Tanya's Return to Cairns

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Working in Cairns

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Cnr Shields & Grafton Streets, Cairns Qld 4870
Tel - (07) 4030 0688
Fax - (07) 4030 0699

Wednesday 31st August 2005
To Tanya from Kim Seccafien at MacDonnells Solicitors

Subject - Position Vacant
I'm not joking!
Kylie, who replaced you as Bruce and Melinda's secretary has just resigned
Following your comments in your earlier email regarding letting MacDonnells know you were coming back, I have let Melinda know of your imminent return
I've said to her that I'd email you and let you know and if you are keen to see what options are available perhaps you could email Melinda and have a bit of a chat about your plans upon your return
There'll roughly be about a month between when Kylie leaves and when you arrive back in Oz but they may be willing to "cope" for a month or so if they know their getting you back
Just a thought anyway
If you aren't interested please just email Mel and let her know
Hope you're enjoying your Euro adventures!
Kim Seccafien - Administration Assistant
MacDonnells Financial Services Pty Ltd

Thursday 1st September 2005
From Tanya to Melinda Stanley

Hey there Melinda
I just got a very interesting email from Kim telling me that there may be a position vacant back there at MacDonnells
I return to Cairns on Saturday 15th October - flight all booked and confirmed
I wouldn't want to start work on the Monday (might need a bit of time to recover from jet lag etc) so either later that week or the next Monday
Anyway, the timing might be wrong in this case but I would appreciate you letting me know if anything else comes up and I have attached my updated resume just in case to pass on to the right people
I hope you are well
I am travelling at the mo
Currently in Athens after having done the Greek Islands for the last eleven days and I'm off to Rome tonight
Still have a month to go - loving it!
Say hi to everyone for me
Hear from you soon
......and a reply from Melinda
Hey Tanya!
I had been talking to Kim too
As far as I'm concerned, it would be fabulous to have you back!!!
I'll pass your email on to Sheree in office admin
It would be up to them to determine whether it could be done, whether they had any other contenders in mind, and whether the time frame could be dealt with
I think Kylie is due to leave mid Sept at the latest
I've told Admin that you were great as our secretary and BDP also said the same

Friday 2nd September 2005
A note from Tanya to Geoff

That job stuff is cool, hey!!

Friday 9th September 2005
To Tanya from Susan Del Favero at MacDonnells Solicitors

Melinda has forwarded on your CV to me
As you are problem aware, Bruce and Melinda's secretary has resigned and we need a replacement
What is your long term plan - are you looking at staying in Cairns for a while?
Kind regards
Susan Del Favero - Human Resources Manager
......and a reply from Tanya
Hi Susan
My plan is to stay in Cairns for a while
I have committed to be the Cairns Taipans Head Statistician for the season starting when I get back (that is a home game night only committment)
Anyway, it would be great if something works out
Let me know if you need anything further
My references from my time in London are currently being shipped home so I wont be able to get you those until I get back
......and from Susan
I look forward to meeting you on your return to Cairns
Can you please give me a call once you have arrived?
Bruce is on leave for a month, so the timing may work out well
Kind regards

Wednesday 5th October 2005
To Tanya from Susan Del Favero at MacDonnells Solicitors

Bruce Pasetti has arrived back from holidays this week and is keen for you to commence working for him
Can you please advise of a possible start date if we were to agree on terms?
Kind regards
Susan Del Favero - Human Resources Manager
......and a reply from Tanya
Hi Susan
I arrive back on 15th October
I think I would like at least a week in order to get over jet lag and get settled having been away since this time 2003
I was planning to email you next week to see if you wanted to set up an interview in the week commencing 17th
Tuesday or Wednesday would be okay with me
Let me know if that is okay
......and from Susan
That time frame sounds good
How about we meet at 10.00am on 18th October?
Kind regards
......and from Tanya
Great - see you then