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A few days in Belgium

Saturday 29th to Monday 31st May 2004

Belgium is booked!!!
"I am going on 29th May for 3 days with Amanda.
Yay...another holiday!
There is a long weekend so me and Amanda are going to Eurostar it to Brussels
We are also taking a trip to Bruges on the last day.
Everyone who has been says it is great!

(click) Map of Belgium showing the cities she will be visiting

(click) Map of Brussels showing the major attractions

Click here for the itinerary of Tanya's three days,
and this mentions two 'world famous attractions' that Tanya will see
Click on the two thumbnail images below
for photos and details on these attractions

(click) Grand-Place------ (click) Manneken Pis

Tanya's Diary

"It was a lovely trip
Gent was quite pretty
Bruges is one of my favourite places - it was so relaxing
Oh, and I got another stamp in my passport!!"

Simply click on the days below to read all about what she saw and did
- these pages also contain the thumbnail links
to the 142 photos she took

Day One - Saturday---(64 photos - 9 of Tanya)
Struggling out of bed and packing
The trip via Eurostar
Arrival in Brussels
A Commemorative Arch
Competing in a "half-marathon!!!
The World Fair Atomium
Checked in to the Hotel
The restaurant area in Brussels
Walking around the Grand Place
Saw the Manneken Pis
The Hotel de Ville
A great chocolate shop - and tried some waffles
Amanda and Tanya - "together"???

Day Two - Sunday---(33 photos - 2 of Tanya)
Trip to Gent
"Our guide had never been to Gent"!!!
Visited an animal market
Walked through the Square
Saw the Volleyball Titles - and got "smacked" in the head by a ball!!!
Visited a lace shop
...and another chocolate shop
The bus left without Tanya and Amanda!!!
...but they arrived back in Brussels okay
Went to the Cartoon Museum
Some more shopping
Dinner at a restaurant - "it was hilarious" - "it was just bizarre"
Saw the Jeanneken Pis
Back to the Hotel - "I had a very sore neck"

Day Three - Monday
---(46 photos - 4 of Tanya)
The train to Brugge
Walked through the Square
Went on a canal cruise
Saw Michelangelo's "Madonna and Child"
Walked to the Bejinhof
"A bit of a snooze in the park by a canal"
Dinner in Brussels
On the train for the trip back to London