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Tanya's Working Holiday ...... or a visit to - The World !!

Tuesday 21st October 2003---to---Saturday 15th October 2005

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There are over 5400 pages in this albumn and "thousands of photos" !!


The plans are made
The money is being saved

Tanya has booked her flights
Departs Cairns on
Tuesday 21st October 2003
via Japan Airlines
and her destination is ...


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UPDATE ... Friday 10th June 2005

Tanya has been to England, Scotland, Wales,
France, Holland, Turkey, Ireland, Norway,
Denmark, Egypt, Italy, Belgium
She has heaps more trips booked and countries
to visit once she starts her "Busabout Europe"
tour next month
As she travels around,
this is what she tells everyone she meets ...

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The Preparations

Starting to stock up on warm clothes!!! - a new coat - June 2003
Bought a new digital camera - for the thousands of photos she will be sending back!!!
Associations Tanya joined - for free entry and other benefits!!! - plus her 'Frequent Flyer' membership
Her International Driving Permit
Her two references from MacDonnells Solicitors - Number One - Number Two and they are terrific!!!


Her 'Farewell Party'

Having a Party!!! - Saturday 11th October 2003
Card - from Kim and Sharon
Card - from John and Cherie Fransen
and click here to see fifty-nine photos taken during the Party


Her Birthday - 2003

Celebrated this a little bit early - her card, and the "funny money" present!!!
A card and email we sent to her on the true date!!! - Sunday 9th November 2003
and here are some of the birthday cards she received

and her Birthday in 2004

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Heading to Cairns Airport

Packed and Ready to Go !!

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This page also has links to the details of her
6 months away Anniversary
and the
12 months away Anniversary
and the
18 months away Anniversary


The Trip is Starting !!

"Letters to Our Little Girl" - notes from Dad and Mum - which Tanya opened as her plane took off from Cairns

Her passport - and "United Kingdom Entry Clearance" - "to work as a working holiday"
The 'all-important' airline ticket!!! - departing at 12.05pm on Tuesday 21st October 2003 - flying with Japan Airlines
One night stop over at the Hotel Nikko Narita - before heading on to Heathrow Airport the next day
Her bus transfer - from Heathrow Airport to Cheltenham Spa, Royal Well bus station, Gloucestershire - 23rd October 2003


Photo Albumns

Click here to see all the photos Tanya has sent over

Thousands of photos including:-

Maps of Europe and London Her accommodation Her employment in London
The sights Out and About in London
Her photos Birthday 2004 Relaxing with her friends
Christmas 2003 Christmas 2004 - in Scotland New Year 2003/4
Towns and cities she has visited Tours she has taken Her 'Busabout Tour of Europe'
Brett's holiday with Tanya Visitors from Aunty Fiona Uncle Denys

Plus her passport has been stamped in:-



"Dear Diary"

Click here for all the notes from Tanya

Daily notes from Tanya and read about what she's seeing and doing
!!--great to read--!!

 Her life in London ...... and her home  ... her job ...  ... her trips
 The friends she has made ...  ... and where she has been ...  ... and what she has seen


Tanya's Return to Cairns
Saturday 15th October 2005

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It was a BIG SURPRISE for Sharon ... because she wasn't told about it !!

 Flight details  Emails to-and-from Tanya  Accommodation
 Notes from her friends  Working in London after Busabout  Returning to her old job in Cairns
 Plans for her Birthday in November    Statistician for the Taipans Basketball
 "The Story of Arrival Day"  ... with a note from Sharon ...  ... and fifty-nine photos !!