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Tanya and "The Kangaroos"

The Australian Rugby League Test Team

Wednesday 29th October 2003
Tanya, along with other Australians, went to meet the players
in a pub in Shepherds Bush

Below are
(1) an email from Tanya after the night out
(2) the venue - Walkabout Pub, and
(3) photos of her with fifteen of the players

Tanya's note
"Last night was great fun
Caught the Tube to Shepherds Bush and I went to the Walkabout Pub and walked in all by myself
I thought that the place would be packed but it wasn't when I got there
and I felt a bit silly so I brought a beer and then hung about
I heard an Aussie accent and walked up and said hello to two three guys
All were there like me to see the Kangaroos
...then we saw that the boys had arrived and were hiding up the back
One by one they came down and all very very friendly
Some more than others
Shane Webke liked a chat as did Petro Civenoceva (go the Broncos boys!)
Ryan Girdler was quite chatty too
I was one of the first to get the photo done with him
and I said "You are gonna get this all night"
and his response was "I don't care this is least you are all Aussies!"
It was pretty funny
I talked to Phil Bailey for ages too
He was really nice"

click on the thumbnail image to see
a photo of the pub and an advert promoting the "Meet the Players" night......

......and now just click on the player's name to see the photo