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#09 - Saturday 28th February to Sunday 28th March 2004

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Monday 1st March 2004
I moved in to my new place yesterday afternoon and it is really good
Tamara was working so I had the place to myself for the day to get organised.
It was nice and quiet.
It snowed last night quite a lot so when I got up this morning the lawn outside my window was white
The first photos of my new place have snow in them which I think is quite cool
Tuesday 2nd March 2004
My really like my new house....
I cooked dinner last night all by myself.
There was no one else trying to use the kitchen or the oven
and then I sat down in a nice quiet dining room and ate it watching the tv.
So nice.
It is so much quieter than the hostel and a few people have said that I will be lonely.
They don't know that I love living by myself!!
I got up this morning at about 6.20am and made a nice salad for lunch cause all my food was there!
(no one took it as often happened in the hostel - eight tomatoes once!)
I then had a shower and got ready for work and then
sat in the conservatory/dining room
Remember Enid's? - but this more part of the house than hers is
It has a glass roof and was lovely in there with the early morning light
I had breakfast with a girl called Sarah who lives there.
I took some photos so hopefully you will get the idea.
Karen and Leslie are coming over tonight to share some wine and have a look at the place.
Should be fun.
Gunnna have a look at a trip to Belgium at lunch time!
Friday 5th March 2004
I had the day off yesterday sick.
I had the "spews"!
I feel better now - but have still got a tender tummy.
Will have a quiet night at home as my room-mate has gone away for nine days today.
It wasn't a cold so I will just see how I go over the weekend.
I had planned to got out for breakfast/brunch on Sunday - a big plate of lard, good coffee and a long read of the paper.
Will try and find a new place on the river near home and see how they are.
I still have stuff to do to get organised at home so I might 'fluff' around home this weekend and enjoy the time to myself.
Monday 8th March 2004
Thought I would try and walk to work today.
See how long it took etc etc and it took about 50 minutes which is fine so I will try and do that two or three times as week.
Anyway...the bugger was getting to work and both lifts being out of order!
I had to walk up five flights of stairs!
I had a nice weekend.
Quiet night in on Friday sorting through travel brochures and stuff.
Booked my day tour to Wales for 20th March with Hallam Anderson...the same people that I went to Paris with.
Going by myself but Jonathon (from Bath trip) might come too.
I am also going to book a three day tour of Ireland for May
Just got to pick my tour - got two itineraries and book flights and get holidays from work.
Saturday I went for a walk into
Hammersmith over the Bridge
and watched some rowers and took some photos
I brought some new boots - pointy toes, stilletto heels and red/cherry in colour - not prostitute red, Mum!
I also brought the
Diary of Anne Frank to read before I go to Holland so I have a bit more of an idea about her when I go to the museum.
In the afternoon I watched the Six Nations Rugby game - England v Ireland - at the local Irish pub.
Thought I would check out one near home with Amanda and Flanders.
Then we went to another pub and met some friends and had a few drinks there.
Sunday I watched the Australian Grand Prix replay,
and Jonathon came for a visit and we watched another Six Nations game.
Then an early night and up for work today in time for the hour long walk.
It was nice a nice weekend.
I think that is all at the mo...
Check this out
In 12 days I go to Wales
then 18 days later
I go to Amsterdam
then 11 days after I get back from Amsterdam
I go to Turkey
then 14 days after I get back from Turkey
I go to Ireland!
Holy Crapola!
Four countries in the next two months!
Wednesday 10th March 2004
"Pearly Whites"
I had an appointment at the orthodontist this morning.
Hate going cause it hurts
but was very excited to have him say that the braces will most likely be off in two to three more visits.
Which means they could be off by the end of June!
I am so excited...(and sore)
And I am looking at some more holidays.
I just can't help myself - they are so cheap and close!
I want to plan two more trips on the long weekends at the end of May an the end of August.
The people we went to Paris with have a trip to Edinburgh and a trip to Brussells that they run over the long weekend for £149 including train/eurostar, accom and sightseeing.
I like these tours because they give a bit of guidance,
but you have a lot of free time too.
By going over the weekends I don't have to take any time off work,
and I can save my holidays for when Brett comes over.
Sunday 14th March 2004
Did have a good weekend...
On Saturday night we went to a club called "School Disco" where you don't get in unless you are dressed in school uniform!
It was quite fun and got a few photos.
Wednesday 17th March 2004
Tonight it's off to the pub for a pint of Guiness
- it is
St Patrick's Day after all!
Thursday 18th March 2004
Well, all has been a bit quiet on the exciting story side of things for a little while.
That will soon change - here is a list of things that are happening!
Last night we had drinks at a really cool Irish pub near where I live
Tonight we have a work dinner...the fifth floor is going for a meal
Saturday 20.03.04 -
I am going to Wales
Tuesday 23.03.04 -
Barry Koch gets here - I am picking him up from the airport
Sunday 28.03.04 -
The Oxford/Cambridge rowing race is on along the Thames
Monday 29.03.04 - The pre-party for the Socceroos.
Tuesday 30.03.04 -
The soccer match - Socceroos against South Africa
Wednesday 07.04.04 - Amsterdam -
Thursday 08.04.04 - Rotterdam.
Friday 09.04.04 - Amsterdam.
Saturday 10.04.04 - Amsterdam.
Thursday 22.04.04 -
Friday 23.04.04 - Turkey.
Saturday 24.04.04 - Turkey.
Sunday 25.04.04 - Turkey.
Monday 26.04.04 - Turkey.
Tuesday 27.04.04 - Turkey.
Wednesday 28.04.04 - Turkey.
Saturday 01.05.04 - Brighton - ? - not booked yet but talking about it.
Sunday 02.05.04 - Brighton - ?
Monday 03.05.04 - Brighton - ?
Monday 10.05.04 -
Dinner at "15" which is Jamie Oliver's restaurant - you have to book months in advance
Wednesday 12.05.04 -
Thursday 13.05.04 - Ireland.
Friday 14.05.04 - Ireland.
Saturday 15.05.04 - Ireland.
Sunday 16.05.04 - Ireland.
Saturday 29.05.04 - Scotland - ? - not booked yet but talking about it.
Sunday 30.05.04 - Scotland - ?
Monday 31.05.04 - Scotland - ?
Friday 19th March 2004
The work dinner last night was nice
It is awful and miserable today.
I will be in Wales tomorrow - and the weather will be just the same!
Oh well, can't be all 'peaches' I guess.
Hey, on Sunday (21st) it will have been five months since I left home!
It has gone so fast.
Monday 22nd March 2004
It was just hailing...
I stuck my hand out my bosses window and caught a piece of ice.
Tuesday 23rd March 2004
"The Boat Race" - Oxford v Cambridge in rowing
I should be going to this on Sunday...
Might be a bit cold.
The temps are okay but the wind is yukky!
Wednesday 24th March 2004
My day tour to Wales!!
Well here we go...
We got picked up at the very respectable time of 9.00am just outside Earls Court Tube station.
We were on a full size coach with every seat taken.
I had a sleep on the way there and woke just as we got to
the great big bridge which takes us from England to Wales
It is enormous

Anyway we drove into Cardiff and down to the bay.
We got out and had a quick bite to eat.
It was really really windy and I kept getting blown sideways!
We didn't spend nearly long enough in Cardiff which was disappointing.
We drove past
Millenium Stadium and didn't stop.
We didn't get out in downtown Cardiff at all which I wasn't happy with but can't do much about it now.
We then went out to Caephilly Castle
It is the second largest castle in the UK after Windsor Castle.
There was a wedding on but we didn't get to see anything.
Once again I was getting blown around so I don't know how the poor bride was going!
The castle was amazing
It is just in the town next to the shops!
It was so big.
The leaning tower learns futher than the Tower in Piza - a little bit of trivia for you.
Then we went to Caerleon to the ruins of a roman amphitheatre
I am not sure how old it was but they used to have gladiator duel thingys in it.
I went and stood in the middle of it.
It was massive.
Apparently it used to seat 5000 people which is the same capacity as the Taipans court!! - more trivia for you!!
After that we stopped at a roadside truck stop thing for 40 mintues (would rather have had that time in Cardiff) and then headed home.
The daffodil is the national flower of Wales and they were everywhere.
There is one really great photo...you will know it where you see it - at Caephilly Castle.
I enjoyed the sights that we saw
but probably wouldn't recommend that particular trip to anyone else.
I would have liked some time to get out of a bus in Cardiff to see
the Stadium properly but other than that it was a good day.
I picked Barry up last night at the airport
We chatted and had a few pints and then I went home

He leaves on his trip for 12 nights tomorrow and I will catch up with him again when he gets back
- he only has two weeks after than before he goes to the States for three nights.
Karen has gone to New York today and she gets back the morning of the soccer game.
Hope she is not too tired!
Dad - the Fanatics website has been updated with the Soccer pre-party and game night info
There is now 31 of us going and I am really looking forward to it

That is about all at the moment...see ya.
Saturday 27th March and Sunday 28th March 2004
Well its Monday morning.
Hope you all had a nice weekend.
Saturday I got up and went shopping.
I had to buy a sleeping bag to take to Turkey so I got a good one from Katmandu as they were having a "half-price-sale".
I got it for £25 which was nice.
Then I met Jaci and her sister at the Borrough Markets near London Bridge
Mum, you would go nuts there
I am going to go back and get some photos it was so good

Jaci said that Jamie Oliver shops there but I didn't run into him!
Anyway, I didn't go down to the race on Sunday
It was a bit cold and I was tired so I watched it in bed

See ya