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Tanya's Return to Cairns

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Flight CX103 has landed in Cairns!!!

"The Story of The Day", a note from Sharon, and 59 photos are below

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After almost two years, Tanya was arriving back from London!!!

She had booked her flights way back on Thursday 3rd February
Nothing was said to Sharon
It was to be a surprise for her!!!

The weeks and months went by
and then emails and phone calls started to fly between Tanya and Brett and myself

Then it was "The Day"
What a day!!!
Planned down to the last second!!!
Like a military operation!!!

Firstly, Sharon had to be manoeuvred around and be kept away from the house
without becoming suspicious that anything unusual was going on around her

She and I have done a few circuits of the Antique Shops on the Atherton Tablelands
About a week ago I suggested that we go out for the day and do this trip
When it comes to looking at this type of thing, she doesn't need much convincing!!!

So we set off - from Cairns we went to Gordonvale and then up the Gillies Range Highway
to Yungaburra, Atherton, Mareeba and Kuranda visiting Antique Shops
and secondhand stores along the way

Here are a few shots of Sharon at a lookout we stopped to check out

(two photos) Sharon at Heales Outlook (five photos)

Now, these photos were important to the plan!!!
After taking these, I said to Sharon that I would use the 'review mode' on the camera
and check them out while we had a cup'o'tea out the back after we got home
Clever, eh??? - a camera very handy without Sharon becoming suspicious!!!

Brett was then in charge of "Operation Tanya"

Champagne had been bought earlier in the week and this had been hidden in Brett's room
As soon as we left Brett put this in the fridge to be ready for a "Welcome Back" drink

Tanya was going to take over the room until she found a permanent place,
so Brett was moving in with a friend
But he couldn't do anything until we left - otherwise Sharon would have wanted to know
what he was doing with his clothes and gear!!!
So he packed during the morning

Tanya's flight got in at around 2.00pm, and Brett was there - with his camera
and here is Tanya arriving in Cairns

(six photos) Tanya coming out of the arrival gate

(one photo) Heading to the airport car park......
......and loading up the car
(three photos)

They then headed home

It had been organised to give Tanya enough time to unload her cases, have a shower,
and get changed before "The Meeting with her Mum"
The plan was for Brett to send a "meaningless text" to Sharon's mobile
when they were nearly home

We were at Kuranda when I heard her phone ring - and as usual,
Sharon got all mucked-up trying to read the message - but I knew it was the signal!!!

We were just about to have a coffee (to kill some time until the call!!!)
but I said "I hate Kuranda and want to go home"
Sharon was disappointed - I think she really wanted a drink!!!
but we headed off with home and "Her Big Surprise" only about thirty minutes away!!!

The plan comes in again now!!!
Tanya and Brett were to be in his room, with the door closed
I would say to Sharon that we'll have a cup'o'tea out the back
and I would ask Brett if he wanted one - and naturally he was going to say yes!!!
So Sharon took the three cups outside, and I sang out to Brett that it was ready

Sharon actually played a part here, although unknowingly!!!
She always sits in the same spot at the table
- and it just happens to be where she has her back to the door - perfect!!!

According to plan, Brett waited until he was sure that Sharon was sitting in her usual spot
and then he came out
Tanya was right behind him - almost touching!!!
and this was so that Sharon would not hear her walking on the gravel which can be noisy
- see, I said it was all like a military operation!!!

He continued walking around the table - and Tanya stopped right behind her Mummy!!!
Everything worked out perfectly!!!
She was in position - and Sharon had no idea who was standing behind her!!!

Anyway, I mentioned the photos that we had taken during the day
and Brett said he wanted to have a look - again all this was organised!!!
He mucked around with the camera, pretending that he was taking a few shots of Sharon

We talked about the day and I eventually said "You had better turn around now"
She did!!!
And you can see the shots below - perfect!!!

Now, I was finding it pretty hard going as well!!!
Remember, I also hadn't seen her for two years
I have uploaded thousands of photos to her web site, but it's not the same
I couldn't risk looking directly at her in case Sharon noticed
and looked around to see what I was looking at

It was really nice to give her a hug and say welcome home!!!
It is great to have her back safe and healthy - even though she travels with a heap of junk!!!

Tanya brought back presents

(nine photos) ......for Dad and (eleven photos) ......for Mum

......and for Brett,
but he was on "camera duty" so there is no photos of him!!!
His presents included a Genuine Swiss Army Knife and a beer stein from Oktoberfest in Munich

(one photo) Still a few tears ... but very happy!!! (four photos)

......and here is Tanya (three photos)

A note from Sharon

It is a wonder I didn't have a heart attack!
Tanya arrived home yesterday and I could not believe it!

My family are all very accomplished liars
- they have all known since February when she was coming home!

Geoff and I went out for the day to the Tablelands, doing the rounds of the antique shops
When we arrived home I made a cup of tea (as usual)
and Geoff called out that Brett wanted one

I took them all out the back (as usual), sat in my usual chair
and we were having a chat about our day

Brett was mucking about with the camera which we had taken with us, telling me to smile
and clicking away!

Geoff was asking what I would say to Tanya if I saw her
- I said some dopey things and Geoff told me to turn around

I did (not even knowing or guessing why!) and there she was!!

Lots of tears and hugging and questions all happening at once

I was totally confused!
I thought she was staying in London for another six months!
I didn't know why she was home when I knew she wanted to still be in London
- I thought something was wrong!!

As I discovered it was all part of a big cover up!
The day was planned down to the last moment
and as each little point was brought up I slowly understood

I wondered why Geoff kept asking if the phone was on and hadn't anyone sent me a text!

I couldn't believe he wanted to stop in Kuranda
- the last time we went he said "remind me never to go there again!!"

Even driving past our house I had to check out a sign on my left
so I wouldn't look at our house and maybe see Tanya getting something out of the car

Brett did a good job too
He picked up Tanya from the airport and got her home
Tanya said he followed her everywhere making sure she didn't leave any evidence for me to see
She said he made her rush her shower and told her she didn't have time to dry her hair!

When he was clicking away with the camera little did I know Tanya was standing behind me!
They were all worried they might let the cat out of the bag
What they don't realise is I wouldn't have guessed in a million years whatever they said!

I am a completely trusting human being
I believe everything they tell me
and even though they all trick me time and time again I still believe them!
The best word to describe them all is "devious"!!

I will do my best never to be conned again!!!

At least I didn't have the burden of worrying about plane flights
which I always do when the kids are travelling!!

It was a fabulous day and a terrific surprise,
and it makes me smile when I think about them planning all this!!

Two years is a long time and I am truly delighted to see her and talk with her again
- we have lots of catching up to do!