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A visit from Aunty Fiona and Uncle Denys
(Sharon's sister and brother-in-law)

Thursday 12th August 2004

A note from Fiona and Denys
Dear Tanya - thanks for your e-mail
Our tour of Europe has just been confirmed, so I have now got all the dates
Denys is actually going to America first
and then we both arrive at Heathrow on Wednesday Aug 11 from different directions
We will only be in London 4 nights until Sunday morning Aug 15,
when we leave on our tour of Europe
We are doing an 20 day "Insight" tour called "Romantic European"
which includes Brussels, Amsterdam, Wurzburg, Prague, Budapest, Vienna,
Venice, Rome, Florence, Lucerne and Paris
Instead of coming back to London, we are having 2 extra days in Paris
and flying home from there on Sept 5
You sound like you are having a terrific time
and using every moment to see as much as possible
It would obviously be fantastic to catch up with you at some stage
Hope to hear from you soon
Another note to Tanya - they are on their way
Hi Tanya
I am about to head off to the airport for the US, with Fiona some 10 days behind me
We arrive in London on Wednesday 11 August, and depart Sunday 15th
The only evening commitment we have is The Lion King on Saturday night
So, we could catch up either Thursday or Friday night
Thursday we are planning to end the day somewhere around Piccadilly Circus
and were thinking of eating in Soho before returning to the hotel
Friday, we will probably end up around Kensington Palace
But either evening - if you have a better suggestion as to where to catch up, let us know
We are not at all adverse to catching the tube or a taxi to somewhere nice
And if either evening is a problem, give us some alternatives,
and we will try to work around them
Please organise sunny days and no crowds
Say 'hello' to the Queen if you are speaking to her
and remind her we're dropping in for morning tea Friday 14th
From Tanya to Fiona and Denys
Thursday night will work are in my diary!
I can come in to Picadilly Circus straight after work
I haven't yet had dinner in there yet so that is good
I really couldn't tell you where to go though
If you like curries I can suggest Brick Lane which is like an Indian China Town
The days have been good
I won't be able to help you with the crowds tho...just grin and bear it!
Haven't seen "Aunty Liz" lately but I will keep an eye out for her
See you next week
And the visit is organised!!!
Tanya - Thursday it is then
We are looking forward to catching up with you next week
Love, Fiona

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Fiona and Denys

Fiona speaking to Sharon --- and Denys saying hello

---Tanya and Fiona---