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Tanya is going to a Rugby League Test Match!!!

Australia v Great Britain
2003 Ashes Series - Game One

Venue - JJB Stadium, Wigan
Saturday 8th November at 6.15pm

Her bus trip - from London to Manchester and return - departing on the 8th and returning on Sunday 9th November 2003

Accommodation - at The Palace Hotel, Manchester ..........a birthday treat for herself!!!

The venue - JJB Stadium - three photos

......and here are all the details......

An email from Tanya - the game, hanging around with "Legends"!!! ..........and in her words "I seriously had a really good time! - I can't believe after going up there by myself what I ended up doing"!!!

Match reports - before and after the game ......Australia won!!!

A few details on The Australian Rugby League Legends Team ......and some of the "famous names" Tanya had a beer with!!!

......and some photos

(simply click on the thumbnail images to see the photos)

The view Tanya had - looks like a great seat!!!

The Australian Team on the field warming up

The National Anthems being played (two photos)

Tanya with Trevor Gillmeister and Jason Hetherington