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Leaving London!!!

to spend 82 days travelling around Europe!!!

......and click here to go to her "Busabout Europe Tour" albumn

There are over 20 photos below!!!

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"Bon Voyage"
A note from Tanya
to her Family and Friends

Click here to read her
"I can't believe the time has actually come
but on Monday I leave London for my backpacking holiday round Europe"



Tanya's Going-Away Party

Click here for all the details
of the venue - includes some great photos


Tanya had lots of parties to go to and lots of goodbyes to say!!!

Below are lots of shots taken during the five days before she left London
and they include the photos taken at her going-away party on Saturday 2nd July 2005

(simply click on the thumbnail image to see the photo)

Wednesday 29th June

Nathan and Tanya at his going-away party

Thursday 30th June

Tamara and Tanya

Friday 1st July - Tanya's final day at work - Ingram Winter Green Solicitors

Tanya and Nick-------------- Kristina

Jeremy --- and Tanya and Jeremy (two photos)

Saturday 2nd July - Tanya's "Going Away Party"

Lesley, Tamara and Irma------ Kristina and Tanya

Tanya, Gregg and Tracey------ Tanya and Ella

Jono and Tanya------ Tanya and Tamara

Tanya, Michelle and Michelle--- Tanya, Kim and Glen

Glen, Kim, Lesley and Ella

Sunday 3rd July

--Tanya, Kaz and Jase--

Kaz and Jase--------- Tanya and Jase