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New Year's 2003/2004

(simply click on the thumbnail image to see the photos)

NOTE - there are 73 thumbnail images on this page
and it may take an extra minute or so to download completely

Click on this logo--- ---to read how Tanya welcomed the New Year


New Year's Eve - at the Nevern Hotel

Jean--- Adam--- Tanya Amanda--- Tanya James

Michelle--- Marius--- Leticha Chris Kelly Adam Ally--- Chris

Julian Leticha Chris--- Francois Linda--- Mike Jackie

Jean Tanya--- Chris Tanya--- Ally Chris Adam Leticha

The group headed off to Trafalgar Square for the
"Midnight Count-Down"

They travelled via the Tube, and Jean was unfortunate enough to fall over (with a can of booze in his hand!!!)
Tanya had her camera, and was 'kind' enough to snap a couple of shots as he was on the floor!!!

Jean (two photos)

Trafalgar Square

Shots of the huge crowd!!!
(seven photos on these two pages)

Tanya James--- James Adam--- Jean Tanya James Adam

Tanya--- Jean Tanya James--- Amanda Adam

Tanya with a couple of London "Bobbies" (two photos)--- Tanya Amanda

Jean Adam Tanya James (two photos)-- Tanya Leticha-- Tanya Cath

Jean Tanya--- and again!!!

and again!!!--- and again!!!--- and again!!!

At the New Year's Day Parade

Cath Amira Tanya--- Tanya Ben--- Tanya - Regent Street

Ben Tanya Amira Cath--- Tanya with a Horseman Guard

...and photos Tanya took during the Parade

From the brochure Tanya sent over
"One of the world's greatest street spectaculars is set to give
London a perfect start to the new year"

and click this logo--- ---for the Parade's route through the streets of London
(a 314Kb download, but it's a great map - lots of detail and information!!!)

Balloon Characters
'Shopping Trolleys'

Town Crier (?)

Minature Steam Engine

Uni-Cyclists and Stilt Walkers

Marching Bands
Baton Twirlers

Motor Vehicles

Fire Engine

Hockey Team

'Important People' (?)
Motor Bikes
School Bands