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Christmas 2003

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An early present for Tanya!!!

A "Christmas Note" from Tanya

A card from us......

......and a few presents!!!

Wearing the present knitted by her Mum!!!

"Tanya's Christmas Bedside Table"
......presents, cards, drinks, chocolates, etc
(two photos)

All the details on Tanya's Christmas Day
and what she during the holiday break

Christmas Eve - preparing the food

Glenn Adam--- Adam Michelle--- Leslie

Leslie Karen Mariah--- Michelle Nathan--- Glenn

Christmas Eve - around the Nevern Hotel

Jean Francois Ally--- Derrick Paulo--- Julian Jean


Christmas Eve - out at a restaurant

Nathan--- Tanya Kim--- Glen Nathan--- Kim Glen

Christmas Eve - drinks at the "Prince of Tek" pub

Nathan Tanya--- Glen Kim Tanya Nathan--- Karen Mariah

A Christmas morning walk around London

Tanya - Kensington Palace (two photos)--- Palace Gardens (three photos)

Seagulls--- Swan in Hyde Park

Tanya - Hyde Park--- Tanya - Royal Albert Hall--- Tanya - a red phone box

The Christmas Spread......

(two photos)--- (three photos)

......and Tanya and her friends enjoying it all!!!

Tanya is in the top four photos


Christmas Day at the Nevern Hotel

Roy Tanya Adam--- Ola Mariah Tanya--- Gordo Gosh

Ally Gordo Gosh Roy Adam--- Roy Adam--- Adam Leticha Ally

Message from Enda--- Glen--- Jeanine Claire

Adam Gosh Mariah Mick--- Tanya Leslie--- Roy Stephanie

Michelle Mariah Daniel Marius--- Gosh Gordo Mick--- Marius

Karen Michelle Jeanine--- Claire Daniel Marius--- Gordo Leslie

Michelle Glen Kim Leslie--- Michelle Karen Glen Kim Tanya Mick Leslie

Some of the cards she received

From Karen--- From Ryan

From Charlotte--- From Lesley

and received the card below at her address in Cairns

From Reds Beauty Salon and Spa

and click here to see
Geoff, Sharon and Brett celebrating Christmas in Cairns!!!