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Card to a friend for helping set up her UK banking----- Bought a 'Back Buddy'

Souvenir shirts

"Treaties" that Tanya wanted sent over......

......and presents she sent back to Cairns!!!

Card for Karen's birthday- Tanya's new friend??? Tanya's car in Cairns

A letter from Aunty Jessie--- Nick and Sarah's visit to Cairns

"Cyclone Ingrid" approaching Cairns!!!-- David Barron's feet!!!

Funeral of Pope John Paul II--------- Wedding of Charles and Camilla

"A Holiday from Hell" for some of her friends--- "I spotted Claudia Schiffer!!"

Rugby League State of Origin 2005--- Hottest May day for fifty years!!!

Caramel Macchiato Espresso - "my fave coffee"

"Bomb blasts rock London!!!"

"Oh, what a beautiful baby......"

Tanya's friends and their babys

"Jaylon David Daniel Beecroft"

(nine photos)

"Tia Kelly Franklin"

(nine photos)

"Aidan Richardson"

(nine photos)

"Ella McFadden"

(nine photos)

"Thomas Barber"

(thirteen photos)

"Flynn Matthew Hitchins"

(six photos)


(one photo)