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"Gotta work to pay them bills!!!"

Blake Turner and Co

Email from Tanya on Friday 31st October 2003
"Monday I start my new JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is with a personal injuries firm with an Australian lawyer and is an ongoing position.
They see how I go after the first week and if it is okay then I stay on for about 3 months minimum.
The name of the firm the Agency sent me to is Blake Turner & Co.
But...I am working for a company called Technical Claims Management.
Not quite sure how it all fits together"

......and another note after her first day
"Work today was really good.
Everyone was really nice and I am working with two Australian girls and and Welsh guy
(I have worked those accents out so far)
I will be doing typing for about seven people.
Holy Crap but - someone else does all the filing and mail folding so it looks like I will just be typing
but it is a friendly place.
The office is in the docks area and looks over the Thames...quite nice!
I do find it quite strange that when I left the office at 5.00pm it was dark"
(see photo below)

(simply click on the thumbnail image to see the photo)

Here she is, ready for her first day --- but...!!!

The sights on her trip to work

London Arena (two photos)--- Canary Wharf (four photos)

A bridge Tanya uses every day---- Tanya's train passing via Canary Wharf

What London looks like at 5.00pm!!!