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Oslo + Copenhagen + Booze Cruise!

Friday 15th to Sunday 17th October 2004

Wednesday 30th June 2004
"Check this out....I think I have to go

Click on this map of Europe - shows where Tanya is going

(1) - Click here for the itinerary of Tanya's three days
and the page also includes a few photos of the attractions she will be seeing

(2) - Click here for "Nordic Express - Final Information"
This is an email from the tour company involved
and has heaps of details on what Tanya will be doing
along with entry prices and web links to the major attractions

Email from Tanya on Monday 27th September 2004
"I also got a coat which covers my bottom
It is a canvassy-type-army-type material
and it is brown with a big hood that has fur around the hood
You will see it in my photos of Norway and Denmark later in the month!"
......and on Thursday 14th October 2004
It is currently 3 degrees in Oslo
Tomorrow night when we land it expected to be 5 degrees
and in Copenhagen on Sunday it is expected to be 12 degrees"
......and on Friday 15th October 2004
"Norway and Denmark! - will be a blast - leaving soon
BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! - I am off to Scandinavia!"
......and on Monday 18th October 2004
"The trip was tops - had a blast - great duty free on the boat and soooo much food"

Tanya's "Day-by-Day" Diary is below,
and it gives heaps of details of everything she saw and did

......and the pages include 117 photos!!!

Day One - Friday 15th October 2004 - London and Oslo
(3 photos)
A few dramas with the flight
The Hostel in Oslo
Settled in - then went out at 12.45am!!!

Day Two - Saturday 16th October 2004 - Oslo and the Cruise Ship

(80 photos)
Exploring Oslo
The Olympic Ski Jump
The Sculpture Park
The Viking Ship Museum
The Nobel Peace Prize Venue
Headed to the port for the cruise
A great night on the Cruise Ship

Day Three - Sunday 17th October 2004 - The Cruise Ship, Sweden (?), Copenhagen and London

(34 photos)
A visit to Sweden? - maybe!!
Exploring Copenhagen
The Carlsberg Brewery
Walked down the longest pedestrianised shopping street in Europe
Took a canal cruise
Return to London
More stamps in her passport!!!

"I had a great time"