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#04 - Tuesday 25th November to Wednesday 10th December 2003

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Tuesday 25th November 2003
Not much to add today.
Should have a bank account by tomorrow - fingers crossed.
They are not the easiest thing to open but I should be able to get it worked out.
That is really it.
Raining at the moment and Dad, it is light when I leave for work the in morning but mostly it is cloudy so I am not sure if it is fully light or not!
So what do you think of the room I am in?
See ya.
Been on the internet for ages - but might have a surprise next week for you....maybe...
Wednesday 26th November 2003
Just working and that is about it.
Not much to tell so sorry my emails aren't that exciting!
Might give a call over the weekend...bye.
Thursday 27th November 2003
Some temperatures!
Thursday morning - 6 degrees
Thursday afternoon - 8 degrees
No rain predicted though but 'tis a bit chilly!
Cold at work, but I used to get cold in the office back there too!
Trains are warm - not all tube stations are and there is a rush of wind when the trains arrive and leave.
Also I usually wear a jumper inside too.
Day looks beautiful outside, but...!
By the way, ever tried to open a bank account in a foreign country?
I went in on Tuesday and then on Wednesday, and I took in everything they told me on Tuesday to take in.
But still didn't get one...this is driving me crazy.
I am going to try another bank later but I am getting quite frustrated!
Banking problems are just because i have no history at all in the UK.
Friday 28th November 2003
I am hitting Oxford Street tonight to get a few Christmas presents.
I might not get home until midnight - it will be madness in there!
Then it will be to the post office which will be even more madness!
And will be doing boot shopping tomorrow -
back to the Camden Town Markets with a girl from work.
Anything you want?
What about some 'red whitchypoo shoes' for work and 'blue fishnets'...'brown court shoes' and 'green socks'!
It is all very strange over here, but don't worry, I don't think I will bring that trend home with me!
Haven't brought my new long coat yet either.
I need to get one with a hood too because otherwise my hair will get mushed
with a beanie
I also need to get some knit tops.
My work shirts are good but knits will keep me warmer.
They have heaps of cheap ones but I think I will need to spend a bit more and get some pretty decent ones.
Might be a "credit-card" job that one!
It was really cold this morning but it is still quite lovely because the sky is completely clear and nice and blue.
Have a nice weekend.
I might try and do some sightseeing on the weekend so there are more photos.
Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th November 2003
Forgot to mention on Friday that there was frost on the bridge today -
the one I walk over on the way to work
It was cold!
Went to an Agency on Friday.
She said the legal firm she sent my resume to are very interested in me - and will be more so after they see my references that I took her today!
The job is in Putney (
see the tube map) and it is full time permanent - sick pay, holiday pay etc etc, and definately not an hour travelling to work every morning.
The downside will be not being able to up and leave to travel like I can as a temp, but the good thing is I have a permanent job and that security would be nice.
No idea what I will do if I get it because I really like where I am now and the people are nice, but I know it is not forever...it may be for only another two months.
There are 'pros-and-cons' to both...Decisions, Decisions!
Been out the Friday and Saturday night this week.
It is good fun.
Big groups of us from the house go - we all get dressed and catch the tube together to the pub.
Last night we went to the "Slug and Lettuce" in Fullham
They are an Aussie chain like Walkabout.
A really bizzare thing happened though.
The place was packed and they were playing some great music, but then they played "You are the Voice" by John Farnham.
The place went off - every single Aussie in the place knew every single word to that song and we were all singing as loud as we could!
It was so strange because you don't ever here John Farnham at home anywhere, but they played it in what is considered to be a cool pub over here.
It was quite funny.
Anyway, nearly 1.00pm and I have a lunch date.
Gotta go.
Talk to you later!
Monday 1st December 2003
How are you?
Miserable and rainy today.
I need to buy an umbrella - 'cause mine broke.
I also have a meeting with another job agency so we will see how that goes.
I found out that the nickname for the Slug and Lettuce Pub is the 'Sluts and Legless'!
What do you think of that?
I was very good and only had three beers and wasn't either of those two things!
I can't believe it is December now and I have been away for nearly six weeks already!
Nearly lunch time now...so I have to go out in the COLD rain!
Miss you...talk later.
Tuesday 2nd December 2003
I'm sick.
I have a cold and I can't talk properly and a very sore throat and swollen neck!
I can't believe it...
I went nearly six weeks without getting sick and last night BANG!
I didn't get wet or anything...bugger.
And about the 'Dear Diary' email - well, there probably won't be one today because I am going home to bed!
Sorry but I feel like crap!
Wednesday 3rd December 2003
Can't even see outside the window today.
It is so misty and foggy!
I am feeling better now.
Still not 100% but I have a cough now and a runny nose which means it is all moving so hopefully will move on out soon.
Definately not as stuffed up and I don't have a headache.
I found a new way to get to work that knocks 15-20 minutes of my journey.
I catch the District Line Train to Westminster, and then the Jubilee through to Canary Warf, and then the DLR to Crossharbour

It means another change but it is heaps faster so I don't care.
My ears pop though when we go under the Thames and it is worse cause I am stuffed up!
Anyway, that is probably about it.
Bye Bye.
Thursday 4th December 2003
Just been tired!
Been checking and replying to bits and pieces but no "Dear Diary" stories.
I saw an agency last night and had a do a typing test.
I was timed at 84 words a mintue!
Very very fast with 98% accuracy.
And it was copy typing.
I am much faster on audio.
I also had a spelling test and got 100% - like that mum?
This guy reckons he can get me another £100 a week which would be really really really really nice.
Had a very early morning to get to Beckton for the orthodontist (
see the tube map - far right) further than where I work.
He is really nice and I am very happy with him.
He have given me elastic bands too.
They connect your top teeth to you bottom teeth and snap when you yawn.
Imagine a rubber band snapping inside your mouth!
Still pretty snot-nosed so trying to stay in and stay warm...coat, scarf and warm hat everywhere.
Monday 8th December 2003
It looks like Scotland for New Years is off now.
As well as the £289 I will have to spend money on food and drink, etc
and I don't even want to think about using my credit card for that.
Anyway - don't worry about it...
Your Xmas present is still in my bank account and I will use it for a trip some time after Christmas.
There are heaps of people at the hostel going to see the Chemical Brothers (they're pretty good, hey Brett?) on NYE so I will be fine.
When you think about going away...it is very unlikely that I would spend $300 at home for New Years so I guess doing it here is a bit odd then, isn't it?
Had a bit of cold relapse this moring and have a voice like a man!
But you get that I suppose when it is 4 degrees in the morning and we are looking at a top of 9 degrees!
It is beautiful outside - clear and blue with not a cloud to be seen but just very cold!
Got an interview on Thursday and seeing an agency after work today I think.
Tuesday 9th December 2003
I kind of like the cold at the moment.
I know it will get worse and I won't like it, but it is a real change from what I am used to at home day after day,
and I like putting on a coat and scarf and hat and heading out.
Got a job interview interview on Thursday that will give me guaranteed work until the end of my Visa.
Quite looking forward to it...and the lady said that basically if I come across well in the interview the job is mine.
So here's hoping I am feeling better...might have to get some 'Codral' type things to get me through!
No idea what is happenng for Christmas yet.
I think that I will wake up and have my free cornflakes and toast.
It looks like there are going to be heaps of people around so we might get together and cook dinner...that is the talk at the moment.
Don't think I am getting better...feel better throughout the day and then crappy again in the morning.
Going to the Post Office in about thirty mintues to post the presents.
I have a feeling it will be a bit of a wait!
Shani said that the line was about ten people out the door the whole time she was there!
Goodness me.
It has to be done though!
......and it's done! - Christmas presents are posted.
Dad has to open the box in private in case things get a bit messed up while posting.
If the tags come off let me know and I will let you know which ones they are to go back on.
Wednesday 10th December 2003
Feeling a bit better today...maybe its drugs, maybe I am getting better!
Who knows...
Travelling around - I don't mind "The Tube"
I would really, really hate to drive over here - the roads are too thin and everyone goes too fast!
Probably won't be at work tomorrow and if I am it will only be in the morning.
Got the job interview in the afternoon and I thought I might just sleep in and try and feel better.
The only thing is that I don't get paid when I don't work!
Off to to do some internet research about the Company I am interviewing with -
Capsticks - and it would be in the Clinical Law Division.
Fingers crossed for me tomorrow.