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Australia Day - Monday 26th January 2004

......but the celebrations started on Sunday!!!

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Sunday - at the "Fulham Tup" pub
click here to see photos of the pub)

"Sunday arv me and Karen went to the Fulham Tup
We were "dressed to kill" in our Aussie gear
It was really good fun
We met Jason and Elly and Sarah and Paul and Tania and Katie there
The crowd was good and the bar staff were all dressed up to
When we got there there was an Aussie Rules game on the big screen
and then they changed it to the movie, "The Castle"
We sang the National Anthem and Waltzing Matilda and all sorts of things"

"Australia Day" sign in the pub--- The bar - and the Australian flag!!!--- The crowd

"The Castle" showing on the big screen--- The staff doing "Advance Australia Fair" (two photos)

Paul Jason--- Elle Nathan Karen

Paul Tanya Jason--- Tanya Jason

Sunday - "O'Neills" and "You Am I" concert
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"About 6.45pm we left to go to Shepherd's Bush to see "You Am I"
When we got there we met Anthony at O'Neills and had a drink there.
Then we went into see the band and met Michelle and Byron and Chris
We all got a good spot near the bar and listened
Unfortunately, they didn't play any music that I knew!
Never mind it was a good fun crowd
Apparently Shepherd's Bush is only about 20 minutes from Earls Court
Ryan has often given me a bit of grief about the fact that I catch the train there
so me, Michelle and Byron thought we would walk home
Unfortunately we got lost
and about one-and-a half-hours later and a shopping trolley ride later we got home
- and we were a bit cold too!"

Anthony Nathan Karen Tanya--- Anthony Nathan

Tanya Karen--- Anthony Tanya

Tanya Karen Michelle Chris--- Byron Chris Tanya

Byron Chris--- Michelle Tanya - "and a shopping trolley ride later we got home"

Monday - at the "Slug and Lettuce" pub
click here to see photos of the pub)

"I slept in until about 11.00am and then rang Jason for 'part two' of our Australia Day Celebrations
We met at the Fullham "Slug and Lettuce" at 2.30pm
and had a few pints of Fosters and listened to some great music
It was such fun!
About two hours later Greg and Aaron arrived and then Anthony came down
and then Tamara and then Cath and Amira
It was a good crowd there as well
I had a meat pie (YUM!) cause you can't usually get them here
and we shared packets of burger rings and cheezels too because you can't get them over here either
I got knocked over by the drunk girl at about 9.00pm and pretty much went straight home from there
I was in bed by 10.00pm
Anyway, it was great fun and Australia Day in London was fantastic
Everyone was so patriotic and they kept playing "Up there Cazaly" at the Slug on Monday...
everyone was singing and yes, we even got John Farnham again!
That is it!!"

The bar - and lots of Australian flags--- Part of the huge crowd (two photos)

"Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" showing in the big screen (two photos)

Greg Aaron--- Jason (two photos)--- Tanya - and her hat!!!

Aaron Tanya--- Jason Tanya--- Greg Jason Aaron Tanya

Jason Greg (two photos)--- Anthony Aaron (two photos)

Tamara Tanya (three photos)

Greg Anthony Tanya Jason Aaron Tamara--- Jason Tamara Anthony Tanya

Sarah Tamara Tanya - and the girl who knocked Tanya over!!!

Tanya Greg Aaron Anthony Jason Sarah Tamara--- Sarah Tamara Jason

" was great fun and Australia Day in London was fantastic"