicked out already)
I then saw Joe and Mary coming in the back gate
I nicked off into my room and turned the music up really loud
They knocked and I ignored it and then they knocked really hard so I had to answer it
Mary and Joe were standing there

She said - "I heard you're leaving in ten weeks, is that right?"
It is but it also meant that one of the girls had opened their mouth about my business to them.
I said - "Yes, why?"
"We'll we need to know your plans, that's all"
She then went on to say not to worry about Sunday night and that they weren't kicking me out.
She then started on about Tamara and how she had butted in where it wasn't her place.
I said to her that I don't want to discuss her beef with Tamara and she can talk to Tamara about it if she wants.
She said that she does want to have a big talk with her and then started on again.
Again I said - "Mary, I don't want to talk about Tamara"
She said that they don't have any problem with me and that me, her and Joe were still fine and that I have done a lot for them.
I said to her that I was afraid for my safety on Sunday night and thought that I was going to be assuaulted.
She then started yelling about how we all ganged up on her and Joe said he had to come down and get her away from you all.
I said that is incorrect and no excuse for the way that we were spoken to.
Joe then said to me - "Well, how about two weeks notice then"
I said - "That suits both of us fine" - and shut the door - HARD!
Oops - sorry Tamara, I just got us both kicked out - officially!
Anyway, there was a little knock on my door and it was Michelle V.
She wanted to make sure that I was okay.
I was shaking like a leaf but I was okay.
She said that I was very brave and handled the whole thing very well - and she said that she was going to go asap.
We had told her what they were like but it was the first time that she had seen it.
If they can be like that towards me, their "golden girl", imagine how they will be with the others.
Am so glad to be getting out of there now.
Tamara came home and I told her.
She sent 'J & M' a text asking for her notice in writing because she wasn't home to hear it.
I said to her that someone had spilled about me leaving.
We knew who it was, Cassie, and I went and had a go at her about it.
Tamara told her that she wants nothing more to do with her and that in being so horrible to Michelle B (who she came over with) she has lost a good friend and will regret it.
She was Michelle B's roommate and was awful to her when she got kicked out.
Might be an interesting week until I go because Claudia then came in to the room and tried to go off at Tamara about who does she think she is talking to Cassie like that.
Tamara tried to close the door and Claudia was trying to push it open.
Fun and games!!
Mary came down later with our eviction letters
She tried to look all sad and said that she didn't want to do this and she is sorry
I think she actually might be but honestly how can I stay after all of this?

I have decided that my last night in the house will be next Thursday.
I have stopped my bank payments and they are not getting any more out of me.
That might cause a fight considering they are going to "inspect" the place on Wednesday morning.
I am going to take most of my stuff to Ella and Lesley's this weekend and a few bags to Karen and Damos.
On Thursday night I will take the rest of my stuff over and then on Friday will just get dressed and go to work and not come back.
FYI - they have your PO Box address so there is a chance you might get mail from them.
Just scan it and send it to me and then throw it in the bin - they are psychos!!!
Friday 29th April 2005
Not much to tell today.
Steve's mum rang at midnight last night - nice.
I am not sure exactly how this is going to go - meeting her at 1.30pm on Saturday at her hotel.
Gonna do some moving Sunday and Monday plus the Kylie Concert on Sunday night
Not a whole lot else.
I am just going to try and stay away from the house as much as possible
The landlords are wankers!!
The good thing about working for lawyers tho is that I found out that they can't take any legal action against us until we are eight weeks in arrears with the rent
And if they throw all our stuff out on the street we can call the police and they will be arrested!!

And that's it for my long weekend.
I bought a "going away" present for Tamara last night
There is a photographic gallery near the bridge and he takes lovely photos of the area
I bought her a nice black and white one of the Bridge - and I got myself one too!!
I had hers framed and it looks quite nice
I had a pretty good run with her - we lived together for over a year and never had one fight or even a slight disagreement!!
I will definately miss her

Going to do some work now - see you later.