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Visiting 'Famous Landmarks'

Exploring London - Thursday 30th and Friday 31st October 2003

(simply click on the thumbnail image to see the photo
and the photos marked with include Tanya)

Big Ben

"I caught the tube to Westminster and walked up to the road
The first thing I saw were the Houses of Parliament
and then I looked up even higher and saw Big Ben
I can't even describe what it was like seeing it for the first time - completely amazing
and I just stood there looking at it (I will say that I wasn't the only one)
Had shots taken in front of Big Ben
I then went and sat in Parliament Square until about 10.57am when I rang Mum
I picked that time specially
I knew that probably only she would be up and I told her where I was sitting
and that Big Ben was in front of me and that Westminster Abbey was beside me
and then the clock struck 11.00am and began to chime
and Mum said that she could hear it!
I thought that was pretty cool"

----- -----

London Eye

"Also had a picture taken in front of the London Eye which is "the big ferris wheel thing"
Didn't go on it but might do later on"

Westminster Abbey

"Then I took a walk to Westminster Abbey which is amazing too"

......and click here to go to an albumn detailing Tanya's visit to the Abbey

Trafalgar Square

"Today I took the tube to Charing Cross Station to go to Trafalgar Square
I wandered around there for a little while
but there wasn't much to see other than the buildings and the pigeons
However I was standing around in Trafalgar Square!"

National Gallery

(two photos)-----

Nelson's Column

(two photos)----- (two photos)

Admiralty Arch

"Then I took walk down through Admiralty Arch which is really quite amazing
Very very big"



Downing Street

"Then I took a walk down Whitehall past Downing Street
Got a photo of the street name sign
and the big black gates that stop you from seeing anything worthwhile
but I figured the armed guards means there is a house at Number 10
and that Mr Blair really does live there!"

(two photos)-----

Clarence House

"A little further down the road was Clarence House.
I thought of Mum when I saw it cause I know she loved the Queen Mother
and Prince William lives there now"

Buckingham Palace

"You could see Buckingham Palace in the background
so at least I knew I was going in the right direction
I sat down on the steps of the statue in front of the palace and stayed a while
It was quite funny to think that I was sitting down in front of Buckingham Palace!
I guess that is what this trip is all about and it was pretty cool!"

(three photos)----- ----- -----

Changing of the Guard

"I could not believe how many people were watching the Changing of the Guards
I think it is school holiday time here so that might have something to do with it
Anyway got some shots of the crowd and the Palace and the guards.
I wasn't exactly sure what was going on
because the band was playing and marching and all of that
It was quite spectacular I guess but I think that it is a show for the tourists
After the crowds dispersed I got a shot of the guard through the fence
standing at his post and then taking a little walk
I am not quite sure how he knows when he is supposed to go
but he seems to get it right - maybe there is a little alarm in his booth!"

(five photos)----- (two photos)----- (two photos)

The Queen's Horse Guards

"As I was heading down towards the palace the Horse Guards came past with police escort
so naturally I got out the camera
I could hear the band playing so I knew the Changing of the Guards was not far away"

(three photos)

St James Park

"On the left hand side of that road is St James Park
which is where I took the shot of the Queen Victoria War Memorial
I walked through the park which was just lovely as I am sure the photos show
The big gates into the park were quite spectacular"

----- (two photos)----- (two photos)

Queen Victoria War Memorial

Hyde Park

"Then I walked across the road to Hyde Park Corner
and bought a hot dog from a street vendor and ate it in Hyde Park"

Wellington Arch

"I then walked down to Wellington Arch
Apparently this Wellington guy was the only serving Prime Minister to fight a duel
and both of them missed the target!
I climbed up to the top of the Arch and had a look at the view
I had photos of everything already though but it was quite good"