Tanya's Return to Cairns

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Emails 'to-and-from' Tanya --- her Friends

Monday 18th July 2005
An email Tanya received from Ian and Rhonda Williams - her friend Karen's parents
Hi Tanya
I feel like I almost know you!!
I just wanted to thank you for your hard work (and your Dad too of course) in diarising and posting pics
You and Karen do enough together that I feel I can follow both of you through the web site
Savour every minute!!
You have all had experiences I would have given a lot to have had when I was younger
Mind you, I couldn't have wanted it badly enough or I would have saved harder, wouldn't I?
I hope to meet you one day, and if you and/or your family are ever passing through West Wyalong (not as unlikely as it sounds - we're on the inland road from Brisbane to Melbourne) we will be mortally wounded if you don't at least call in for a meal and a little liquid refreshment!!
Have a lovely trip home
Rhonda Williams
2 Brown Street
West Wyalong NSW Australia
Tel - 61 2 6972 3066
Email - glenroy@westserv.net.au

Tuesday 6th September 2005
A note from Tanya

Re the email below
David says that he will slap me if I go back to my old job!!
If Brett isn't home, he is going to collect me from the airport on the 15th October!!
From David Barron to Tanya
Hi Tanya
Hope that you get this - I haven't used this address for a very long time but still seems to be okay
Wish that I was on a train to Naples!
Couple of things happening here
A good friend that I worked with for ten years at 'XXXX' has been made Marketing Manager for the Cowboys so good contact there
Also Denis Keefe has resigned as CEO of the Cowboys and is taking over the Taipans, so another good contact
Hope that we can find you some gainful employment somewhere out of this!
Andria well - she's going to Tassie this weekend for Tracey's 40th
Look forward to seeing you next month
Happy travelling!

Tuesday 4th October 2005
An email to Tanya from Karen Turner (Kaz)

Subject - Flights for Cairns trip (to celebrate Tanya's Birthday!!!)
Depart Sydney Thursday 10th November 07.00
Arrive Cairns 09.05
Flight JQ944
Depart Cairns Monday 14th November 16.00
Arrive Sydney 19.55
Flight JQ 955
Jetstar flight $288
See you there!