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Maclay Murray and Spens Solicitors

Her new job - started on Monday 3rd October 2005

......after returning from her 82-day Busabout Tour of Europe

An email to Tanya from

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Thursday 29th September 2005
To Tanya from Amy Keeble/Mark Lawrence at "Law Support"
Subject - Confirmation of temporary assignment
Dear Tanya
Thank you very much for agreeing to undertake a temporary assignment through Law Support and I have pleasure in confirming the details as follows:-
Client - Maclay Murray and Spens - 5 Old Bailey London EC4M 7JX
Closest tube - Old Bailey
Start date - Monday 3rd October 2005
Hours - 9.30am to 5.30pm
Ask for - Karen Snowden
Position - Legal Secretary - Corporate
Hourly Rate - (a secret!!! - but it's not too bad!!!)
I will be in contact with you to ensure you are settling into the assignment
I hope you enjoy your time at Maclay Murray & Spens and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries
With best regards
Mark Lawrence
Law Support
Recruitment for the Legal Professional

......and here is the Company Tanya will be working for

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Maclay Murray and Spens - a full service, independent, commercial legal firm
offering legal solutions and advice to clients throughout the UK and beyond

The firm has offices in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Brussels
and our objective is to provide a consistently excellent quality of service
across our entire service range and from all our offices

An email from Tanya on Monday 3rd October 2005
"My new work is fine
Everyone is nice - and I can still type!
Here is how I get to work
- walk to the station bout twenty minutes
- then train from Clapham Junction to Waterloo bout eight minutes
- then a walk to work past National Theatre, Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe,
St Pauls Cathedral while crossing the Millenium Bridge (Bridget Jones does it!!)
- I can see the Tower Bridge and London Eye
Total of about thirty minutes
Bye, Tanya"