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#24 - Monday 3rd October to *** October 2005

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Monday 3rd October 2005
My new work is fine - at Maclay Murray and Spens Solicitors
Everyone is nice - and I can still type!

Think I would like to go to Ireland tho - I have friends there and I loved it last year!
The show, "The Lion King", was awesome!
It was at The Lyceum Theatre and I went on Sunday night.
Also I am planning to see "High Society" with Tamara on Wednesday at The Shaftsbury Theatre
And then "Phamtom of the Opera" too! - at Her Majestys Theatre on Wednesday - hopefully!!
My throat getting better but still coughing.
By the way, here is how I get to work - walk to the station bout twenty minutes - then train from Clapham Junction to Waterloo bout eight minutes - then a walk to work past National Theatre, Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe, St Pauls Cathedral while crossing the Millenium Bridge (Bridget Jones does it!!) - I can see the Tower Bridge and London Eye
Total of about thirty minutes