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Saturday 20th August 2005

"Another update from Tanya"

Hi all
Sorry for the group emails but that is the only way to do it over here because it is so expensive to use the internet

Anyway, I am off to the
Greek Islands for eleven days tomorrow!!
Can't wait for some beach action!!
Athens is stinking hot so I am looking forward to having an ocean to swim in too!!
Although they have sea urchins here - fun!! - at least they don't kill you like the box jellys do but apparently you have to pee on yourself to stop the sting - eew!

Since I last wrote I have been to a few more very cool places - one of them being
I liked it because the history was recent and there was so much to see
I did the walking tour there and instead of four hours it lasted eight
Admittedly the last two were spent at the pub with the guide!!
But it was great!!
I brought a piece of the wall too
Apparently it came down on my birthday but I had no idea about that - must have been having a party and too concerned about me to notice - whoopsie!

Next stop
Absolutely beautiful and great shopping
I also found a 'Barbie' exhibition and a few of us girls went a bit nutso with the cameras there but it was pretty cool!!
I did a bit of shopping too
The Charles Bridge was beautiful and the views from the Castle over the city of spires was stunning

After that was
Chesky Krumlov
A little town in the Czech Republic that has a Castle and that is about it
There was a group of us there and we went white-water rafting and basically chilled in a great hostel with a great restaurant attached
The Castle has a bear pit with three big bears in it though so that was a bit different

After that was
What a cool place that was!!
I went to the thermal spas there twice and had massages and pedicures from big scary Hungarian men/women (you couln't always tell!!) and saw a woman with a hairy chest - very very weird
It was beautiful tho (the city, not the chest!!) and I really enjoyed it
It was a pretty chilled out place too which was nice

Then it was to
I did a wine tasting tour on a bike - I was riding a bit crookedly by the last winery!!
And I went swimming in the Danube
I also had a sacher-torte-chocolate-cake at the Hotel Sacher and also just wandered and looked at the beautiful buildings
The boy's chior and the spanish horses were on holidays so I didn't get to see them - never mind

Next stop was
I loved Salzburg!!
Firstly there was the 'Sound of Music' tour which we made a day of
The hostel plays the movie every day and then the tour leaves
We had a ball!! - the soundtrack is on in the bus and we all sang along!!
I also directed the final part of the tour by re-enacting all the scenes from 'do-re-mi' in the Mirabel Gardens at the end of our tour - stay tuned - the shots are a crack up!!
Salzburg is also the home of an Augustinian beer hall where the beer is brewed by monks and you have to grab your own stein off the shelf and wash it before they fill it up!!
Interesting - but really really good beer!!

Then to
Munich for one night
I went past where they are setting up for Octoberfest and it looks awesome - can't wait to be back there next month!!

St Johann was next and it rained the whole time!!
Never mind cause the accommodation was in a pub so we watched the whole last two days of the Third Cricket Test - and drank most of the time!!
It was sunny the afternoon we arrived so me and Courtney who had been with me in Lagos went for a hike and three hours later we reached the top of a hill with a waterfall and rock climbers - oh, how lovely!!
Then it started to rain and we had to walk down the hill and two-and-a-half hours later we arrived back at the pub cold and wet - of course we were unprepared!!

After that it was
My fave stop so far but each place I go to becomes my fave!!
The canals and buildings and gondolas and everything looked just like it should and it was like stepping back in time
I loved it!!
I got a mask and some glass and could have stayed forever!!
We had great weather and it was a truly amazing place with a great feel to it with everything happening on the water - buses, taxis, limos, funerals, police, weddings, ambulance etc
My best memory of Venice will be the gondola ride
The gondolier took us past Cassanovas house - which I thought may have brought me luck but I did not find an Italian Stallion and I am now in
Greece where there are definately no Stallions!!

Today I went to the Acropolis which was awesome
But it was so hot and I am really tired and I have to get up at 4.30am to get the ferry to
Mykonos so I am signing off

Bigs hugs to all

Replies from her Friends

From Anne Kippin
Go Tanya
I am so envious
I have seen The Sound of Music about twenty-five times and I know all the songs and probably most of the dialogue
I would have loved that tour.
Wish I was with you

From Aaron (Aaron is a Kiwi who I met at the hostel and he is back in New Zealand)
Good to hear you're having so much fun
Hope you enjoy the Greek Islands
PS - if you see any hot topless girls and feel the need to take photos don't be shy to forward them on - ha ha

From Ryan (Ryan managed the Nevern Hostel - that seems like so long ago now!)
Hi Tanya
How are you doing?
Good to hear you are nejoying your travels
Stay in touch
I'm still at the Nevern
I am on my way to Thailand and Australia in eight weeks and staying for six weeks - can't wait