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It's snowing in London!!!
Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th January 2004

"I live and work in London and it's cold and snowing and pretty
and so different to anything I have ever experienced before"

(as you read the story, click on the thumbnail image to see the photos)

Last night was such fun

I know I have seen snow before that was actually on ski slopes where it is meant to be!

I had been checking the net all day because I was sure that it was going to snow
That is what everyone else said anyway

We got a bit of snow in the morning
but at about 5.15pm a few people said that it was really coming down.
We ran to the window and when we saw that it was we just grabbed our coats and ran out the door
I shouted to Serena "See you tomorrow, I'm going to play in the snow!"
She just laughed

When the elevator finally came (which seemed like forever) we all got in and everyone laughed at us
On the ground floor we have commissionaires who usually get the door for us in the morning and afternoons
We just stood there still getting dressed and getting our camera's out
(which luckily I now carry with me all of the time!)
Bob held the door and we walked outside

Outside the office door

It was such a strange sight
because everything was white and the snow was still falling and my coat was instantly white

Trina and Tracey--- Tracey and Tanya--- Tanya (blurred)

It was with Trina and Tracey who are on my floor
and we were kind of going slowly looking around and taking photos
I got some good ones and Trina got some good ones of me too

In the tube station Tanya with snow on her coat, and Trina's "snow hat"

The Putney Bridge station is only partially covered so both ends of the platform were white
and everyone waiting had snow on them

We got on the train and all but one of the stations I pass are outside so there was snow everywhere and on everyone!
The trains did go quite slowly

The walk from the train station home was funny too
There were people using umbrella's and they were completely white on the top
I just didn't bother because I had my beanie on and was carrying two bags of stuff

Earls Court footprints, tyre tracks, and the cars!!!

When I rounded the corner into my street I could see people crouching behind cars on both sides of the road
and throwing things at each other and I knew I was in trouble!
When I got to the house before us Ryan, who manages the hostel, called out "Here's Tanya"
and then about six boys starting pelting me with snowballs!
There was nothing I could do but try and get to the door which I finally did

I went upstairs and changed and came back down again but didn't go outside
It was far too cold and it had stopped snowing

I listened to Karen's radio a bit and London had basically stopped
The tubes were delayed and some stations closed and roads closed because of a lorry jack-knife

I can't believe it happens like this every year!
We have been warned for a week that it was going to happen but it still seemed like a surprise to most locals!

Cars in the streets of London (two photos)

This morning I woke up and looked out my window over the other hotel grounds
They were completely white as were all of the cars in their parking lot
I got dressed nice and warmly because it is still freezing and left for work 20 minutes early

Footprints, but slippery footpaths

I knew the walk to the tube would be bad but I had no idea
The snow had turned to ice which made the footpath very very very slippery
I was wearing my runners cause my high heel boots would have been too scary particularly with my sore knee
(but it didn't stop some people - watching the girls tottering around was quite funny)

I ended up getting to work on time which was lucky

"It was so pretty" (two photos)

My section of the Underground is actually above ground
and we got past a few fields and school ovals and they were all white
It was so pretty

Looking across the rooftops (three photos)--- Tube tracks

When I got upstairs at work I took out my camera
and took photos out across London at all the white tops of the houses
It was a lovely view and I got some good shots

When I went out at lunch time there was still snow around but not a lot
Most of the ice had melted but some of the footpaths were still quite slippery

It was a very strange experience walking to the shops to do my grocery shopping with snow around
- in the trees and driveways and gutters!

I will admit that I have been walking around with a silly grin on my face since last night

It was great fun!