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#15 - Saturday 17th July to Wednesday 22nd September 2004

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Saturday 17th July to Monday 19th July 2004
I rode to work today in shorts and shirt - and it was 12 degrees!
Didn't do much this weekend.
Went shopping for Mum's birthday present.
Mum, it's a big one isn't it?? - fifty!!!
Are you a bit sad that neither of "your babies" are going to be there?
You will love the present - and once again I will be your favourite most thoughtful daughter!
David Barron goes home this week so we are going to have dinner one night.
Monday 19th July 2004
We are 'doing afternoon tea' on Saturday 31st July at Fortnum and Mason!!
......and here are copies of emails Tanya sent to her friends.
Subject - Afternoon Tea
I was shopping on Saturday and ended up in
Fortnum and Mason on Picadilly
It is very very posh,
and I spied them 'doing afternoon tea' in the restuarant.
I have been told that having a proper English afternoon tea is something that you should do while here, so I really want to go.
They had little cakes on one of old fashion cake tier trays and sandwiches that they cut the crusts off - and they use their best china!!
I thought we could all go along and pretend we have manners for the day!!
Afternoon tea is served between 3.00pm and 5.30pm each day.
We would have to make it a Saturday and you have to book.
I thought maybe we could go on 31st July which is the day after pay-day.
Let me know if you are interested.
And start practising holding your tea cup with your little finger poking out!
......and another note after the booking was made
I have made a booking for six people for 4.00pm on Saturday 31st July (to be on the safe side)
The cost is £21.93 including all taxes.
Let me know if you are still up for it.
Tuesday 20th July 2004
Just thought I would tell you that I went for a walk for about two hours on Sunday.
Went around the river in the opposite direction to where I usually go.
Then yesterday I rode to work and back (as usual),
then I went for a hour walk when I got home,
then this morning I got up and rode to work, and
then did fifty minutes at the gym - a small weights circuit that Sonya sent me.
I am feeling 'pretty bloody good' today, let me tell you!!
I also bought a fit ball on the weekend - I decided I missed mine.
Tamara was laughing at me, but she hasn't ever used one so we were mucking around on it yesterday.
Remember when I could kneel on it and throw a medicine ball back and forth with Sonya?
Friday 23rd July 2004
I was watching the movie "Love Actually" last night.
It is fun to watch movies and know that I have been to all of those places!!
Plus - love all stuff that Hugh Grant does.
I am seeing David Barron tonight before he goes home,
and hopefully catching up with some nice girls I met during the "Pub Crawl"
The weather is fantastic here at the moment, so tomorrow the plan is to be in the park with a book.
I walked to work today and it was such a lovely morning.
The river looks very inviting especially when it is hot - but I couldn't bring myself to go in it.
I reckon it would actually be pretty gross!
Talk to you soon.
Friday 30th July 2004
Once again I am a winner!
Jaci is coming with me
Salsa dancing with cute boys and sangria cocktails!

To - troneberg@capsticks.co.uk
Subject - Runner-up prize TNT Magazine - Spanish Flair
You have won a pair of tickets to the Sangria and "Assassination Tango" DVD launch party on Monday August 2
The prize includes a free salsa lesson and sangria cocktail

Being held at - La Tasca, 23-24 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden
Start time - 7.00pm
The launch DVD will be shown at 7.00pm until 7.30pm
Free salsa class from 7.30pm until 8.30pm
The party goes on until 11.00pm!!
Your name will be on the door, however please take a copy of this email as confirmation of your prize.
Friday 6th August 2004
Rugby Union - I have booked the Wallabies tour to Scotland with the Fanatics
Fast Train and 2 nights hostel accommodation.
Tuesday 31st August 2004
The Olympics are over!!
(CLICK HERE to go to "Brett at the Athens Olympics" albumn)
Can things get back to normal now?
Just plain old-newsy-boring-chatty emails?
Anyway...just thought I would tell you that I was thinking of getting all my hair cut off - back to my shoulders anyway.
I was having a lot of trouble getting it straight and it was fluffy and very annoying.
Anyway an email came around work and someone was selling a Remington Hair Straightner for £5.
I brought it!
Saturday was Tamara's birthday so five of us went to brunch in Covent Garden.
I wore my hair half back with a clip and let it go curly - it looked really nice!
Then I went home and used the straightner.
It is fabulous!!
I can't believe how different it makes me look.
Needless to say - the hair now staying long!!
I am so excited that Brett is going to be here next Tuesday!!
I absolutely cannot wait!!

I am trying to get Friday off work too and do the touristy things that day and then we go to Rome on Saturday and then Paris...oh, so fun - can you believe it!
I have also bought tickets for us to go to a Premier League Football (soccer) Match - Crystal Palace v Manchester City.
And we are going to an Aussie Pub, and to dinner at my local, and maybe to Brighton or Windsor and Greenwich - everywhere, basically.
Wednesday 1st September 2004 (note to Brett)
Saturday morning we can go to Hyde Park and have a wander and an icecream
Then Saturday we fly out to Rome and Paris.
Friday when we get back I thought the afternoon tour of Lord's Cricket ground
Maybe then out for dinner/bar or just to bed depending on how tired we are.
Saturday morning we can cruise along the Thames to Greenwich
Then catch the boat back to London for "a special event!"
I have a surprise for you - I know you will moan when I tell you but I think it will be fun.
It is also something I haven't done yet - ???
Saturday - not real sure...we will just see I guess.
And then you go home on Sunday.
Can you please let me know also if you are interested in seeing a show in the West End - like Lion King or Chicago.
There are heaps to choose from.
At some point you also have to come into work and bring your Silver Medal.
Everyone wants to check you out!!
The girls all think you look gorgeous on the front page of the paper with the Medal!!
Friday 3rd September 2004
Thirteen of us have booked to go to the
Tri Nations Rugby League Match between Australia and New Zealand at Loftus Road Stadium on Saturday 23rd October 2004
We are going with another Fanatics group
Monday 6th September 2004
Dad and Mum - this is probably going to get really 'old' for you two
and you will probably get another email tomorrow saying exactly the same thing
but I can't believe Brett is going to be here tomorrow!!
I am so excited...
London, Paris and Rome...not a bad holiday hey?
Anyway - must go work because I am probably going to be totally useless tomorrow.
Tuesday 7th September 2004
Brett's holiday with Tanya albumn------(simply click on this link to read Tanya's day-by-day diary of their holiday)
Needless to say I am pretty excited today
Really looking forward to having 'my visitor'

The landlords have given him his own room - he doesn't even have to share with me!
Ahh...must go work otherwise not much will get done today
Wednesday 8th September to Monday 20th September 2004
During their holiday there were lots of emails from both Tanya and Brett.
And these were sent from London, Rome and Paris - and replies from Geoff and Sharon.
Click here to read all these notes
Monday 20th September 2004
Back at work!!!
Don't wanna be - wanna be on holidays still!!
Holiday photos
Got the photos put on disc today and there are only 245, not 247 like I thought - so it isn't quite so bad!!
Anyway - I am going to send you five tonight from a net-cafe that I want you to let Mum see before Brett gets home so it is like we are still on holiday together
Okay - just five and I really want you to do this for me!

(they won't be the best ones - I will save them for the "Holiday Story" update)
PS - Is there anything left in my storage shed?
Or have you used everything!

Tuesday 21st September 2004
Brett's holiday with Tanya - "sneak preview photos"
Mum, were there tears when you saw these pics?
He he - you big sook!

Anyway - it is freezing here today.
I am going to have to go and buy a new coat this week - I actually really like winter but just not yet.
I am expecting to be at work until about 8.30pm.
Wednesday 22nd September 2004
It is cold but you know that I like it.
Wasn't great riding home in the dark and cold last night but it was okay.
The ride was fine tho and well lit all the way...don't ride down the river at night.
Who knows what could be in there!
Riding home at night is much better/easier than I thought it would be.
Lots less traffic on the roads are the drivers are a bit nicer than during peak hour!
I am here at work late again.
Am "pretty damn tired" but apparently this work needs to get done and no one did it while I was away and they are refusing to pay over time.
But my boss said to note the hours I stay back and take time in lieu.