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Emails 'to-and-from' Tanya

Wednesday 15th June 2005
A note from Tanya to Brett
Click here - http://www.ronebergcairnscontinued.com/pages02/aaareturn001.html

Mummy is not allowed to know about this okay - she is going to be surprised!!
It has been booked since about February and Dad made this page up a while ago
Anyway, I think Dad wants to talk to you about where you will be at this time, etc - so that is why you are allowed to know!!
Are you excited that you will be seeing me soon??
......and a reply from Brett
Guess I have to be excited, dont I??
No, I am!!
Not sure if I will be here but I will talk to Dad later and let you know what is said
And it's not that soon!!
......and from Tanya again
Be sure to let me know what is said - I want to be included!!
And considering that I will be home in four months it is pretty soon!!
I will be travelling for most of it and it will fly
We are surprising Mum!!
Unless you are home, Andi and David will be picking me up from the airport and taking me to the Esplanade where Dad will be having coffee with Mum and then I will just rock up!!
The 'old dear' is getting on a bit - hope she doesn't have a heart attack!!
And as I walk up I could just say - "Can I leave my bags here while I grab a cofffee" or "Is anyone sitting here"
Something like that - and I will try and think up some other plans

Friday 24th June 2004
A note from Tanya
I got an email from the Taipans today - they want me to be their head statistician when I get back!!
I will miss the first four home games but be there for the rest of them
I am so pleased - I loved doing that when I was at home

Friday 24th June 2004
A note from Tanya
I did all my packing of the stuff I am shipping last night and it all fit in the suitcase - how cool is that?
Lesley and I were in the room and she was directing me putting things in and then we went to zip it up and it worked!! - we were both so surprised!!
It gets picked up tomorrow and will take six to eight weeks to get there
It can just go in the shed for a while if you want - but I would like it at home when I arrive cause there will be stuff in it that I need
Click here for a copy of the shipping invoice

Monday 18th July 2005
A note from Tanya

Subject - Email from Karen's Mum
This talks about going home so thought you might want to edit it before it goes to Mum
......and a reply
Hi - and this is a nice note
So I decided to leave it as it is - and upload it to your "RETURN TO CAIRNS" albumn
Mumsie will read it in October!!!
As I have said to you before, she will study every single word in this section of your web site
--- and probably yell - "Why wasn't I told about all this!!!"
--- as she is hugging you and bawling her head off!!!
You can see the page and the email by
clicking here
Bye, bye

Sunday 18th September 2005
A note from Geoff

Only a few weeks away now!!!
......and a reply from Tanya
So is bro going to be around to collect me from the airport or do I need to organise David Barron to do it?
......and from Geoff
Brett = 99% sure he will be here!!!

Monday 19th September 2005
A note from Tanya

So what is the plan for getting me in and surprising her??
(1) You could send her out for lunch with Anne and have me home when she gets back sitting outside having a coffee with you
(2) Or you could have Brett drop me off at the end of the street and I walk up myself and ask her why she wasn't there to pick me up and that I had to take the bus with all my gear
Let me know
......and a reply
Hey, Brett and I were talking about this yesterday!!!
This is the plan - and it is sorta like your Number (1)
Your plane gets in at around 2.00pm Saturday
Sharon and I have a group of secondhand/antique shops that we visit on a regular basis
We get up and leave here late in the morning and start treking through these shops - takes a few hours and I can always extend it a bit by having coffee (or sex) somewhere
So we are out of the house
Brett goes in to get you (after washing and polishing and detailing the little white car!!!)
When you are home, he sends Sharon a text saying something like "I hope you are having a nice day" and I'll know that you are here and we'll start to head home
You and Brett are in his room - with the door closed (and all your gear in there too)
And Brett will have his camera charged up and ready to go
You will hear us come in
I'll want a coffee as usual, and I'll ask Sharon to see if Brett wants one too
She opens the door - Presto - Crying!!! - Blubbering!!! - Bawling!!!
--- and Brett is taking some photos!!!
Should work out perfect
And this plan gives you a chance to shower/freshen up a bit after the flight, etc
The main thing to remember is not to leave anything lying around that might be a give-away that you are here
We will also have some sort of plan should the flight be delayed, etc
Simple and should work out great
And all the lugging of gear has been done so you can relax --- before you come face-to-face with your Mummy who is missing
you a lot!!!
That's about it until Saturday 15th October!!!
......and from Brett
How about I just say something like - "I need someone to get me food"!!!
......and from Tanya
Sounds good+++

Thursday 22nd September 2005
A note from Tanya

So are you friends with the neighbours yet?
I want to have a party for my 30th Birthday
Just a barbie on 12th November
I have people coming from Melbourne and Sydney and Brisbane (friends I made here) that need to book flights
If not, what about the baseball fields?
Can you give me some idea of whether it will be okay
......and another from Tanya
Brett sugested Terry Beatie's house for the party
I don't want to have it in a restaurant cause I don't want to have to pay cover charges etc
Just want a barbie like my going-away party
......and Geoff's thoughts
As you both know, I don't go out - anytime or anywhere!!!
But what better place to meet is there is Cairns than the Esplanade Lagoon???
BYO everything, and any kids have got something to do
And now some other thoughts
But I haven't got a clue as to how many people you are thinking about
The Party --- Terry Beattie's Place --- Our Place --- ???
What about "your" place which you'll have easily by the 12th November!!!
My own feeling is that if you have it at yours or someone's house, someone has got to do the work!!!
Why not have it at a restaurant, with everyone "pay-your-own"
You mentioned that you don't want to have it in a place like this due to the cover charges
But if people turn up as they say they will, there isn't a cover charge, is there???
I could suggest having it on the Trinity Beach Esplanade, and then your guests can just get what they want from Pizza Trinity or one of the other shops down there
Whichever way it goes, I don't want Sharon to have to do too much
She would do the lot if asked, and we all know she would
It is "Your Birthday and Return" and you would be "The Queen" - and that is rightly so
But Sharon would be "The Queen's Mother" and instead of doing work and organising stuff, she would love to follow you around all night and listen and talk to everybody!!!
You know what she's like, and I'm sure you can get my meaning
Finally, you'll be home about a month before "The Big Night", so there is a bit of time to think about what is best and most convenient for everybody
IMPORTANT - Anne Kippin
Sharon told me that you asked for her mobile number
Don't really care why, plus it's none of my business, but if you tell her about "The Return" then tell her to be careful!!!
She and Sharon have a late night phone yap once or twice a week
"Rhona will be in London next week - she is going for 4 weeks - I will give her your mobile number and she might give you a call"
This woman is a first-class air head!!!
If you see or speak to her, I suppose you will have to tell her about "The Return"
But please impress upon her not to mention anything to anyone else at the Post Office and not to blurt it out if she happens to talk to Sharon!!!
She's a real worry, that one!!!
I don't know how many people know about "The 15th", but I'm sure you have impressed upon them not to blab
Sharon has not got a clue at the moment, and I keep saying things like "This will be the third Christmas that Tanya has been away", etc, etc
She will be so surprised --- and so very, very happy!!!
And I really hope nothing gives it away!!!
I sorta wrote this in bits'n'pieces as I thought of things, so I hope it all makes sense
I don't really care about no party - it will just be very nice to have you home - safe, happy and healthy!!!
Bye, bye
......a reply from Tanya
I was somewhere that I wanted to tell Anne I was - but it was too late so she is getting a postcard
Rhona - I will be careful
I just don't wanna have to spend a lot of money cause I dont have a lot!!
I thought a barbie or something would be easy for those that have kids now - it can be early that way and they can go when they need to
Everyone knows to be quiet about me coming back
Brett - can you please let me know what Jaci says - ta!
......and from Brett
I spoke to Jaci and she said you could live with her but not until the middle of November
She is having her bro's wedding and people are staying with her
But after that she said cool, if you can wait that long that is
......and from Tanya
That's a while, isn't it?
Might have to try and sort something out until then!

Friday 30th September 2005
A few thoughts from Geoff

Just thought I would add "my-two-bob's-worth"
Tanya, your Mummy and I have talked about what may or may not happen when you get back here --- and just a point here, and that it is difficult to talk about things when "The 15th" is not too far away
By that I mean having to be very careful not to "blurt out" the wrong thing!!!
We are pretty sure that when you do land, money is going to be a little bit tight!!!
And there are always expenses
One good thing is that it appears that you might be able to walk in to a job (
click here) and that would be terrific
Even so, it might be a couple of weeks before you get established
So we have decided to help out by paying the bond and a week or two in rent on a unit somewhere
After that you have got your income, and things should settle down
One thing here - we have made the last couple of payments on the Virgin credit card but only the "amount due"
It is important to get this cleared up as quick as possible to stop the "damn interest" from building up!!!
The ideal situation might be for you and Brett to share - provided you each have your own rooms for "entertaining purposes"!!!
Brett is 100% sure he will be going back to the USA next season and this means that he would leave around February or March of next year, by which time you would have easily got re-established
Couple of things that might go wrong with that plan though
(#01) - would you two "fight" too much???!!!
(#02) - where would this place be??? - I know that Brett likes to live out this way as it is close to the baseball fields, the gym and the beach
I guess that you would like to return to the city - ???
But maybe, just maybe, because you are returning as a "suntanned and sun bleached blonde beach girl" you might decide to live at the beaches as well!!!
That means travelling, which is really nothing these days
But it brings up the car
It was a great idea to keep it when you left and it is great for Brett to have access to it and it has been great for you with Brett making the necessary registration and insurance payments plus maintenance
It has been a "win-win" situation all round
The car is in great condition (needs a wash though!!!) and ready for you to jump in
There is a problem with the air conditioner though
It was making some weird sounds so Sharon took it to work and then had the people that look after the Post Office vans check it out
The guy who owns the place is a former Reds Baseball player, but I can't think of his name
The story - about $1000.00 to $1500.00 to fix it up!!!
Ridiculous!!! - the big air con in the lounge room only costs about five-hundred bucks!!!
So it was not repaired
No big deal, cause the windows go up and down anyway!!!
Anyway, it is just a thought, and you might like to find a little one bedroom unit and cosy up all by yourself!!!
I don't know anything about the situation at Jaci's
But one thing I thought of is will you be able to get all your gear out of storage and keep it at her place???
This is pretty important as it is costing $85.00 per month!!!
Why haven't I mentioned anything about staying here???
First up, there is only room for one anyway!!!
My feeling is that it is time for a change
You two have the most wonderful Mother in the world, and I am very sure that you know that
She loves you two as no other person could and would do anything she could for you
I, in turn, have known her since she was a kid of eighteen - fell in love with her and have had the happiest of lives
I look at her sometimes and think "Thanks for sharing your life with me"
But, the years go by, and she is now fifty-one - but she is a "young51" and not an "old51"!!!
However, she is getting "tired" - having known her for thirty-three years, I can see it sometimes in her eyes
I have spoken to Brett about this, and I think he understands what I mean
--- plus I'm sure that sometimes "we cramp his style"!!! - and I'm also sure that you know what I mean by that!!!
At the moment, her days are long - starting at 6.30am and not finishing until about 8.30pm!!! - every day!!!
If you or Brett were not staying here, would these hours change???
Not too much, but a bit at the end of the day
Does Brett at the moment add much to her work???
No, not really - because most of his stuff is done during the day, and I try to make it so that she has nothing to do around the house, especially on weekends and stuff
And that is why the washing machine is "my present" and not "hers"!!!
Do I add anything???
Sure I do!!! - but that's my privledge!!!
She likes "The Chook Pen" and wouldn't be without it, but when she gets home she would like to have a bowl of salad, read your Diaries, check out any new photos, and then start to look at "Bloody Ebay"!!!
I guess what I am trying to say is that it is not "The Hours of her Day" but "The Content of Her Day"
I really hope you two can understand this
Now, back to the place that you two may-or-may-not share!!!
This is something you will have to talk about, and taking that a bit further, "an agreement" between you two before "The 15th" would be nice
Then maybe Brett could find a place before then, get the Pay-TV hooked up (naturally!!!) and he and I (or maybe Ritchie!) could move all your gear out of storage, etc, etc
We would still pay the bond and rent for you as I mentioned above
5.18am Friday morning now - coffee and a smoke time
Bye, bye
......a reply from Tanya
I am happy to share
The beaches would work for me too
Brett knows what I like - same as him but I can do without the dark curtains
Do I get a little bit of time to get sorted or were you hoping Brett would have it sorted before I get home?
Do you want me to check with friends?
Most of mine had babies when I was away so I don't know how that would work out!
If you guys start looking around remember when Brett goes I will have to pay the rent on my own so remember that when looking at getting prices
So who broke the air con?
......and from Geoff
First up, and I should have mentioned this is yesterday's note, you will be welcomed here with open arms!!!
To stay here??? - for sure!!! - of course you can!!!
Brett is going to vacate the room, and I think he is hoping to stay at Ritchie's place - but there could be a problem as the "spare room" may have been promised to another guy from Heat Baseball
I'm not sure of all the details, and Brett will have to follow up on this
It is funny in a way!!!
No matter where he goes or what happens, he can't move a single thing!!!
Because then Coudrey would want to know - "What's going on and why are you moving all your stuff???"
But the ideal situation would be to have a place organised, all your furniture out of storage, the unit all set up for living (and this would include the television that Brett is now using!!!), a packet of Weetbix in the cupboard, milk in the fridge, bed made up ready for sleeping, etc, etc!!!
I guessed right too!!!
I said to Brett that you might decide the Cairns Beaches are a nice place to live
As for looking at places, sharing, etc, well that is something Brett has to do and decide about - if he shares, he doesn't want to leave you with "a big rent" each week after he goes and stuff like that
He gets the Saturday paper each week, so he will probably have a bit of a look around
Click Here - this is the job details for Cairns, and I forgot to activate the link in the last email!!!
You know the salaries involved in this type of work
So, just as a matter of interest, how much would be the maximum you would want to pay per week for a unit???
Whichever way it goes, there will be a place for you to stay!!!
"So who broke the air con?" - Justa---olda---age!!!
Saturday 1st October here - two weeks from today at 1.50pm you will land at Cairns Airport!!!
A lot has happened since these photos were taken!!!

Saturday 1st October 2005
A warning from Geoff!!!

Saturday morning - about 9.30am
We all were just sitting out in the backyard having a cup'o'tea and talking about "The Good News Baseball Email" that your brother had just received
That got you curious???
Well, you can wait until Brett writes to you about it!!!
Anyway, the "Get Ready" bit
Sharon mentioned it was good to see you got a job as quick as you did "but I don't understand how she can work for too long because her visa runs out soon and she wont be allowed too"
I answered that I thought you were going to Ireland, and Brett also said that he heard that from you as well, and that you had mentioned that Ireland has "special" visa rules and all that type of blah, blah, and blah!!!
So she hasn't got any idea about "The 15th"
--- but you had better get some sort of explanation ready because I am sure she will write and ask some questions along this lines!!!
See you

Saturday 1st October 2005
This note sent to Geoff from Sharon after her phone call from Tanya

Tanya is fine - back in her room above the pub and the roomate is leaving tomorrow for two weeks
She thinks she is clever getting a new job
Her working visa runs out on the 15th October - and she is applying for an extension which she said she won't get but gives a little more time to work while they process it - then she is going to "hang" for a while and then go to Ireland and get work there

Monday 3rd October 2005
An email from Sharon to Tanya

You had to go back to work!! - hope your first day was a good one
Andrew Cook's Mother came in today and I told her what you were going to do
She said Andrew got a Irish visa and kept on working in the UK!!
......and a note from Tanya to Geoff
She's got no idea at all!!!!!
Good on Yvonne!
......and from Geoff to Tanya
Yeh - it's almost like Yvonne is in on "The Plan"!!!

Tuesday 4th October 2005
An email to Tanya from Karen Turner (Kaz)

Subject - Flights for Cairns trip (to celebrate Tanya's Birthday!!!)
Depart Sydney Thursday 10th November 07.00
Arrive Cairns 09.05
Flight JQ944
Depart Cairns Monday 14th November 16.00
Arrive Sydney 19.55
Flight JQ 955
Jetstar flight $288
See you there!

Thursday 6th October 2005
An email from Tanya to Geoff

So, Maclay Murray and Spens Solicitors don't need cover after Friday
I don't know whether to try and find three days work next week or not
That said, my old job (Ingram Winter Green Solicitors) did actually really truly offer me six months work
He rang me yesterday while I was on my way to work
Mummy is going to be so surprised!!
......and another note from Tanya
I was maybe going to not work
But I will lose about it will be about £280 which is $600.00!!!
I just got work for Monday from my Agency at Chancery Lane - and I have taken it
I might have Wednesday off but I don't fly out til late on Thursday
I haven't told Mum about getting "sacked" yet - will leave it to you to decide
And I haven't send an email from this address yet so we could just not tell her - up to you
......and a reply from Geoff
Friday morning - very early and very dark!!!
and have just been reading all your notes about work over there
Probably best to work!!! --- because not only does it mean good old money, but it also means that you have something to do to stop you just waiting around for the plane to take off!!!
Me thinks you are a little bit excited about this return to Cairns!!!
But I am bloody glad that you didn't land here yesterday, today and maybe tomorrow!!!
Because Coudrey is having one of her "sick spells"!!!
Cold, flu, sore throat - she's got the lot!!!
Came home from work yesterday about 1.30pm, and I would guess she will not be going in today!!!
She was even too crook to continue looking at your "Sorrento" Diary and photos --- and you know how keen she is to read every word and study every photo!!!
Nah, tell her nothing!!!
She thinks you are all set there at work for the next six months, so that's okay
And don't give her that work email address
The less said the better --- just let things go along "normally"
She "was a bit sad" when she told me that you had been offered that work at your old job and said "Tanya wont be home for another six months"
Eight days to go!!!
See you then!!!

Sunday 9th October 2005
An email from Geoff to Tanya

Just a few notes
I spoke to Brett about you wanting to "just appear" and not for Sharon to find you in the house and stuff
Will not be a problem!!!
We will have a cup'o'tea out the back, and I'll sing out to Brett that his is ready and he'll come out too
If all goes as normal, Sharon always sits in the chairs so she has her back facing the back-door --- and you should be able to sneak right up to her!!!
Just be careful walking on the "noisy" gravel - but I will start to make a bit of noise (coughing and singing!!!) when I see you come out!!!
And I'll make sure the door is oiled and quiet as well!!!
Just gotta hope the weather is good
You mentioned a while ago about contact when you are actually between London and Cairns
Don't worry about it
If Sharon says "I haven't heard from Tanya", I'll tell her that I have and that she has just sent a few pics of London and stuff like that
I want to get a drink or two organised
What would you like???
You know what your Mummy is like (half a glass = pissed!!!) but will organise one bottle of champagne plus whatever else you want
Fish-and-chips-and-coke for dinner???
Bye, bye
......and a reply from Tanya
Sounds fine
Just don't let her come up to Brett's room okay?
If the weather is bad and you have tea in the lounge I can still just walk out of the room - she won't be able to see will she - if she is at the table anyway
I can text her from the airport at Heathrow and at Hong Kong - it will be fine
Make the champagne a bottle of Asti Riccadona
If it's sunny make it beer - Carlton Mids
If it isn't make it two bottles of Asti!
Fish and chips and coke sounds good
What ciggies do you smoke?
Four more sleeps!
......and from Geoff
Smokes - anything, but not less than #12mg
......and from Tanya
Righto - will get you some duty free!

Tuesday 11th October 2005
Email to Tanya from Cairns Storage

Subject - Insurance Renewal Sp 430
The insurance on your storage expires on 30th October
Will you be home by then?
If you wish to renew, premium would be:
3 months - $52
6 months - $78
9 months - $105
12 months - $135
Please let us know what you wish to do
Yours faithfully
Linda - per William Simpson
......and a reply from Tanya
I will be home by then
I hope to have things organised by the 30th so I will leave it as it at this stage

Thursday 13th October 2005
A note from Geoff to Tanya

Hi Tanya
The Cinque Terre albumn is all done!!!
CLICK HERE to have a look
This note is not going to Coudrey, plus I haven't updated the What's New page yet
Well, she always gets a bit "I really miss Tanya" after looking at a new albumn, so I thought I would tell her tomorrow so she'll look on Friday night, get a bit sad --- and then see you on Saturday!!!
So remember not to write anything about them to your Mummy
By the way, the pics are great!!!
Spectacular scenery!!!
You said the last "sunset" you saw was the best
Looking at the pics, the first lot are way better - in the webmaster's opinion!!!
Bye, bye
......and a reply from Tanya
You big meanie!!
Send her a copy of that exact email!!

Thursday 13th October 2005
A note from Geoff to Tanya

Have a good trip!!!
Enjoy the flight --- and hope you can sleep!!!
We are all ready here!!!
Mumsie still has no idea!!!
She is gunna be so pleased and happy - and crying!!!
(--- and probably yell - "Why wasn't I told!!!")
See you on Saturday!!!
Love you
......and a note from Tanya
It's raining and miserable here at the mo - I think London is sad I am leaving!