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#17 - Tuesday 26th October to Thursday 2nd December 2004

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Tuesday 26th October 2004
Tri-Nations Rugby League - Australia v New Zealand
The football was good

I forgot my camera but bought a disposable and we'll see how they turn out.
It poured with rain but we were undercover.
Wednesday 27th October 2004
I booked a ticket to see Kylie in concert
It isn't until May next year but I am really excited!

It is the same place that I saw Justin Timberlake.
Another soccer match - Socceroos v Norway
Booked this too!!

Monday 1st November 2004
My weekend was really good.
I shopped till I dropped on Saturday getting stuff to take away with me to Egypt
Anyway I got my camera tripod and carry case and travel hairdryer (this thing is awesome) and 'poo' tablets and insect spray and mini body wash and mini deoderant and bandaids and travel pillow and I also got new makeup and a lippy and that got me a free gift (love Clinique) and other stuff too but I can't remember and it is probably just boring anyway.
I started writing my list and putting stuff out that I am going to take.
I am going to borrow Tamara's backpack to take because it is just a bit bigger than my little wheely bag.
Did you cry at the airport this morning sending your son off to South America?
It is a good story though.
All next week you can say that you son is in Venezuela and your daughter is in Egypt!
Tuesday 2nd November 2004
Still no sign of Kaz's birthday card
Anyway - went to dinner for Karen's birthday last night to Wagamama's

It is a really nice Japanese restaurant (I took Brett there)
I had a bowl of Chicken Ramen - it is soup with noodles and veges and a grilled chicken breast sliced and plonked on top....soooo yummy!
There were about 20 people there for dinner but at the end there was Me, Kaz, Jase, Elle, Nathan, Aaron.
It was the old hostel gang together again.
We just sat around and talked - it was nice to just relax and have a chat with old friends.
Going to Gourmet Burger Kitchen tonight straight after work with a few people from here for a great big burger.
The food there is even better than Wagamama's and I have been thinking about it since I got up this morning!!
PS - I ran a "Melbourne Cup Sweep" here at work! - I didn't win but an Aussie girl did.
Wednesday 3rd November 2004
I am going to see Brenda after work tonight
I am quite looking forward to it

Anyway...didn't do much last night.
Had the burger and went home and packed my stuff for Egypt - not properly packed - just in the backpack ready to be sorted because I am out tonight and out tomorrow night and out Friday night!
That's about it...going to work now.
Thursday 4th November 2004
I had a lovely time with Brenda and her family last night - we got "a bit pissy" and I am a little seedy today but that is okay
Egypt soon! - two more sleeps! - and I am starting to get really excited!
Friday 5th November 2004
I can't believe it is finally here.
Went out for drinks last night with about 15 friends - it was really good fun and I had a lovely time and got some nice birthday cards and of course didn't spend a cent all night!
Must get some work done so it is all okay for my cover next week.
Have a nice weekend - keep the phone handy - I will text when I get there and I want one straight back so that I know that it works.
Am not feeling motivated!
One hour to go until I am on holidays!
Saturday 6th November to Sunday 14th November 2004
A nine day trek oround Egypt------(simply click on this link to read Tanya's day-by-day diary of her experiences)
Includes a day-by-day diary and two-hundred-and-ninety-seven photos!!
Monday 15th November 2004
It seems that the card to Karen has gone missing
Never mind - is a bit of a bugger tho

Starting to fade a bit now - woke up at 3.30 this morning!
Because of the Egypt travel!!
After a 4.30am start, then an overnight train, then a 4.30am start, plus another 4.30am start, and then an overnight train my body was getting trained to the early starts!!
Tuesday 16th November 2004
Morning - not much to report today.
Bike in for a service today.
I rode yesterday too even tho I was totally shagged but it's so cold if I didn't get straight back into it I wouldn't have at all!!
Soccer tonight too - can't wait for that - love Harry Kewell!
Did you like the photos?
What about my hair and scarf!
I put a colour in it before Brett got here but it should be gone by now.
Wednesday 17th November 2004
I'm a bit tired today.
Went to the soccer last night and after the game there was so many people trying to get on buses that I started walking to the station (there was heaps of people)
And then I realised that my friend Jason lives on that street.
So I rang him and he met me outside and I went in and he made me a cup of tea and we had a chat and then when it was time to go the buses were all empty.
I got home just before midnight.
Oh and my belly is still a bit funny after Egypt
Today is the first day that I have felt sick in the tummy - the cramps are much stronger and I am going to the loo more often.
Never mind...it will clear up I am sure.
I am really tired and trying to get back into a routine is proving harder than I thought.
Friday 19th November 2004
Feeling better and I am here at work today.
It is a 'casual day' so I have my jeans on and the top button is undone to relieve pressure on my tummy - I was up at 2.30am again this morning on the loo - such a bugger!!
Got Jamie Pearlman's birthday drinks tonight so I am going to make it a quick one - have to go tho - haven't seen him since he got here and another friend who is going home is going to stop in at his do on the way home - hopefully be home nice and early.
Lots of snow all over England at the mo - none in London tho.
Just as long as it is in Scotland at Christmas I will be happy!!
Monday 22nd November 2004
I am here and I still have 'the runs' and I can't see a doctor until 6.20pm on Thursday.
What a crock!
Anyway...had a really good weekend.
Saw Jamie on Friday and then went out for Jaci's birthday on Saturday.
We went to a place called Bar Salsa and it was fantastic
We ate dinner and we danced the night away

It is a salsa club (obviously) and I was asked to dance by heaps of guys.
I must say that apart from the stomach cramps and regular toilet visits I was feeling pretty fab in a great outfit - it is my Christmas Party outfit so you will see photos then.
It was fun...there were five girls.
The guys can actually dance properly and I honestly can't remember the last time I was out and someone asked me to dance!
One guy was really hot...he was black with short spiky dreadlocks and he was built!! - he led me really well.
We had a blast and it is a great ego boost when you walk past someone and you can hear behind you "my oh my oh my".
A nice Italian boy told me I was very pretty and then said "excuse my bad english but when I look at you my desire is sexy!"
Yes I was well behaved okay and they probably just wanted one thing...but it was nice that they weren't drunk Aussies in a antipodean pub openly out for a shag!!!
Tuesday 23rd November 2004
Good morning - I am here at work but still not better and really really tired.
Anyway, must work and try and stay awake.
Wednesday 24th November 2004
I transferred the "$300.00 birthday present money" to my credit card which makes it easier to use.
I have checked the exchange rate and know just how much money I have to spend when I shop on Saturday.
There is still a chance I will wait until the sales to get the hairclip but I also thought I might like to get a nice new winter jumper too - decisions, decisions but I will let you know what I get.
I am feeling much better today.
I ate nothing from lunch time Monday until tea time on Tuesday - I then ate dinner and feel fine.
I had brekky today and haven't had to rush to the loo at all.
Thursday 25th November 2004
Capsticks - so they are apparently getting rid of six solicitors from my department.
We are supposed to hear today - and we have heard that they are getting rid of three secretaries - and then we hear that they are actually getting rid of six.
None of it is much fun and I just wish they would tell us.
I wouldn't like to leave here but if it has to be, I would like as much notice as possible.
Never mind.
I am going shopping with my friend Leslie on Saturday.
We are going to Harrods and to Notting Hill for Chrissy stuff - what fun!
This month I am doing to do my first online grocery shop - how posh!!
I like to shop at ASDA because it is cheap but I have to take a bus and a train to get there and then I can't carry a heap of stuff so I am going to get it delivered and it only costs £4.75 or free if I order over £99.00.
That is just a bit more than a return train ticket so I think I will come out ahead.
Anyway, that's about it.
Friday 26th November 2004
My day is pretty quiet.
Looks like my boss isn't getting made redundant which means I should be right.
Not real sure they will renew my contract yet but I should find that out just before Christmas - it expires on 21st January next year.
Serena didn't leave me much work to do today so once I get done I will have to help other people out.
Am very excited about shopping tomorrow!!
I am meeting Leslie for coffee first thing and then heading off to Harrods and Notting Hill feeling very posh - it's even an excuse to get a little dressed up for a change.
By the way I am expecting my first delivery of online shopping tonight between 8.00pm and 10.00pm.
Hopefully it all goes well - yes, what a party animal!! here I am spending Friday night at home waiting for my groceries to be delivered!!
It's like getting presents!!
Speaking of presents - I starting Christmas wrapping last night ready to post on Monday/Tuesday.
As usual you will love yours as will everyone else because I am such a great present buyer!
No idea on Poppy tho - I hate buying for him - I never know what to do.
I have two house parties to go to tomorrow night.
One at Amanda's house and one at Karen's house.
One bloody end of London to the other!! - at least Kaz lives near me and I will be at hers second.
The weather is a bit crappy here at the moment so I hope that it gets better for tomorrow and the markets.
Anyway, must go and do some work.
Monday 29th November 2004
I am a bit cold today - it was 6 degrees when I rode to work this morning!!
It is lovely and sunny tho.
Anyway - just saying hi - not much to report.
Got all my Christmas shopping finished on the weekend and that about it.
Birthday Present.
I didn't get the hair clip.
Tried it and it was a bit small to hold all my hair - never mind.
I am thinking I might get my 2005 Lonely Planet Diary for next year and go to a show and get the expensive seats!
Hope that sounds okay.
Change of plans!!
Present is going to be a new backpack.
After travelling Egypt with Tamara's I definitely need one to take to Europe in the summer.
Kathmandu is having a 50% off sale so I am going to shop on Saturday.
Now I am excited!! - I know exactly what to spend it on!
Still gonna get the diary - gonna skip the show tho.
Tuesday 30th November 2004
Sonya and Scotty are pregnant!!!!!!!
How exciting is that?
Baby Number Four that I am missing back in Cairns
And I talked to Mark on the phone yeterday and he told me it was a big nite in the Beecroft Household because someone took 12-13 steps all on his own
I get sad to think of missing those things with my friends

Anyway, hurry up and tell me what you think of my Norway/Denmark photos - I am very keen to know.
Going to dinner with Karen tonight because she is going home tomorrow for six weeks - she gets back in January.
Trying to decide whether to go to Iceland or to the Monaco Grand Prix as a trip for the first half of the year.
Will prolly only do one or two little trips as I will be saving for my three months in Europe - July August September!!!!!
Blah - going to do some work now!!
It was 4 or 5 degrees when I rode to work this morning - that's really really cold!!
Wednesday 1st December 2004
It's Christmas!!!!
Well, it's December anyway.
The Christmas lights are up in the streets and it's just lovely.
It was 5 degrees for my ride to work this morning but the windchill factor made it feel like 2 according to the weather website.
I got my first Christmas card today from Sarah at work - who is coming to visit you in February! - she is lovely and you will really like her.
That's all - going to see Amanda tonight before she goes to Egypt on Friday - prolly won't see her until after Christmas now because she gets back on 22nd and I go on 23rd December to Scotland
Dinner with Karen last night was nice.
Gonna post presents tomorrow - they are all wrapped and just got to send em.
Shopping with Jase on Sunday - he is going to help me pick my backpack.
I told him it will be long and painful shopping with me but he said that it took him three hours to buy his so that is fine.
Excellent - someone to help me out because I have no idea.
Still thinking about next year and where to go.
I think Iceland - going to be expensive though - go to "timthetourman.com" and check out the Iceland tour.
It is the one I want to do - might just be a bit too soon for me to afford properly.
Monaco would be awesome though it is more expensive than Iceland but I would love to see a Grand Prix.
That's all, bye.
Thursday 2nd December 2004
It isn't miserable and rainy but it was three degrees when I rode to work today!
By the way, It's minus2 degress in Inverness at the moment
How fun with Christmas be?
All I can say is there had better be snow!!

Christmas Parcel has been sent today so I have 7-10 days to finish my Egypt story - because it has the disc of photos in it!!
Speaking of parcels - Mum, yours which was post marked EBC 19.10.2004 arrived today!!!!!
Just in time for Karen's Birthday...NOT!!! - she went to Australia yesterday!